The begining of the story when Harry's daughter goes to Hogwarts.

Chapter 1

The Hogwarts Express

Lily stared up at the scarlet Hogwarts Express. James and Albus had ran off to go talk to Rose and Teddy. Hugo had stayed with his parents and Lily. Harry and Ginny were standing by their daughter.
"Hugo, what house do you think I will be in?" asked Lily.
"You would be a great Gryffindor," said Hugo.
"Really?" asked Lily, "You, too,"
"Ooh! Its time to get on the train!" Hugo exclaimed.
"Kisses," said Ginny and Hermione. Hugo and Lily ran up to their mothers.
They all said good by to each other. Lily and Hugo walked up onto the scarlet train and dissapeared in the corridors. Lily was holding her new cat, Muckle. He was a brown fluffy tabby cat. And Hugo was holding his e white mouse, Capple.
Hugo and Lily walked until they found a room. There was only one boy in it. He had brownish-blonde hair and his eyes were blue. "Um, can we sit in here?" Lily asked the boy. He nodded then looked out the window. Hugo and Lily walked in and put their trunks in a compartment. They sat down and shut the door. Lily let Muckle down so he could stretch his legs.
"What's your name?" Hugo asked the boy.
The boy turned. Now that they were closer, they could see faint freckles on the boy's face. "My name is Beck,".


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