Naruto Minutes In Heaven |READ INTRO!|

You pulled out your mp3 player and started listening to some music. Looking around the house, you started to relize something. It was big enough to host a party! With that thought in your head you jumped off the black leather couch and ran for the phone. Blonde hair wipped in your face, making you stop and rub your eyes.

"What the hell?" You yelled at your older sister. Ino smirked slightly.

"Why were you running?" You rolled your eyes.

"I was thinking we could have a party, bimbo."

Chapter 2


You watched as Sakura sat down next to you with a gloomy expression.

"What happened?" You asked.

"Naruto." Sakura ran up to the bathroom and puked. You watched as Kiba grabbed the bag and pulled out a piece of paper.

"So, who's the emo?" You glarred right at him as he showed the drawing of your skull sourounded by purple and pink stars.

You and Kibe weren't very good friends. You guys pretty much argued almost everyday. Ino grabbed your arm and pulled you to the closet. Kiba gave a cocky grin as he watched you struggle against Ino. It took Ino and Sakura to get you in there.

Your back hit the wall with a loud bam! You slid to the ground in silence as Kiba closed the door behing him. "Get up." He said in a dominant voice. You scuffed.

"Why? It's not lik we're gonna do anything."

Before Kiba could say anything Ino screamed through the door. "I don't hear kissing!" She kept on yelling until Shikamaru talked her down. Kiba took a seat next to you. Just so pyour older sister wouldn't torture you for not doing anything you saton Kiba's lap. He was shocked at your sudden action. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him softly.

That soft kiss turned into a passionate one moments later. Kiba's hands rubbed your sides. You burned for his touch as hiswarm lips carressed yours in perfect sync. He pulled away and moved to your neck, letting you breath for much needed air. You pulled away from him before he could reach your sweet spot.

You breathed heavily before looking into his eyes. "Are we gonna go back to hating eachother when we leave this closet?" You closed your eyes and waited for his answer.

Kiba's had caressed your cheek softly. "Wouldn't dream of it." You opened you eyes leaned in. Both of you smiled into the kiss. this time, it wasn't passionate. It was soft and sweet.

Ino banged on the door. You grabbed Kiba's hand and held it in yours as you got off of his lap and stood up. You fixed your blonde hair and threw it over your shoulders, covering up the hickey that Kiba might've left. When you both came out Kiba snaked his arms around your waste and smirked triumphently. You bllushed as Ino stood there shocked. Her mouth wide open.

For the rest of the party you and Kiba were inseparable. When everyone left Kiba asked if you would go on a date with him later that week. Of course, you said yes. Let's just say, one thing led to another and now your married with one baby girl. She had Kiba's brown hair, but your ocean blue eyes. Both of you agreed to name her Emiko, which meant blessed and beautiful child. Like Kiba, she had her own dog named Gin. She had a silver coat just like the meaning of her name. You and Kiba grew together and watched your child excell. Now, every night you thank Ino and Sakura for forcing you into that closet.

Hope you guys like it! Now, who's gonna be second? Hmm . . .

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