The Others (Part of The School Saga)

Shiloh and Claire are just beginning to get used to their new life in the School. But now, the original hostilities that brought them there might be bigger than they imagined. What will they do to stay together? How far will they go to save what they love?

Chapter 1

The Stranger

It's hard to believe that a few months ago Annie prophesied a war was coming. And that's because we haven't done a single thing about it. And I find that absolutely ridiculous. But I trust Ben's judgement. If he says to pretend nothing's going to happen, then I'll pretend nothing's going to happen.
So now, nothing has changed; if anything, the rules are becoming more and more relaxed. So that prevents Shiloh and I from coming up with good excuses when Annie decides to drag us shopping today to celebrate getting her license. (Yes, even the non-humans on Earth can apply for a license and go to the Mall.)
Shiloh looks from our door to her watch. "Three... Two... One... And Annie!"
At the exact moment she says that Annie bursts into our room. Shiloh and I start giggling. "What's so funny?" Annie asks.
"Well," I answer in between giggles. "Let's just say that you aren't the only one who can tell the future."
"Hardy har har!" Annie says and sticks her tongue out at us. "Anyway, I passed my driving test!"
I roll my eyes. "Because you were prepared ahead of time for everything the test had to offer."
"I can't help that I'm a gifted child!"
"Are you so sure about that now?" Shiloh jokes.
We start cracking up. Annie finally composes herself and says, "Guys today we're going for a drive to celebrate!"
"Mall?" I ask.
"You know it!"
"I'll go get the sunglasses," Shiloh says before I can make a sarcastic comment. Annie reminded us yesterday that we probably should get sunglasses if we ever go out, because you never do know who you'll meet there, (Unless of course you're Annie, then you'll always know, but you won't tell.) and our eyes being so different from the rest of the group's might prove to be just a little explosive if we were to meet up with a few of the Akar who decided to take the same risk.
So now we're off to the Mall, Annie's driving, and by the way she's driving, she must not see any accidents happening anytime soon. We swing around corners without the least care, and after five to ten minutes of this reckless driving, we are finally at the Mall.
We walk around for a couple minutes, Charis, Petunia, and the others looking for some hot boys, Annie looking for a "good store", and Shiloh and I just looking in general. Finally, Annie finds a store and we enter it, Shiloh and I reluctantly, knowing it may be the last time we breath in without smelling perfume.
After about an hour of carelessly shopping and failed attempts to decline buying clothes, we exit the store with arm fulls of bags. Annie continues to look for another store, the others continue to look for hot guys, and we continue to plan our escape from the next store.
We pass a fountain, and Annie hands out the pennies. I take mine and think of what to wish for. I close my eyes and flick the penny into the sparkling water. I wish that I could have someone like Damar is to Shiloh.
I open my eyes and stare at the water for a second. What are the chances of that wish coming true in the next five seconds?
"Look out!" I hear someone shout.
I turn around just in time to get knocked over into the fountain. The bags go flying, as well as my sunglasses. My clothes get soaked through. Now Annie's going to make me go shopping again. Some of the newly-bought clothes are floating in the water as well.
"Does somebody want to-" I begin, and then catch myself. I'm not in the School right now. I can't threaten with disintegration. I'm helped out of the fountain, and I look up and see that it's a boy.
A cute boy.
I gulp and feel my pulse quicken. He starts talking fast and apologizing, but I can't hear a word he says. I'm lost looking at him. I mentally slap myself. Stop staring at him! He probably thinks you're a retard!
"... And I probably shouldn't have ridden so close to the fountain. I'm really, really sorry!"
"It- It's okay!" I just want to beat myself up for my horrible attempts at talking to this hot stranger.
"Well, that's cool. You know, I probably should make up for my manners. Name's Reynard. But call me Rey. Reynard's a bit too much, am I right?"
"Uh... Yeah... Totally! Um..."
"So... what's your name?"
"C-C-C-Claire..." I gulp, not exactly sure how to respond.
"Well, Claire, hows about after you and your friends are done your shopping, we go grab some ice cream? My treat!"
"Oh, well, we've got to get back to the... To the... To my house... Soon, so... sorry we can't."
"That's okay. Guess I'll see you around then." He waves and then he's back on his skateboard, (which I didn't notice earlier) and he's leaving me.
As soon as he's out of sight, everyone crowds around me. "Ohmigosh, Claire!" Charis squeals in my ear. "Did you see him? You two would be perfect!"
"He was SOOOOOOOOO HOT!" Petunia squeaks. "I wish I'd gotten knocked into the fountain!"
"Speaking of the fountain," Annie says disapprovingly, "We'd better get you into some dry clothes."
"Wait a minute," I say looking down at myself. "My clothes are dry!"
All the squeals and giggles stop. Everyone stares at my clothes. They had just gotten soaked through. I feel on my face. My sunglasses are still there, even though I clearly remember them getting knocked off. I look beside the fountain for my new clothes.
They're still in the bag and dry.
"Everyone does clearly remember me getting knocked into the fountain, right?" I ask, hoping I'm not going insane.
Everyone's faces are as shocked as mine. The floor's not wet. All evidence of the incident seems to have disappeared in the few short minutes I was talking to Rey.
"He was talking to you the whole time," Shiloh says after a few moments of pondering. "He leaned over and pulled you out, and then he was talking to you up until he left. He couldn't have done that. Did anyone else?"
Everyone shakes there heads. "Did anyone notice anything... different... about him? Anything setting him apart from a normal human?" I ask. What if he's one of the...
But I won't let myself think that. It can't be. He couldn't be. There's some logical explanation to all of this.
Isn't there?

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