A Very Darren Criss Love Story

A Very Darren Criss Love Story

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Chapter 26

I've seen you on the beach and I've seen you on TV. Two of a billion stars it means so much to me.

Warning: There is some slightly inappropriate things in this chapter. Nothing too bad, just some descriptive images (ps. more than kissing:)!)
I don't quite know exactly how long we had been laying there, curled in blankets, our feet combing through the sand, still warm from the beautiful sunlight that lasted throughout the day. Before I knew it, the sky had turned dark. We pulled away for a breather and I laid back to Darren's chest, settling my head perfectly in the crook of his neck.

"It's really beautiful out here tonight," I murmured lazily.

"It is," he agreed, breathing out a content sigh. "Oh look! There's the big dipper," he claimed, pointing across the glowing sky.

I hummed in acknowlegment, glancing at the constellation. "Hey, you see that star right there? Right next to the handle?" I asked.

"Yes?" he answered, before looking down for a response.

"That one's name is Darren."

His eyes flickered from the sky back to mine, a smile growing on his face. He pointed to the left of the star and said, "Well that one, that really bright one, right over there? That one is named Chloe."

The white of Darren's teeth shone brightly in the darkness, accompanied with my now-growing grin. His thumb traced softly across my cheekbone, as I stared into his star-lit eyes. The sound of the waves crashing against the shore echoed on the emptied beach.

"As much I wish we could camp out here for the night and stare up at the stars, the drive takes a while, so we should probably start heading back now," Darren said.

I pouted and said softly, "Can we please do this again? I had such an amazing time."

"Of course we can. Whenever I have another free day, we will definitely come back here."

"Okay, good," I replied, turning slightly in order to peck Darren's lips once more before slowly lifting from the ground.

We shared the last remaining cupcake and packed up silently. I found our abandoned birthday crowns that we'd thrown casually onto the sand and placed them back on our respected heads. Our blankets were still wrapped around each of our shoulders and I could feel the cool breeze of the ocean and smell the scent of sea-water all while walking back to the car.

I must've fallen asleep at some point during the drive, because the last thing that I had remembered was chatting with Darren about an upcoming band that we'd shared an interest in. I felt myself being awakened with a nudge.

"Hey there sleepy head, we're here!" Darren exclaimed.

When I had opened my eyes, I saw that we had stopped and glanced over to see him looking at me with still-very awake eyes.

"How are you not tired?" I asked, stretching.

"I don't know, actually. I'm running on like, no sleep, but I mean, what else is new?"

I rolled my eyes and reached over to brush back a curl of his. "Yeah, you should probably consider changing that. You're a busy man."

Now it was Darren's turn to roll his eyes. "Ugh, don't remind me. Come on, let's go inside."

Darren handed me the bouquet of balloons, while collecting everything else and led me up the walk.

"Hey Joey!" I exclaimed, as I walked inside. He was standing in the kitchen drinking a soda.

"Chloe! Happy birthday! I've been waiting to see you all day! Here, I got you something."

My eyebrows rose in suspicion. "You did?"

Joey nodded brightly and dashed into the other room. Darren let out a breath of laughter and before I could ask him why, Joey had returned carrying a wrapped box. He held it out to me with extended arms.

I took it questioningly, holding it to my ear and shaking it to hear if it made a sound. Nope.

I started to unwrap the gift when Joey said, "This present is collectively given from all of us Starkids. But really, I thought of it."

When the box had been fully uncovered and opened, I giggled, pulling a Michigan shirt from the wrapping paper.

"Darren had mentioned that when you first met us, you noticed how you were the only one without a Michigan shirt, so...." Joey smiled his crooked smile.

"Of course you would feel obligated to get me one. Thank you," I replied, walking to give him a hug.

"Awww, look at this. You guys are too cute," I heard Darren muse.

"Come here, buddy, you too," Joey gestured to Darren.

Darren obeyed and joined in a group hug. "The Three Musketeers," he mumbled into our huddle.

"Aww," I sounded.

"Okay, enough with this lovey-dovey crap, I'm outta here," Joey said, pulling out of the embrace and heading for the door.

