ouran high school host club

ouran high school host club

well this is just a story a continue from the first season in my own way and i also want to add myself and by the way i'm not gonna be like all those other girls who over do themselves by like saying i'm really pretty or she's a real punk girl i wont lie bout myself im just gonna descibe myself truthfully :) please enjoy

Chapter 4

chapter 4:happy birthday aunt...

"hey guys what wrong with Maple?"Haruhi asked
"hmm i really dont know..."Kaoru saidwalking up towards Haruhi who are both looking at Maple sitting by the window alone staring out at the sky
"well whatever it is she should really snap out of it"Hikaru says
"you know you can be alot nicer to your sister right now i mean shes sad!"Haruhi says mad at him
"aunts...birthday"Mori mumbled walking towards them
"huh?"Haruhi asked
"oh right"Hikaru said slaping his forehead"i forgot how could i be so careless"
"damn it i feel so bad now"Kaoru says looking down
"what happen to her aunt and how do you know about this Mori-senpai?"she asks confused
"she tells me everything"Mori says
"yeah,yeah whatever perv."Hikaru said
"...what?..."Haruhi asked
"anthore thing you can ask him"Kaoru says
"hmmm"he says with a smirk walking towards Maple stroking her hair tring to comfort her
"oh no that little perv. better not"Hikaru says marching towards them causing Haruhi to grab him she sees what Moris tring to do also her other question has still been un-answered
"hold up you two still havnt answered be what happen to her aunt!?" the twins sighed
"fine like Maple said our parents werent ready for anthore child so they gave her to someone they trust"
in flash back form
"sister why are you here?"their aunt asked
"please take care of my child her names Maple take care of her please and dont give her back until i know we're ready to handle anthore child please take goood care of her and dont tell her about us please"
"ah yeah sure"she says taking hold of Maple
"and so she took her and she had made a vow to protect her with all she has"Kaoru says
"its ok its ok"she chanted tring to cheer Maple up from cring then Maple stopped and opened her eyes and gave her aunt a smile causing her aunt to smile back"well Maple this is your new home and i'll protect you from anything"she says
"and she ment what she said"Kaoru said
"she tried what ever she could to make her happy she was usally made fun of in elementray school"Hikaru said
"mommy?"Maple asked
"huh? oh yes Maple?"
"alot of kids at school make fun of me because im too quite and they call me a tomboy because i dont like to look cute and i hate girly things"she said
"oh sweetheart dont listen to them ok come on lets go get you some icecream i-i'll even buy you a toy!"she said dropping all her cleaning utensils holding Maple
"oh no its ok"Maple said noticing that she stopped everything just for her
"oh no i dont mind lets go now"she said pulling her out the door"
"our aunt kept her cool as much as she could then Maple popped the biggest question"Kaoru said
"hey mommy?"
"yes dear?"
"wheres daddy?" this shocked our aunt she never thought of her asking this so she never thought of any thing to say then the first thing that popped in her head was our mother and how she left Maple so she used that as an excuse
"well sweetheart your father left us he said he couldnt handle this anymore and left" Maple felt her tears coming and ran out cring into her room causing our aunt to follow after her
"i'm sorry"Maple managed to say through her tears
"for what"she said as gently as she could stroking her hair
"that dady left us it was my fault i'm sorry"she said through her sobs
"ever since then shes been as helpful as possible"Hikaru said
"then the day came whenour aunt became very sick"Kaoru said
"yes?"she says coughing bad
"how long will you be at the hospital?"
"oh not long sweetheart"
"well i'll go home right now goodbye mom love you"she said hugging her
"times got hard for Maple in middle school she was an outsider"Kaoru said
"basically like us except she didnt have anyone to talk to her and she never looked down on anyone she was the one being looked down on"Hikaru said
"hey sweet heart"our aunt saying coming through the door
"mommy!"Maple said with a big smile
"your so brave living without me"
"and things went back to normal till last year she was sick again and ended up in the hospital again"Hikaru said
"yes mother?"
"and so she told Maple everything and gave her a letter as her dieing wish she wanted her to give it to Tamaki so she'd have the chance to meet us before she moved in"Kaoru said
"Maple i love you and even though you weren't my real daughter you we're still the best daughter anyone could've asked for"
"i love you to and you we're the best mother thank you for putting up with me all those times thank you so much"she said with tears
"and with that our aunt passed on"Kaoru said
"she soon lived alone until our mother picked her up once we knew"Hikaru said
"our aunt and Maple we're exactlly like family they loved each other very well"Kaoru said
"th-thanks Mori-senpai"Maple says hugging him
"your welcome" he says hugging back causing the twins to grit their teeth
"hmm"Haruhi says walking towards Maple"i'm sorry"she says
"its ok Haruhi thanks for understanding"

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