Why Harry Potter kinda sucks (With my commentary)

I just couldn't express how wrong this article was in a single comment, so instead I'm posting it here with me commentary >:) Thanks PheonixArmyNicoli for bringing it to my attention :D

Writing in bold is my input.

Link to the original: http://twigurrl.wordpress.com/2011/04/29/why-harry-potter-kinda-sucks/#comment-9956

Chapter 1

Your arguments are invalid...

by: _Ripple_
Just to clarify, I'm a huge Potter fan. This is something another person wrote, and I their arguments annoyed me so much that I decided to add my own notes to the text.

So SO many peopla have been saying that Harry Potter is better than Twilight. That is NOT TRUE!!!!!!! ...aaannd that's where you made your first mistake.

Here are just a few reasons why Harry Potter kind of sucks.

1. Theres too much swearing. Ron says “bloody Hell” all the time, and Molly weasley calls Bellatrix Lestrange a BITCH in the last book! Bloody hell? Damn, didn't your parents ever teach you real swears? And siriusly, anyone could mistake Bella for a mutt with hair like that... Thats seriously unaceptable! I mean little kids are reading that stuff!!! That kind of language is really bad! Your English is even more unaceptable :/

2. Its too violent. Like people die in every book, i mean its just depressing! and good guys die too!! That's life, sweetie. I mean lupin, fred (one of the best characters),At least you have SOME sense... tonks, etc. I mean little kinds and people shoudn’t have to read that kind of thing! Little kinds? You think midgets can't handle it? O_o that teaches people that death is ok and natural! I mean who WANTS to read about that kind of thing? No one wants to read it, that's half the point. The reader becomes attached to the character, and then having them torn from them leaves them feeling terrible, but brings you closer to the book, in a way.

3. TORTURE. in HP, people torture other peopls JUST FOR FUN! thats WRONG! Yeah, that's why THE BAD GUYS do it. Its going to teach people that torture is okay and it’s not! Yeah, people don't generally follow the example of the bad guys... I mean like Voldemort and Bellatrix like to cause people pain an dHAVE FUN KILLING PEOPLE! Thats so horrible that they like get turned on by killing people. What? Get turned on? XD Thats SO HORRIBLE AND WRONG! That's how the author helps the reader to develop a hatred for the villian! What, should Voldy and Bella give out candy? Not to mention depressing and WAY 2 DARK! Again, that's life. Thats not okay for people to read. And for the death thing see reason 2.

4. Its british. British stuff is never as good as american stuff.
Okay...So America has had some some amazing Authors:
-Edgar Allan Poe
-Stephen King
-Urula K. Le Guin
-Lousia May Alcott
-Mark Twain

-Charles Dickens
-William Goddamn SHAKESPEARE
-J.K Rowling (That's right b
-Jane Austen
-Daniel Defoe
-J.R.R Tolkien
-Emily Bronte
-George Orwell (Inspired half of a David Bowie album, therefore he is brilliant.)
-Agatha Christie
-Might I also add that my four favourite favourite bands/singers (David Bowie, Radiohead, The Beatles, Coldplay) are all from Britain? My favourite television series is british, my favourite director is british. SIMON AND LEWIS FROM YOGSCAST ARE BRITISH!!! and yeah, I'm AUSTRALIAN.

They were all off the top of my head. Your argument is invalid.

America is the top country in the world. Facepalms. I mean, im not trying to brag or anything, but its just a fact that america is the most advanced and powerful country in the world. Actually, Japan is the most technologically advanced, if that's what you mean. Twilight is American, Harry Potter is british. Therefore, by logic, Twilight is better. By logic? You have none... And just because Twilight is american automatically makes it higher quality, just because its America, no matter what you think of the book. Wtf? I mean seriously, WTF!? I mean, British people can be really bad, Everyone had that potential, sweetie. You're a prime example of that. like they fought against us and LOST in WW2, right? Wrong. Take a history lesson. So seriously, they just aren’t as good.
This whole argument is fail...It's people like you that make peace on Earth impossible.

5. Its comfusing. You mean like you? See above about it being british. But basically to go along with that, BECAUSE its britis, the stuff is confusing. like they use slang and stuff that doesnt make sense to ANYONE BUT BRITISH PEOPLE! And Aussie people like me...and all other people on the planet. and like the stuff they talk baout that is british and hard to understand. How...? You shouldn’t have to use a fvcking I guess your parents did teach you those swears :P SLANG DICTIONARY when reading!!!!
No. You just need to expand your vocabulary. Get back to when you do that, K?

6. The movies are crap. So like they’re made by an american compeny, but why the hell do they have funny accents? Funny? It's called British? Can you, like, not comprehend anything that's outside of your own tiny world? I hate watching movyes and not being able 2 understand the people in them!!!! I mean siriusly, WTF?! You said Siriusly, you just owned yourself. I always have to rewind and use subtittles when I watch the movies, because of the funny accents! I mean cant the actors talk normally? You mean, you want them to put on accents for your convenience. Guess what? We're not all like you, some people are NORMAL! whyd they get weirdos for the parts anyways? Daniel and Rupert, meh. BUT DID YOU JUST INSULT TOM FELTION AND EMMA WATSON!? They should of gotten normal people who can FVCKING TALK RIGHT!!!!! Hermione's the master of pronounciation! Remember levi-oh-sa?

7. The chracters are ugly. Hermione is a frizzy haired dork. The whole idea is to show people that you don't have to be beautiful to be a wonderful person. Luna is a weirdo and dresses like shes color blind. Facepalms. Rons a ginger, and we all know that gingers don’t have souns, thank to South Park… JUST KIDDING! That part was a joke, of course, but still, he’s ugly. Harry is just a weirdo wit glasses and a freakish scar.
I get it now...You're one of those people who slathers makeup on with a trowel and doesn't have half a brain. But that's okay, because you have a hot boyfriend and your parents are filthy rich! Yaayyy!

And Dumbledore is creepy too. True... He has a beard, beards are creepy! Beards are AWESOME! Especially when they're three foot long :D And he has a mustache too, that makes him look like hes evil!! We all know beards are creepy, and he wears a freaking DRESS! Ultimate facepalms. THATS SICK, MEN DO NOT WEAR DRESSES!!!!!!!! They're called robes... Also hes gay. ARE YOU DISSIN' GAYS!? thats creepy because hes so old! Old peopla rent supposed to be gay! ...What? nothin against homosexals, btw. Oh, sure, bitch.

8. the villains are unrealistic. WHat kind of sadistic creepy fvcking moron kills people and tortured them FOR FUN?!??! Sadistic, creepy, morons do that. WTF?! And besides, its soooooo unrealistic i mean a REAL villain (like the Volturi) wouldn’t be considerate enough to wait until the end of the school year before enacting their evil plot. Voldy doesn't wait until the end of the school year!? Wtf? thats just unrealistic. And they’s just creepy losers with bad hair in cloaks. Yuk.

Anyways, these are just a few reasons Harry Potter is bad.


Stop thinking HP is SOOOO much better and trying to lord it all over us Twilight fans, thats just plain RUDE. Haha, you're calling us rude?

Anyways, I’ll probably write more on this subject, but anyways, consider this part one. You've got me scared now...

Peace, Love, and Twilight for all!
What did I tell you earlier about peace on earth!?



Wow...Okay, sorry if anyone is offended by any of my commentary. It's three in the morning, and I was pi*ssed when I read what this chick wrote :P

Peace, love and Potter for all :)

Thanks for reading!

( Note) Haha, I just spent a couple of hours editing this so that Quibblo didn't register all of the cursing :P


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