"But where are you going?" I asked with a pout.

Darren answered for him. "Oh he was planning on going to visit his family at ho-."

"I wanted to give you two a little alone time," Joey interrupted, wiggling his eyebrows before walking out the door.

I smirked at Darren with raised eyebrows. "Is this so?"

He simply rolled his eyes, "That guy, I'll tell ya..."

After we had both gotten our seperate showers, we ended up cuddling lazily on his bed, watching The Little Mermaid. Half of the time that we didn't spend directly quoting the movie or singing the songs, we spent kissing. Although I was sleepy, Darren's kisses were intoxicating and I just couldn't help myself. Often, when things would get heated up, Darren would randomly tickle my side, causing us to break from the intense moment and making me double over in laughter.

We hadn't talked about "moving on" from kissing yet, so we both weren't really sure of what each other wanted. Sure we had "made out" and I had to hide several could-be-embarrassing hickeys, but we'd done nothing further than that. I could tell that the gentlemanly gesture that Darren presented by slowing things down, meant that he wasn't sure of what I wanted and didn't want to push me. This adorable quality of his was what caused me to make the first move.
Darren's mouth trailed down my neck, landing to suck on the sensitive skin. I couldn't help but breathe out a soft moan and my hand found itself reaching under the material of Darren's shirt, ghosting on his abs. I felt the muscles tense and Darren paused to glance at me. After a second, he responded to the touch and went eagerly back to kiss my lips. His tongue brushed across my bottom lip, then into my mouth and I met it halfway. Darren's hands had reached the hem of my shirt, slowly lifting the material just up to my bellybutton. He splayed his hands against my stomach and I felt a shiver go up my spine. As our tongues moved in rhythm, Darren's hands inched up further on my stomach, until they were just at the top of my rib cage. I raised my free hand in order to tangle it into his hair and yank it gently. Surprising even himself, Darren groaned, leaning into the touch.

The sound was so loud from our previous silence that it made him pause and slowly pull away. He stared at me with dark-lidded eyes and red, swollen lips.

"I'm s-sorry, I j-just remembered something," he stammered, clearing his voice. He pulled further away and reached into the drawer of his nightstand. What he pulled out was a thin, black-cased box.

"Um, what's that?" I asked, letting out a breath.

Darren smiled and held it out to me. "It's my present to you."

My eyes widened. "But Dar, you already did give me your present...you gave me Shiloh! Come on now, I've been a really good sport about this whole "gift-giving" thing. Shiloh is more than enou-"

Darren laid a finger to my lips, quieting my protest. "Just...open it."

He released his finger and I sighed.

The box was of smooth leather, and I hoped that whatever was in here didn't cost as much as I thought it would. When the box opened, my mouth dropped in awe.

"....Shiloh was for us. He was a spur of the moment type of thing. I actually got this for you a couple of weeks ago. It was before we were "labelled", but I just knew that I just had to be with you and I remembered your birthday was soon while I was out once and, yeah..." Darren trailed off.

The box revealed a beautiful silver necklace whose diamonds were encrusted into the shape of a heart. Yeah, this was definitely not cheap.

My eyes grew tearful. "....Thank you so much, Darren....really....this is so beautiful."

Darren smiled genuinely and softly placed his lips to mine. He balanced on his elbow in order to drape the necklace around my neck and lock it in place.

After I babbled a couple more unavoidable thank-yous, we were back to kissing. And kissing. And more kissing. And then that lead on to..... other things.
Let's just say....that the night was very special for the both of us.

And we wouldn't take it back for the world.

*Well, that's it for Chloe's birthday! Here's where you could find what her gifts looked like: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=43784968

I really hope that you liked it and I hope you guys don't think that I took it too far (if so, I'm terribly sorry).

Anyway, the title for this chapter relates perfectly to this story. I've decided that the first person that could name this song (hint:it's not that hard. if you haven't noticed, all of the titles share a theme;) ) and write it in the comments below, will recieve a one-shot, about whatever you'd like it to include (of course, it'd have to be about Darren though).

So, good luck and thank you very much for reading! I'd really appreciate some comments :)

Love you all, Alex.*

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