pirates of the carribian story

pirates of the carribian story

grrrrrr! Its, get_outta_snapes_face and team_jacob_jack_sirius this is our new story, comment, rate :)

Chapter 2

the first meeting {Jasmines POV}

I slowly walked, as the dock shifted back and fourth "excuse me, are you Jack Sparrow?" i asked a man who looked alot like me "yes" he said "I'm you daughter" i said slowly, i saw the color drain out of his face "you have made a mistake, there are alot of men out there by the name Jack Sparrow" he said "are you captain Jack Sparrow?" i asked, he looked defeated, just then a man walked by and tryed to hit on me "hello" he said stroking my cheek Lilly grabed him in a death grip and i took out the sword that she made me and put it to his neck and said "DONT TOUCH ME!!!" i screamed "theres a chance you might be my daughter" said Jack, Lily kicked the man into the lake into the lake and she introduced her self "Lily Turner" she said extending her hand for him to shake "well Lily and Jasmine would you like to travel to the fountan of youth?" I nodded so did Lily.

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