pirates of the carribian story

pirates of the carribian story

grrrrrr! Its, get_outta_snapes_face and team_jacob_jack_sirius this is our new story, comment, rate :)

Chapter 1


NAME:Jasmine Sparrow
MOM: Vanessa Holden
DAD:Jack Sparrow [he does'nt know yet]
LOOKS: my hair is usually drawn into a tight pony tail, and i have brown hair and brown eyes
ABOUT ME: My mom just recently told me my father was a pirate, and she told me i was too, so i went out with my best friend to search for my father.

NAME:Lilly {lils}
MOM:Alexandra Turner
DAD:Mike Turner
LOOKS:dark brown hair down to elbows and brown eyes
ABOUT ME: my best friend Jasmine and i are looking for her father but i did not tell Will if u think im some kind of softy ur wrong and if u say i am cute than i will personaly cut off ur head

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