What Would My Characters Think Of You? ~Silver Thorns~

Chapter 1

Read the main title, people.

Okay, so if you want to know what my characters would think of you just make a story and send it to me! Thanks to all those who participate!
There's some stuff I'll need to know first, obviously: If you feel uncomfortable about anything, then just skip it.

your name:
your personality:
what you look like and what you wear:
favorite and least favorite character and why:
favorite tv show/movie/anime:
favorite book/manga:
favorite song:
anything you think I should know:

What you think of:
Kain: (he's not entirely evil!)
Orient: (I know you don't no much about him, so i'll tell you a little. To sum him up, he's a happy-go-lucky kitty, and he loves everyone)
Kain's office buddies: (the bad people that want to kill you! he's an assassin, so his office buddies are too.):
Me! the QM!:

Have fun and get working!


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