One Tear Equals One Starkid Hug! (A Very Starkid Story)

Chapter 2

Just a filler.

This is how I envision Maddie:

"Lemme call Brian! His name's Brian Holden, Maddie. He's okay, sometimes he gets really emotional and other times really mad. He's really funny, sometimes..." Lauren babbles, seeming so okay with the idea of a hobo moving in with them.

Lauren dials a number she knows by heart, and this Brian answers quickly. I hear his voice a little. It seems a little boyish, young, and care-free. I try to picture his face. Could he be a blond? Redhead? Bald?

"No, everything's okay! Everything's wonderful! You know why? BECAUSE WE HAVE A NEW ROOM MATE!" Lauren trills to Brian, and he doesn't respond. She makes a face after a silent moment, and he suddenly exclaims so loudly I hear it fine, "WHAT?"

She turns to smile at me a bit nervously and quickly walks away to talk freely. I glance at Jim to see him making faces at the kid's in the park. They scream and run away. I laugh with some difficulty. My throat was sore from sobbing in my sleep.

He smiles at me, and I slowly smile back. Smiles look foreign on his solemn, emotionless face. I turn away shyly to look at the kids. A lot of them were still looking terrified of Jim.

I hear Lauren coming back and I turn to see a nervous smile on her face, "Hey, so, um, good news! You can move in...erm, under one teensy weensy condition.." Lauren trailed off with a gleam in her eyes.

Should I be scared? I made a small noise, and she took it as a 'continue.'

"You have to be in our next musical. And any following musicals. Plus, you have to help out around the house."

"F-forever?" I asked in a small, timid voice. She nodded slowly, and I squeaked, "F-forever...and...ever?"

She laughed, but nodded solemnly a second later. I sighed, "Fine. What are the musicals about?"

She went a little pink, "Um, the first one that we aired on Youtube was Harry Potter-" I stopped her, "NU-UH! I LOVE HARRY POTTER!"

Lauren nodded, "And, uh, the second one was a little was called...'Me and My...uh, Diick.."

I paused, looking at her like she was crazy. "What?" I asked slowly, letting an insane burst of laughter break through my lips for a fraction of a second. She quickly moved on, "Then there was A Very Potter Sequel, and then Starship!"

I just nodded, biting my lip, "What's the next one you're working on?"

"It's called Holy Musical Batman." She told me, though I knew she was trying to make it sound exciting, she sounded a bit like she wasn't looking forward to it.

"You sound happy about that." I commented, and she shrugged, "Brian and The Langs are always hard on us when there's a new play."

"Langs? Just how many people live in this house?" I asked timidly, immediately afraid of other people I'll have to encounter. I was usually so outgoing, friendly, and nice. My step father has ruined me.

"Only a few. Jim, Joe, Matt, Nick, Brian, and me. Jim has a cat, too. You cool with cats?" Lauren asked me, smiling a little mischievously.

"Lots of guys..." I murmur, not exactly happy or confident with this, "But yeah. I like cats."

Jim suddenly hugged me from nowhere, "Thanks for accepting my pus-I mean, cat." He grinned at his own vulgar joke, and I grimly smiled.

"Let's get going." Lauren yawned, ignoring his comment. I look at the bench as if to find some belongings to take. I'm still in shock. Why would they let this happen? Were they that desperate to find a new person for their plays?

I cautiously follow them to their car. It seems to be Lauren's, because she immediately jumps in the front seat, keys in hand. It was a simple silver car, with leather black seats and a clean floor.

"Shotgun!" Jim suddenly yells from behind me, and he pushes me away from the front seat, nearly making me topple over, and he jumps in the front seat. I straighten up and sniff once, "Fine."

"Jim, you're such a douchebag. I really don't think it's healthy for you to be that bad." Lauren says in a temporary annoyed state.

Lauren then looks at me, from inside the car, "You good?" I nod, and she says immediately, "Then get in my car!"

I laugh and climb into the back seat. Jim narrowly avoids hitting my butt with the car door as he closed it.

"Okay, so tell us more. Why'd your grandma kick you out?" Lauren says as she starts driving smoothly. I see Jim grip the seat as if her driving terrified him.

