The Dream Watcher ( a JASPER HALE love story)

So... here's my Jasper Hale love story.
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*Note: In case you didn't know that, I'm from Romania. So excuse my possible spelling mistakes. Love you all!

Chapter 1

Character info.

Name: Lilith Swan
Age: 17
Born: Los Angeles, September the 13th
Body build: Slim, 5"6'
Skin: Pale, doesn't tan easily
Hair: Long, down to her waist, straight, black
Eyes: Icy blue

Background: Studies at Central L.A. Highschool No. 9 (until her mother gives her the news...), specialized in graphics and painting . She is a good student, very talented and creative. She is fun to be around, sarcastic, unique, artistic, laid back. Friendly once you get to know her. If she doesn't know you, she tends to be a bit mean but she doesn't do it on purpose. It's something about those icy blue eyes of hers that makes people nervous around her. Her favourite bands are Placebo, The White Stripes, Green Day, Led Zeppelin and Massive Attack. She has a few trusted friends. Others are just acquaintances. She loves to draw, she always has her drawing paper and pencils around. She had one boyfriend for almost 3 years, a boy from her highschool who played guitar named Theo Ives, but she turned out with a broken heart (which isn't completely healed to this day).

Family: Her father is Hadded Swan, age 42, Charlie Swan's younger brother. He works at a bank in L.A. Her mother is Danae Swan , age 41, works as a journalist at Vogue Magazine. She has no brothers or sisters. She is Bella's cousin.

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