ouran high school host club

ouran high school host club

well this is just a story a continue from the first season in my own way and i also want to add myself and by the way i'm not gonna be like all those other girls who over do themselves by like saying i'm really pretty or she's a real punk girl i wont lie bout myself im just gonna descibe myself truthfully :) please enjoy

Chapter 2

chapter 2:the marriage

"im sorry but what?"Haruhi asked still shocked
"you and my son will be married"mr.Ootori said
"but father me and Haruhi cant be Married"
"non sense my boy i've already planned out the whole thing"
"but thats not what i me-"
"of course i still need to get the band but eh don't worry this wedding will be finished on time"Mr.Ootori explains cutting Kyouya off then he notices Tamaki casually strolling by
"ah Souh i have great news" mr.Ootori says smiling
"what is it sir?" Tamaki asks
"my son and Haruhi are getting married!"he says hugging Kyouya and Haruhi from behind
"oh really? thats great news"Tamaki says confused and depressed
"hey boss"Hikaru said calling Tamaki over
"why are you so ok with this? i thought you would've been in your corner by now"Kaoru said
"well because this is Mr.Ootori all i can say to him is "oh really? that's great" and then smile politely and walk away"
"oh Souh please come over here we have so much to talk about for the wedding"mr.Ootori called out
"coming sir"
"hey guys there's gotta be something we can do its obvious that Tama-chan is sad"Honey said with his eyes growing wide
"eh"the twins said in unsion and then looked at each other
"hey Mr.Ootori!" the twins called out in unsion
"ah yes Hitachiin twins?"
"listen sir i don't think Kyouya would be happy married to a girl like Haruhi"Hikaru said
"yeah she doesn't take showers,she cheats on her relationships,shes mean,and sh-"
"thats enough you two!" Haruhi says in a low mad tone cutting off Kaoru then turns around to see Mr.Ootori laughing
"oh you two are so funny" he says through his laughter
"well that was a fail" the twins said in unsion
"hmm i guess should try"Honey says walking towards him
"um sir?"
"yes Haninozuka!?" he says a little to excited which makes him sound mad
"u-uh nothing never mind"Honey says nearvous and scared and runs to Mori in tears "hes scary you try talking to him Takashi" Mori just grunts
Maple sighs "poor Tamaki i would go talk to mister Ootori but he doesn't know me we have know history why would he listen to me"she says a little upset Mori notices and decides that he should go talk mister Ootori he gets up and taps mister Ootori's shoulder
"ah yes Morinozuka?"
"no wedding"
"is it really that easy for him?" Maple asks
"just watch its probally gonna be a blow" the twins say in unsion
Mister Ootori looks at him confused and says"oh just because we don't have a band doesn't mean ther isn't gonna be a wedding"he says with a smile Mori just stares at him thinking of what else to say but cant think of anything and just walks back to the little table with Honey "i tried..."he said
"hmmm mr.Ootori!?"
"hmm whose this?surely this is a new face"mr.Ootori says
"yes i'm the twins younger sister um if you coul-"
"ah do you by any chance have a talent like maybe singing?"he says cutting Maple off
"well um y-yes? but i don-"
"great you can sing at their wedding"he says with a smile cutting her off once more
"forget this i'm going to sit down"she mumbled a little frustrated
"oh Hitachiin twins tell your mother to send in her best wedding dresses and i'll be here to pick you all up for the wedding tomorrow" he says walking off
"great..."Maple says not only was i ignored but now i'm singing at his wedding
"hey Haruhi?"Kyouya asks
"yes senpai?"
"i'm sorry i got you into this mess"
"it isn't your fault honest"
"i cant believe my little girl is getting Married..."Tamaki says in his corner sulking
"hey senpai?"Haruhi says putting her hand on his back "its gonna be alright"
"oh that precious smile of yours i cant resist"Tamaki says holding her face
"that's all it takes?"Maple said
"ah shes learning the ways of the host club" the twins say in unsion.
"hey yeah mom its us uh mr.Ootori wants all your best wedding dresses by tomorrow" Hikaru says in the background with Kaoru trying to listen in
"is my little girl really marring him?" Tamaki repeats to himself over and over again pacing in the back ground while Kyouya's still saying "im sorry" to Haruhi
"so Maple have you decided what song your gonna sing?"Honey asked
"well im thinking about singing Itsumo Suba Ni"
"wow think you can sing a little?"Honey asks
"sure" she says clearing her throat she sings only a little bit of it though and when shes Honey and Mori clap everyone else still worried about the situation their in but Mori was really taken by her voice
"wow maple! that was amazing!!!"Honey exclaimed
"really? i actually thought i was sucking"
"no you sang good..."Mori said with a warm smile
"oh um thanks"she said blushing moving her head towards her shoulder as if trying to hiding but still looking at Mori biting her lower lip
"how are you three so calm?" Kaoru asks
"well we all know whats going to happen so yeah"Honey said getting up to get cake
"really?"Kaoru asks
"yeah"Maple describes what they think may happen"
"hmm makes sense".
the next day at the wedding
"well Haruhi i guess i'm also gonna help you get ready for the wedding" Maple says with a little smile "so which dress do you prefer?"
"neither"she says with a sigh
"the more i think about this wedding,the more i think about how well Tamakis taking this"
"ah it'll be ok you'll see"Maple says smiling "oh here how about this dress"
"you just don't get it do you?"Haruhi says a little frustrated
"listen Haruhi i can promise you that Tamaki wont let you marry him"
Haruhi sighs and just gets ready for the wedding.
half way through the wedding
"if anyone disaproves please speak up or forever hold your peace"
everyone looks around
"oh please Tamaki speak up" Haruhi thinks
Tamaki stands up and opens his mouth about to speak but to everyones surprise it was Kyouya who spoke
"i disaprove"he says
"NO!my son what are you doing!?"
"doing what you didnt let me do...speak" with that his father hushes and sits down
"me and Haruhi are just friends father if theres anyone she belongs with its Tamaki they're ment for each other actually they were planning on going on their date today they are together father i am sorry"
"oh...i see...i'm sorry i didnt know i was harming a relationship i just got so caught up in the moment i chose not to listen i'm sorry my son...and...I'm...proud of you for speaking up to me" this caught Kyouya's attention hes surprised hes been trying to get his father proud of him for a long time
"thanks dad"he says with a smile
well after the wedding things have pretty much got back to normal
"oh i cant be late" a girl around Honey and Mori's age says to her self running
"hey Takashi!"Honey says
"hmm?" Mori asks
"i think Maple likes you!" Mori gasps and blushes at this comment then gasps for anthore reason he spots a girl running with her head down just looking at the floor about the size of honey and runs right into Honey Mori catches him
"huh? oh i'm so sorry" the girl says
"oh no its ok" he says then they both look up at each other looking deep it to their eyes

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