Blood Heart: SNEAK PEEK!

Blood Heart: SNEAK PEEK!

Here's a sneak peak of my new story. It's not much. This is completely original-no copyright intended on any other stories with the same title on here. I renamed Bloody Desires to Blood Heart. Still debating on the name...
This can also be seen on my Quizilla account here:

Chapter 1

The Change

It all took one bite. Just one snap, and I was gone.
The worst part was that I couldn't hear myself scream, or feel anything.
I guess Max was right. When you changed, you didn't feel anything happen. This was worse than feeling pain. I was trapped in a smothering blanket of darkness, and there was no turning back.
I knew that when I was able to open my eyes again, there was only one thing I would want for the rest of my existance-besides my love for him.


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