This is NOT Love!... is it? A Draco Malfoy story

This is NOT Love!... is it? A Draco Malfoy story

He's the boy who lived, she's the girl who got lucky. Francesca Potter, Harry's twin, the only Potter to remain untouched by the Dark Lord.

But when she forms un unlikely bond with an unlikely boy, her world changes from black and white to shades of grey. How can she tell what's right and wrong when
the wrong feels so right?

Chapter 1

The World Cup

by: chesca
I was walking down the hogwarts hallway when I heard running behind me but I soon as I noticed, Neville and Dean were on either side of me.
"Want me to hold your books for you?" asked dean with a smile
"Sure thanks Dean!" I said batting my mascared lashes at him.
"Want to walk to class together?" asked Neville, I laughed
"Sure, we both have potions right?" he nodded. Soon enough I was surrounded by boys handing me gifts and offering to do my homework for me then malfoy and gang came walking towards me. I folded my arms and raised an eyebrow "whataya want malfoy?" I asked
"I just want to say I'm sorry for everything I've done to you and I forgive you for that time that you tackeled me to the ground and clipped my ear until I apologized for calling your mum a mud blood and all the times you punched me for calling Hermione one. I hope that we can be friends" I looked him up and down and smirked
"I don't need your apology or forgiveness" and with that I pushed past him and he began to cry. I laughed along with all the boys and then I was greeted by Sirius Black standing by his hypogriff and he told me I would never have to go back to the Dursley's and me and Harry could go live with him in his beach house in Florida and with that we took off, soaring through the sky! Admiring the.....

I was woken by Hermione shaking me.
"Come on its time to get up! We have to wake the boys" I rubbed my eyes. We were spending time with the Weasleys and heading off to the Quidditch World Cup. I should have known It was a dream, why would Sirius have a beach house in Florida? And Malfoy appologising? Oh that's rich! I got up and followed Hermione.

We headed to Ron's room which both him and Harry were sharing whilst me and Hermione shared Ginny's room with her. We hadn't bothered to change out of our pajamas so I was wearing
As we headed to the boys room we heard muffled noises, turns out it was Harry having a nightmare! He was tossing and turning, making whimpering noises and saying things that sounded like "no it can't be! But you're dead, no" but. It came out in soft mumbles. Hermione tried to shake Harry awake
"wake up Harry!" she exclaimed then he jolted awake, drops of sweat dripping from his neck and forehead.
"It was just a dream Harry" I said as I made my way over to Ron's sleeping bag and began kicking him awake. I guess I was a pretty violent person when I wanted to be. I mean looking back on that dream a had punched Malfoy a lot but I guess it was just the fact that he asks for it all the time. Me and Malfoy did not get along, like, at all. Sure theres the Gryffindor and Slytherin feud but it's more than that. Mcgonagal says it's because we're both stubborn and arrogant our personalities clash. I guess me and Harry are similar in a lot of ways but on the other hand I don't think he would ever puch anyone in the face, even if it was Malfoy.

Eventually Ron began to stir "no mum I told you I don't want a unicorn Give it to Ginny!" he slurred, he was still half asleep. I kicked him harder "OW! Ok I'm up! I'm up!"
"well you better hurry up! Your dad says we'll be heading off to the Quidditch game soon!" exclaimed Hermione. I walked back to Ginny's room to get changed
And then me and the Weasley family (plus Harry and Hermione) headed off to The World Cup. No one except for Arthur knew where we were going. I was talking to Ginny and Hermione for most of the time, considering that
A. They were two of my best friends
B. all the boys were talking about was Quidditch and considering I only began to understand the game second year, I wasn't exactly Ron's favourite Quidditch friend and besides I get bored after 10 minutes of talking about sport! Watching it was another story though.
"Ahhhh Amos good to see you!" Arthur said to a man waiting by a tree, who's name I assumed was Amos.
"Arthur good to see you! This is my boy! Cedric" I had heard of Cedric Diggory before but I'd never officially met him. He was tall, scruffy brown hair and muscular. Not over done muscly, just enough for you to know he was fit, and quite attractive for that matter! He shook Arthur's hand and then he saw me, he smiled and winked and then followed his father and Arthur.
"he's cute!" I whispered to Hermione
"What?" a manly voice whispered back. I turned to see that Hermione and Ginny hand walked slower then I had and I was know standing next to Harry. Awkward.
"Well... you're not Hermione." I said as he looked at me strangely
"right let's go" I said trying to get away from the awkward moment that had presented itself.

