Crystal Ball

A story about a girl who gets all caught up in games, and drama, she's too confussed.

Chapter 1

Like I Know How To See

I opened up my eyes but I couldn't see anything. I thought that maybe I was blind, but I could feel something on my face. Ah, here it is, the shades that were covering up my face. See that is much better. "Mom!" "What?" "Where did these shades come from?" "What shades?" "Nevermind!"  

Geez! She doesnt even know what I'm even talking about. She has me come down to eat breakfast so I go and eat whatever's down there! My dad really needs to buy more cereal on his way home from work...but I guess I'll have some of my mom's sausage. She made way to much of it, and I don't know why. Well here I'm sitting down on the couch, ah, that feels so much better, oh, dad comes in.  

Apparently, my dad didn't have work today. Well he can at least go get cereal. But, no he can't!  

"Sally" he tells me. Yes, thats my name, its stupid, i know, but still can't he just call me something else? Nope, he just had to name me Sally! If he didn't have work he should of gone to camp with my brother, Steven. 

My brother just "has to go" to camp every year, and my father just had to stay home this time because one of the days he'd be gone is my sisters' birthday. 

My sisters are twins and they will both be 20. I'm only 12, and Steven is 14. Steven is in Boy Scouts which is something for boys only...i guess I never was interested in recreational stuff so I don't know. Anyways, he is gone and at camp right now and I am just done eating. My dad decides to come over here a minute and then leaves. I just can't wait for 7th grade. Its coming up quick on me, anyways in 6th Grade, our teachers, Miss. K and Mrs. B had us watch movies year around, so hopefully we'll be able to do that again.   

My sisters' birthday is in 2 days I think, and boy I do forget things sometimes!  Anyways, next week, I'm going on vacation to some park called Pepperstin Lakes Park.  Apparently, there is a couple of lakes, on which you can swim in, and some others that have "Pepperstin" in them. I don't know what that is but I know you can't go swimming with it.  My cousins aren't going to be happy when they figure out that Pepperstin Lakes Park is in the middle of nowhere. Even I, have no clue why there is only one way in and out of the area the park is in. It is over 10 miles length. It used to be only 1 or 2 miles its grown but my cousins haven't been there before even though I've been with my cousins on my other side.   

See the cousins I see next week are all on my mom's side. She had maybe 3 older brothers but they were triplets. All 3 of them have at least 5 children. Jarrod has 6 boys, Tyler has 5 boys, and Will has 2 girls and 5 boys. Will's girls are even twins! How weird is that! 

So anyway my dad has 4 older sisters, Alex has 3 boys, Lyn has 2 girls and 1 boy, Stacey has 2 boys, and Tabitha has 2 boys and 2 girls! 

Why'm I even telling you this you'll just come and find out where I am...but wait! Maybe I'm, dead? Why would I be dead, lol people! Oh you've never heard of lol before. Its basically just a "haha" kind of term. Some people like to spell the word, but I know Steven says it just the way the word is, I think.  He told me about this word and now that I think about it again, its a pretty cool word.  

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