pirates of the carribian story

pirates of the carribian story

grrrrrr! Its, get_outta_snapes_face and team_jacob_jack_sirius this is our new story, comment, rate :)

Chapter 3

meating the captain {lils}

Of cource i will come with u but i have to ask my bro he has told me about u he was the one that trapped u that 1 time but ay would never do that to a fellow pirate im the fastest,strongest,and most good looking.{lol}He said "Well i cant argue with the third one but lets c about the other 2" He pulled out his sword and we began battling everywere he tried to get me i was there to block in the end i ended up winning and not even breaking a sweat "Well i almost had u" "oy it was a close one ~~~~~~~~~~~~LATER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
We ended up Jacks ship with his crew [including me jaz and will] when suddenly we heard a fellow crewsman say "Land ahoy" Then ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
If u have any thing u think should happen in the story just tell us and as u already no it does not go exactly like the movie but it will string in and out

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