Padfoot the Player has fallen in love(If ya haven’t figured it out by the title, it’s a Sirius Black love story, I mean, come on! XD)

Padfoot the Player has fallen in love(If ya haven’t figured it out by the title, it’s a Sirius Black love story, I mean, come on! XD)

Name: Jessica ‘Gangz’ Taylor
Description: Mixed skin, some freckles, Piercing green eyes, Long tangled black hair with light brown highlights, tall, athletic, chewed off finger nails, body type is kind of like Nicki Minaj’s but real and not fully developed

Self-info: She’s half-Jewish, speaks Yiddish, tomboy like, used to live in Queens, New York and went to a secret Witch and Wizard school, was on Probation at old school, then kicked out for a fire she started, hates Justi

Chapter 1

Chapter one: It wasn’t my fault.

First of all, I personally don’t think that I should have been kicked out of Latrisse’s School for witches and wizards. I mean, yeah, I started the fire, and yeah, it burned down half of the school, and okay, that was breaking my probation rule, but, if you ask me, we didn’t really need the potions, divination, and ancient ruins classes. I mean, nobody liked potions, barley anyone took divinations, and don’t get me started about ancient ruins.
Between you and me, I think the headmaster hates me, and my whole entire family. I don’t know why though, I was an angel in first year. The only thing I did was drown out a boy’s dormitory because he made me angry. I can’t help that my ADHD makes me do impulsive things. But Headmaster Kelly put me on probation, I broke the rules again, and now, I’m on a plane to some British School called Hogwarts. What in the Hell kind of name is Hogwarts? But, I guess they thought it was a great name.
Anyway, After 32 hours, the plane landed.
Thank God! I thought to myself. Every one got off the plane and I went to the baggage claim. I got my Bags and looked for my driver, who I found by the door, holding up a sign with my last name.
“How was your plane ride here Ms. Taylor?” My driver asked.
“It was okay, but it was A shtick Naches to get off of it.” I said.
“What?” he asked, not knowing Yiddish.
“A great joy to get off the plane.” I said.
“Ah.” he said. “So is this correct that I’m supposed to drive you the pub called ‘The Leaky Cauldron’?”
“Yes.” I said.
“Let me just say that is a shady place for very weird people. Are you sure you want to go there?” The driver asked. It kind of touched my heart that he cared enough about me.
“I’m sure. My uncle lives and works there. I am absolutely sure nothing will happen.” I said. The driver sighed.
“If you say so, ma’am.” He drove me to the pub and I saw my uncle standing in the front. I thanked the driver and jumped out the car and ran into my uncle’s outstretched arms.
“How are you Jesse?” He said.
“Shtick.” I said.
“That’s good.” He said. “We have to hurry and get your school supplies. You go off to school tomorrow.”
“Aw!!! I just got here!” I complained.
“I know, if only those damn muggle planes went faster.” He said. I just shrugged. He led me inside the pub. It was a raggedy old place that smelled like liquor and coffee. Just like the corner store in Queens. I saw a group of boys sitting at a table. One had dirty blondish hair, and a scar on his face, reading a book. Another was short and kind of looked like a rat. The two loudest boys were sitting right next to each other. One had crazy black hair, and glasses. The other was so cute. He had long, black hair, playful brown eyes, and he was wearing a button down shirt, which was un-buttoned showing off his abs. They were all cute(well, maybe the rat-faced one wasn’t) They all looked over at my uncle and I.
“Hey Jimmy,” The long haired boy said, eyeing me. “Who’s that super attractive girl standing next to you?”
“Mind yourself, Sirius,” My uncle growled. “This is my niece, Jessica.” He hesitated for a moment. “Since I can’t trust you James,” The glasses boy made a fake hurt expression. “And I definitely can’t trust you Sirius,” The boy shrugged. “Remus, Peter, Can you please take her to get her school supplies?” The boy reading his book looked up at me and blushed a little.
“Sure.” He said.
“O-okay.” The other boy said.
“I knew I could count on you guys. Come on.” He said, walking towards a door. Me, the blonde boy and the rat boy followed my uncle. He opened the door, walked over to a brick wall, and pulled out his wand. He tapped a random pattern of bricks, and a arch appeared.
“Welcome to Diagon Alley.” Uncle Jimmy said. Behind the brick wall was a whole other shopping area. People were bustling along everywhere, doing last minute shopping.
“You boys make sure she gets everything she needs.” Uncle Jimmy said. The boys nodded, and he sauntered off.
We all stood there in awkward silence, till I sighed.
“Well, I’m Jessica Taylor, but call me Taylor, Tay, Jess, Jessie, just not Jessica.”
“I’m Remus.” The boy with the scar said.
“A-a-and I’m P-peter.” The rat-boy said.
“Nice to meet you guys.” I said with a smile. We all started talking and walking and shopping. A couple hours later, the two boys that were at the pub earlier caught up with us.
“Hey Remus, Peter, Jessica.” Sirius said, raising an eyebrow at me. I took the spoon of ice cream out my mouth.
“Nope. My name is either Taylor, Tay, Jess, Jessie, whatever, just not Jessica. Got that Sirius?” I said. He looked a little surprised.
“Oh! So you’re the bossy type, huh?” James asked.
“No, I just gotta let people know I mean business.” I said, putting more ice cream in my mouth.
“Okay,” Sirius said, grabbing my ice cream. “I respect that.”
“Hey!” I yelled. “Give it back!” Sirius scooped some ice cream up with his finger and ate it. I tried grabbing it, but he was a couple inches taller then me, so he raised it over my head. I jumped around for it, and my finger must of brushed the bowl or something,
because the ice cream fell out of his hands and onto his shirt. We all burst out laughing.
“Sorry, Sirius.” I said. He glared at me for a second.
“It’s okay, Cutie,” I glared at him. “Just give me a hug.”
“No!” I said. I ran and Sirius chased and caught me and gave me a hug, smothering my whole shirt with ice cream. We both burst out laughing, and made our way back to the others and continued shopping. I noticed, while walking, that girls would giggle and look at Sirius, James, and Lupin. Sirius and James flirted back, while Lupin acted as if they never existed.
By the time we were done, I had everything that I needed for school the next day, and we were all great friends. We headed back to the pub, and the boys told me that they were also staying at the pub.
“Great.” I said.
“Your right. I can sneak in tonight while your sleeping.” Sirius said, then quickly added, “I’m just kidding!” As I punched him in the arm repeatedly. We entered the pub and my uncle greeted us, though he was glaring at Sirius, who had his arm around my shoulder, but quickly took it off. They all left to their rooms, and me and my uncle ate dinner downstairs.
After that, I went up to my room, which just happened to be on the same floor as the boys, and looked at my school stuff. At like, 11:30, I went to bed, now totally excited to go to the ridiculously named school Hogwarts.

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