Catherine's 2012 things to do list:

hi! decided to make a list. hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

What will happen in 2012...

1. Chat with Sopi more :)
2. try and chat with all my friends :)
3. write an epic new story that i have great ideas for
4. write AT LEAST one group story with someone
5. make a one hundred questioned quiz featuring random questions
6. stop chewing on nails :)
7. canter my horse while playing the flute
8. write another epic story about my life
9. finally be able to call you guys my best friends forever (already happened :P)
10. write the new life at hogwarts story (there kids)
11. make new contest! hope you enter! one is coming soon!
12. trains Sophie and Heidi to be the best dogs they can be
13. help change the world, by going to Africa and helping them get fresh water everyday.

14. i will post a few pics of my horse with me on him.. playing the flute.. if i can.
15. post a lot of pics of my horse buckwheat
16. update ya'll on the pupies every week or so (i'll write a journal)
17. save someones life
18. become a better flute player
19. write so many stories of all the adventures i've ever had
and most importantly 20. throw a HUGE contest that any story is accepted!

so yeah.. there it is. thanks for reading, and happy new year! i am counting down, and right now it is 8:28 P.M. happy new year! Sophie and Heidi says hello!


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