"Well..." I say, swallowing back another sob, "She thought I was the main problem for my Mom's distress. Mom couldn't do anything...she's kind of....seriously...depressed. She won't leave her room or anything. Grandmom thought it was me. So she just kicked me out."

The car was silent for a moment except for the loud city outside of it. I clear my throat awkwardly.

"I'm so sorry, Maddie." Lauren says, looking at my face in the rearview mirror. I shrug, "She gave me 80 dollars and said to get my own place. I didn't think I could."

"Well you got your place." Jim said quickly, dismissing the sad subject, and he smoothly turned the radio up so the car was filled with the sound of Glee's latest soundtrack.

"You watch Glee, Maddie?" Lauren asks me, sounding glad she'd found a new subject so smoothly.

"Oh, no, a ton of my friends love it though. I never really watch TV much." I shrug in response.

"Oh, bummer. Our friend Darren Criss stars on it! We watch it though, so you'll catch on quickly." Lauren says a bit smugly.

"You know a TV star?" I ask incredulously, amazed at their luck. "How'd you meet him?"

Jim sighed, and muttered, "Children, gather 'round as Lauren Lopez tells another insanely long story."

"Shut up, Jim," Lauren says dismissively, "Anyway, Maddie, we went to college with him. He's a dork, but a famous dork."

I laugh a bit tiredly. Jim must pick up on the tired tone, because he says, "So how comfortable was your ass on that bench?"

Lauren laughs a bit but it sounds preoccupied, like she's thinking of greater things.

"Not comfortable at all." I reply, and the serious pain of sitting that long comes into my voice.

"Brian's getting a bed set up for you right now, so you don't have to sleep on the floor like Jim has to when he's bad." Lauren replied with a little smirk at Jim.

"Jim...sleeps on the floor?" I ask uncertainly, but by now I've seriously learned that it's better not to ask.

"It's better than my bed." Jim replies, rolling the window down and waving to some young girls with strange pink sunglasses on.

"Are you waving to children again? You're such a r^pist, Jim." Lauren said, disapproval thick in her voice.

"They're fans! Pull over." Jim ordered, and Lauren looked excited and pulled over quickly.

The two fans screamed and ran over immediately. The woman I presume to be their mother runs after them, looking worried that her daughters are going to a strange car with a strange man in it.

Jim opens the door and steps out with a huge grin, his face suddenly looking very nice and inviting. I watch, confused, as the fans scream, jump up and down, hug him, and then scream louder when they see Lauren.

"Who's that?" I hear one whisper, since Jim left his door open. I assume they're talking about me, since they know exactly who Lauren and Jim are.

"Shut up, Lauren freaking Lopez is right there!" The other girl shushes the younger, and they both ignore me.

After Jim and Lauren sign their names on sheets of paper, take some pictures, and hug them both, they climb back in the car, still smiling. These people really do genuinely love their fans.

"They were so sweet." Lauren muses as she pulls out of the parking spot against the curb.

"Yeah, Maddie, why didn't you come out to join us?" Jim asks, rolling his window down to wave at them for the last time.

I shrug, smiling at the girls' reactions out the window, "They wanted to see you guys more."

Lauren scoffs, "Uh, no. You're joining the Team. Our fans, are your fans, and you'll just have to deal with it."

Deal with it? I'll love it. The thought of having fans was just so cool to me, thinking that someone somewhere would get a kick out of me talking to them.


We get to the "Manor" around 7. I wonder what time it was when I fell asleep, or when we left the park. But I didn't want to bring up how we met,since it was just so strange and I didn't want them to realize that.

The Manor isn't a huge house, but it's definitely a big one. It was on a cute block, with houses right next to it on either side. There was a black iron gate around it's property, with a small lawn on either sides of the stair case. Two thin, nearly leafless trees grew precariously by the edges of the gate.

"Home sweet home." Lauren murmurs as she shuts the engine off. As I think about meeting everyone, my heartbeat accelerates. It may sound crazy, but something made me...scared, not anxious or nervous..but downright terrified. Like they might hurt me. Abuse me like my stepfather did.

I shake my head as if I could clear my thoughts just like that. It was ridiculous for me to be so cynical because of one cruel person.

Ridiculous...but possible.

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