not your normal love story

Nicole McGomery is 15 years old and needs to get her life back in shape. her friends are Hanalee Follows, Ginny Brice, and Mary Willow.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1- nicole

"OMG! I hate my life!" Nicole said as she walked from the living room to her bedroom in the doublewide trailer that her and her mom where living in. Nicole had gone from a rich girl, getting what ever she wanted, and doing whatever she wanted to having to live in a lower class, run-down trailer. she was NOT amused when her mom told her that when Nicole's dad left, (or was thrown out, which ever the case may be.) he canceled her moms credit card, check book, and took all but 20$ out of the savings account, fortunately, there was enough money left in Nicole, and Nicole’s mom's wallets that they could pay for three months rent in the old trailer, which is where they had been living the past 2 months. Nicole flopped down in her great-grandmothers rocking chair and cried, she cried and cried and cried. The news her mom had just given her was too much to handle. They didn't have enough for next months rent. They had to move in to Nicole’s grandmothers house. Right next door to her enemy, Lora Jenkins. If Lora ever found out that they had lost their house, lost their money, and had to live with Nicole’s grandmother, she could ruin Nicole’s school life for forever. No getting it back. Nada more friends.

the next week, Nicole had finished packing 19 boxes of her clothes, 14 boxes of her books, 17 boxes of her movies, and 10 boxes of her trinkets, and 22 boxes of random stuff around her room. and she was now loading all of her boxes and her moms 57 boxes of stuff from her room in to their Sebring convertible. They had to make 13 trips to get everything, including the furniture. on the last box she was taking into her grandmother house, she saw her...Lora. She was getting into her new hot pink mustang and driving away with her windows open. she looked MAD. Nicole wondered why she would be so mad if she got what ever she wanted. could it be that things just cause a bigger emptiness inside? maybe what both of them where looking for was something that neither of them could get in a store, but Nicole was going to have to figure out what it could be. She took the box inside and tried to forget everything she was trying to figure out.


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