ouran high school host club

ouran high school host club

well this is just a story a continue from the first season in my own way and i also want to add myself and by the way i'm not gonna be like all those other girls who over do themselves by like saying i'm really pretty or she's a real punk girl i wont lie bout myself im just gonna descibe myself truthfully :) please enjoy

Chapter 1

chapter 1: the new girl

"oh Haruhi!" Tamaki called out rather to excited "yes senpai?" she said turning around with cups in her hand yes she agreed to be apart of the host club still but she does have to dress in a girls uniform she had to admit her little secret
"i cant believe Haruhi is a girl!"a fan girl said
"and i cant believe shes with Tamaki"anthore said gritting her teeth
"well Haruhi i heard alot of couples go on what is called a "first date" and just realized we havnt we should go right now!" Tamaki said with a huge smile
"well ok but not now how about after school?"
"hey look"Hikaru said pointing to a girl standing underneath the doorway
"ah looks like we got a new girl"kaoru says with a light smile and a faint blush
Kaoru and Hikaru walk towards her and smile pulling out roses
"h-hi i'm Kaoru" he says with a studder Hikaru a little shocked noticing that Kaoru forgot to mention him manages to say "hey i'm Hikaru"the girl smiles poiltely and says "hi i'm Maple"
"thats a beautiful name...Maple" kaoru says with a warm smile
"well hello there"Tamaki says "welcome to ouran i'm Tamaki"
"you must be the leader of this host club am i right?" Maple asks
"hmm leader you say?"Tamaki says smiling
"y-yes"she says kinda scared
"you dont know what you just got yourself into" Hikaru says
"well Maple i am glad you said that, i am the leader of this group"
"ok than-" Maple tried saying but Tamaki cut her off "i am also known as king so please call me king" he says a little to excited
"ok thanks but i have something to give you this letter its from my um aunt"she says giving him the letter "huh? your aunt?"Tamaki says grabbing the letter
"yes my aunt"she says looking down kinda sad
"huh?" Haruhi notices her expression "hey are you ok?" Haruhi askes with a warm smile
"yeah i'm fine"Maple says looking up managing a smile
"hey if its because of what Tamaki said please ignore him hes just asking in concern ok?"
"ok"Maple says a bit happier
"by the way im Haruhi"
"you must be Maple Hitachiin"Kyouya says looking at his note pad
"ah yes"Maple says looking at the twins and notices their reaction they look kinda surprised
"ah we've been waiting for you Maple im Kyouya" he says politely stretching out his hand for a hand shake
"ah hello no wonder you know about me i was kinda surprised when you knew who i was" she says shaking his hand. Haruhi looks at them smiling then turns to see Honey-senpai walking around alone "huh?" "why is he alone?" Haruhi thinks "hey Honey-senpai are you ok?!" she calls out to Honey
"ah Haru-chan! there you all are!" he says with a big smile running up to them hugging Haruhi
"gah! uh hi Honey-senpai wheres Mori-senpai?"
"at his kendo meeting he said if he ever has to stay a little late for me to go off with out him"
"ah i see well meet our new guest" Haruhi says pointing to Maple
"ok!" he says walking from Haruhi towards Maple "hi my names Mitsukuni Haninozuka Honey for short" he says giving her a big smile
"awe hi i'm Maple"she says cheerfully Honey turns around to find Mori walking there way "HI TAKASHI! Honey says running up to Mori with a hug "look Takashi a new guest"he says leading Mori towards Maple
"Maple this is Takashi Morinozuka but you can call him Mori for short"
"h-hi Mori"Maple says catching her breath looking up into his eyes
"h-hey"Mori says looking down into her eyes
"huh? Mori never studders..."Haruhi thinks to herself.
Honey climbs up Mori's back "hey Takashi you ok there?"
"ah yeah" Mori says snapping back to focus noticing he was still staring at Maple, Maple snaps back to focus as well and looks down blushing with a smile kinda embarssed that Honey noticed
"hmm of course you can be in the host club" Tamaki says to Maple
"huh? oh yes um thanks"
"now Tamaki why exactlly are we letting her in the club?"Kyouya asks
"just read the letter from her aunt" he says handing the letter to Kyouya
"huh well if your in this predicament then sure but you do realize that you are going to act as our waitress like Haruhi for example"Kyouya says
"ok i dont mind"
"and we cant tell anyone right Maple?" Tamaki asks
"right i'll tell everyone myself and inform you all that they all know now ok?"
"alright"Tamaki says
"i'll keep an eye on Tamaki you cant always relay on him"Kyouya says causing Maple to giggle
"hey Maple wanna have cake with me and Takashi?"Honey asked tugging her arm. Maple got chills from hearing him say Takashi..."um sure" Maple says smiling.
Maple looks at Honey who has already gone through five slices while shes still going through the same one then she looks at Mori whose just sitting there watching over Honey as he eats"could it be...i just met him...i cant...i mean sure he is cute...but i dont even know if hes mean or if he has a girlfriend...hmm well he cant be mean i mean if he can stand hanging out with a person like Honey then he cant be mean...hmm point is i dont even know him so how i can i say i like him?" Maple thought
"you ok?" Mori asks laying his hand on her shoulder
"huh? oh yeah"she says giggling noticing that she was tossing her strawberry back and forth on the her plate"oh no im getting the chills again" she thinks
"mmm" Mori says smiling at her with his beautiful warm smile
"oh why did he have to smile at me like that its beautiful" she thought.
"great their staring at each other again" Kaoru says upset
"you really do like Maple huh?"Hikaru asks
"yeah i guess i do"Kaoru says with a sigh
"hey Kaoru wanna break up that little love fest"Hikaru says with a sniker
"Hikaru she seems happy let them be"
"no if your not happy hey Maple there are some dirty dishes here!"
"huh?"Maple and Mori snap back to focus
"oh i'm coming"Maple calls out
"hey Takashi?"Honey asks
"ah yeah?"
"do you really like Maple?" this shocked Mori cause he doesn't even know how he feels
"i dont know..."
"back" Maple says smiling at them
"hello"Honey said
"fellows lets go back to the music room that means you to Haruhi and Maple"Tamaki called out
back in the music room
"hey Tamaki?"Maple asked
"yes can you call eveyone here? i want to tell them all at the same time instead"
"ok gentlemen!,Haruhi! Maple has something to say!"everyone gathers around the couch
"um i cant hide this any longer... Hikaru,Kaoru i'm your younger sister by a month" she says smiling
"huh? but thats impossible!"they say in unsion
"actually mom and dad werent ready for anthore child and so they gave me to someone they trust our aunt i was supposed to keep it a secret till i met you but the reason for this was so you two wouldnt get mad at them"
"oh my gosh i just hit on my own sister! ew!" Kaoru said in disgust
"hahaha you liked our sister"Hikaru said pointing at Kaoru teasingly.
a moment later after everyones gotten used to the situation
"hello wheres Kyouya?"
everyone turns around to see its Mr.Ootori
"ah father?"Kyouya asked confused
"ah Kyouya you'll be happy to know that i have found a perfect wife for you"
"really? thats great! who is she?"Haruhi asked
"you!"Mr.Ootori exclaimed
"what!?"Kyouya and Haruhi asked in unsion

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