We walked some more and finally finished climbing a massive hill (which I made Fred give me a piggy back up half of it cause I was exhausted) and on that hill was a dirty old boot.
"what?" I asked
"why are we here?" Harry asked thinking the same thing I was
"thats not just any old boot my magic impaired friend ! It's a port key!" George explained. I remembered Hermione trying to tell me something about them while I was doing my make up one morning but all I could remember thinking was teleportation! And I needed new mascara... DAMN I keep forgetting!
"ok everyone grab on!" said Arthur laying on the ground holding the boot. Gross I thought to myself as I knelt down and grabbed it carefully planting myself next to Cedric. And basically as soon as i had grabbed on the world began spinning, I was screaming but Cedric was laughing and I'm pretty sure it was at me.
"right everyone let go!"
"what!" yelled Hermione, I think that's basically what me and Harry were thinking. I let go of the boot and started screaming more loudly then I thought possible! Suddenly I hit the ground, lucky it was grass! A sat up and Arthur, Amos and Cedric followed gently making contact with the ground. I hate them so much right now. Cedric walked over to me and held out his hand
"I hope you didn't hurt yourself, first portkey ride is always the hardest" he said as he helped me up. i took his hand.
"I'm fine but thanks!". He walked over to help up Harry. Hermione walked up to me
"I think he fancies you" she whispered. I just rolled my eyes
"looks like Francesca's made a new friend!" the twins said raising their eyebrows and deviously smiling at me.
"jealous are we?" I said putting my hands on my hips. they both laughed and
"I guess you'll never know!" We began to walk a bit more untill finally we arrived. It was a maze of tents! People running around with excitement and just plain happiness! Cedric and his dad headed off and we arrived at our tent. It was.... Small? Me and Harry stood outside the tent and I could tell he was thinking the same thing I was. How were we going to fit in that tent? We walked in and it became massive! Filled with rooms and furniture. Harry was in shock
"I love magic" he said. I just laughed in agreement

We headed off to the stadium and headed up a million stairs! "how high are we going dad" Ron panted
"let's just say if it rains you'll be the first to know!" said a voice from down bellow. I looked down and it was lucious and malfoy. Draco was just smirking
"we're going to the ministers box by invitation of Cornelius fudge himself!" Draco boasted, his dad stopped him with his cane
"now now Draco there's no need to gloat! Especially to these people" lucious told him glarring up at us.
"well lucious that's lovely lesson you're teaching your son! You know people say that once you leave school you're supossed to grow up! But I guess there are always exceptions!" I said smiling down at them. The weasley twins started ohhhhhhhhhhing and Arthur held back a laugh. Lucious was glearing up at me now while Draco was glearing at Harry and Ron. I could tell mr malfoy hated me more then Harry. I mean it's understandable! I don't like him either, I mean I freed his house elf and accused him of trying to kill Ginny! (chamber of secrets, I know Harry did this originally but lets just pretend that Harry just stood next to her for that part quietly while she said everything he said) With that they walked off but as Malfoy passed me he smirked.
"looking good potter!" he yelled, I glared back
"back off Malfoy" Harry and Ron said together
"Yeah Malfoy she'd never be interested in a git like you!" yelled the Weasley twins as they high fived each other for their come back. Malfoy glared
"as if I'd be interested in a Potter!" he said as he walked away

We reached our seats and the game began. I was standing next to Hermione as Victor Krumm entered the stadium. I never really followed the Bulgarian team but I'm sure gonna start!
"he's hot!" I whispered to Hermione
"that's nice?" a manly voice said. I turned to see that Hermione had wondered off to ask Ginny something so I was now standing next to Harry! Brilliant
"Hermione can you stay in one place for more en five minutes?" I asked she just laughed. I really needed to start checking who I'm whispering to.

The game ended and we headed back to our tent. All the kids were joking round while Arthur went outside to see what all the commotion was about.
"bet it's just the Irish" said Fred as artur walked inside again. He looked worried.
"it's not the Irish. We need to leave now!"
We grabbed our stuff and ran outside. There s screaming and spells flying Everywhere!
"STAY TOGETHER!" Arthur yelled so I quickly grabbed Ron's arm who was standing next to me. I was the smallest so I was more likely to get lost, well I was the same height as Ginny but she was Fred's responsibility so she'd be safe. I looked around for Harry but he was no where to be seen! Hermione had also noticed this and began screaming his name. We were pulled away by large crounds of people but went back once it all had ended to look for him. In the distance I saw a figure running so I assumed it was Harry, turns out it was! I ran up to him and gave him a hug
"Isn't the first thing your taught when you're young is not to wonder off?" I asked jokingly he just laughed
"Bloody hell what's that!" asked Ron pointing to the sky and sure enough ther was a giant skull with a snake
"That's his mark Ron!" said Hermione
"You mean...."
"Voldemort?" Harry finished my sentence. Suddenly we were surrounded by Ministry officials.
"You four are under arrest!" said a man pointing a wand at us. I'd seen the movies, I knew what would happen in them. The character would raise their hands and get on the floor. Which is probably why I had the sudden urge to do so.
"Barty they're just kids!!!" Exclaimed Mr Weasley as he ran towards us along with Ginny and the twins.
"They're at the scene of a crime!!"
"It wasn't us! There was a man!!" we all turned to look at Harry and he began to explain.

hey guys! if you are re reading this for some reason I have changed a few bits here and there. It sounded childish and I guess I feel my writing has matured more and also some facts or events were incorrect (sorry) but if you're new then welcome! I hope you enjoy and I love hearing feed back in the comments <3

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