ouran high school host club

ouran high school host club

well this is just a story a continue from the first season in my own way and i also want to add myself and by the way i'm not gonna be like all those other girls who over do themselves by like saying i'm really pretty or she's a real punk girl i wont lie bout myself im just gonna descibe myself truthfully :) please enjoy

Chapter 3

chapter 3:Luna

in the music room
"so your names Luna?"Honey asks
"um yes you must be Honey-senpai"
"yeah"Honey says smiling
"awe how cute"Maple says smiling "its nice to see Honey-senpai with a girl"
"yeah it is"Haruhi says smiling as well but walks away because she notices Mori coming in walking to sit with Maple "i should let them have their privacy its nice that those two have found someone...well it is pretty obivous for Maple and Mori but i dont about Honey and Luna" Haruhi thinks
"hey Mori"Maple says smiling
"so your new here?"Honey asks
"yes i'm a 3rd year student"she response drinking some tea
"me to!"
"hey Honey?"Luna asks
"do like me?"
"well i...dont really know"
"oh cause i know we just met but i sorta like you she says looking at the floor blushing
"really?"Honeys asks blushing "well do you wanna go out?"
"sure!"she says
"awe!!!" Maple exclaims while Mori just grunts she turns around to face him "hey Mori you ok?"
"yeah..."he says looking down
"he says that but his eyes say otherwise" Maple thinks staring at him"you know Mori you can tell me anything no matter ho embarrsing or how stupid it sounds or whatever i'll listen and i wont judge you"
"i-its nothing"he says
"ok well just know that whenever you ned to talk i'll be here"she says turning back to see Honey and Luna who are now holding hands talking to each other
"thats so cute! hmm theres something troubling Mori...could it be Honey? nah it can't be well he wont tell me so it shouldnt Matter anymore... but it does what do i want from him!? he already talks to me alot more then all the other hosts especially Honey and by what my brothers say their cousins! he serves Honey! well i guess i shouldnt let this bother me" Maple thinks
"well looks like Honeys found a girlfriend"Tamaki says smiling Maple turns around to see Tamakis finally here
"yeah arent they cute boss!"the twins say in unsion
"yeah they may be cute but because of this i think girls will look interest"Kyouya says
"yeah either that or get really jealous and want to request Honey as often as they can"Maple says
"thats true"Haruhi says
"so tonight at eight?"Luna asks getting up
"yeah i'll pick you up"Honey says and Luna walks out the door
"hey way to go Honey-senpai!"the twins say unsion
"oh you two leave him alone"Haruhi tells them
"we were just gonna give him a few pointers"Hikaru says
"yeah nothing wrong with that"Kaoru says Honey gets up and walks to Mori
"hey Takashi?"
"can i come to your place for awhile?"
"sure but why?"
"i still ont know how to fix my bow"he says giggling Mori smiles
at Mori's house Honey knocks on the door Mori answers it
"Hey Takashi!!!"Honey says
"hi" he says then fixes his bow
"thanks i'll see you tomorrow"Honey says running out the door
Mori sighs then walks to his room and lays on his looking up at the celling
"I should probally talk to Maple she'll understand...hopefully" he thinks then reaches for his cell phone
"hello?"Maple asks
"oh hi Mori...huh? whys Mori-senpai calling?"Mori hears Hikaru in the background"i dont know maybe hes bored?"she says to Hikaru"
"um no thats not the reason..."
"oh sorry"she says
"can you come over for abit?"
"um sure"she says tring to hide the fact of how excited she is
"ok thanks see you in abit?"
"yeah bye"
they both hang up and shes jumping off the walls happy she wants to scream but doesnt want to worry anyone so she gets dresses out of her pjs and into her skinny jeans and a shirt with cupcakes on it
"hey Hikaru Kaoru!"
"yes" they say more focused on the t.v. though
"i'll be at Mori-senpais house for awhile" she says about to open the door
"woah what!?" they say blocking the door
"please let me go?"
"alone?"Kaoru asks
"yes?..."she says
"oh no!"Hikaru says
"and why not?"
"because its so obivous he likes you and you know what he could do to you?"Kaoru asks Maple gasps and turns red
"no he doesnt! and he would never do that! hes very respectful!"
"of course you'd say that" Hikaru says
"oh come on guys he sounded worried"
"fine but if tries anything you better call us!"Hikaru says unblocking the door
"you do have your phone right?"Kaoru asks
"of course"
"ok then bye sissy dear" Kaoru says unblocking the door kisses her cheek and walks off
"thanks guys bye"then she opens the door and walks away
at Moris house Mori hears a car pull up then walks to the living room just in time to hear the door bell ring he answers it a bit to quick
"oh hi"Maple says
"hey"he says looking at her a little diffrently hes not used to seeing her with out her uniform
"ahem so um may i come in?"
"oh right"he says snapping back to focus he shuts the door and shows her to his room
"crap i thought he was gonna let me sit on his couch in his living room" she thinks
"this is my room"he says opening the door for her
"wow its...big"she says looking around she sees a bed a radio a t.v. a closet and a couple of weapons and belts and its not messy "its nice"
"thanks" he says smiling
"so watd you need?"she says sitting on his bed
"well its...about Mitsukuni"he says sitting next to her this makes them blush because their close to each other on bed
"o-oh i see"she manages to say "well what about him?"
"it feels weird not being around him helping him still"
"hmmm your starting to miss him?"
"well just hanging out with him"
"ah i see hmm well i guess you just gotta learn that you cant always be there for him you have to let him grow up on his own"
"yeah...i guess i do hmmm thanks Maple"he says smiling then hugs her catching her by surprise she blushes and smiles then hugs back they stay hugging for awhile since no ones there to stop them then they both remeber their on a bed and let go looking at each other giggling
"you wanna stay here for awhile? since you did come all this way for only a little bit" he says
"um sure"she says looking at his radio
"do you want to listen to music?"he asks
"yes please" he pulls out a "30 seconds to mars" cd
"this band ok?"
"yeah hey um does that cd have the kill?"
"yeah" he says putting the cd in the radio
"umm so do you want something to drink?"
"sure water please?"
"ok" he leaves and shes all alone "wow i really like him now" she thinks looking down blushing he comes back and hands her the water she drinks it and accidently spills it on her shirt its white so you can see through it Mori looks his face turning red then quikly gets a towel and pushes it against her chest tring to clean then she tries grabbing the towel and accendently grabs his hand which is still on her chest their look at each other red the twins walk in his house to tell Maple that its time to go then walk into Mori's room in shock
"MORI-SENPAI!?"the twins says in unsion
"what are you doing!?"Hikaru asks
"respectful huh?Kaoru asks and grab Maple and walk out
"great..."he says kinda mad at himself and goes to sleep
the next day
"Takashi!"Honey calls out
"me and Luna broke up"
"she got mad at me for eating to much sweets but i dont mind" they look at each other smiling
"perv"the twins say to Mori
"Takashi what are they talking about?"
"nothing"he says embarrsed
"you do know their not gonna let you live this down right?"Maple says
"i told them i was sorry a million times this moring"
"i know i know"

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