Coming Around (A StarKid Story)

Coming Around (A StarKid Story)

Yay! Another StarKid story! I'm super excited for this one!!!

I'm changing some details around so be warned

Comments are much appreciated

Enjoy! :)

Chapter 2

Wherein Charlene offers hope, I perform in Central Park, and I become concussed

A few days later Jake is over helping me clean out my apartment. "Have you ever cleaned out this closet?" he asks, gaping at the large pile that has gathered on the floor and shelf of my hall closet.
I shrug. I can tell this annoys Jake, who always needs to have things in their place. "We can right now I guess."
"Good." He grabs a box off of the shelf and begins digging through it. "A photo album!" He flips it open. "From high school! I gotta see this. Oh God, look at this girl's ridiculous hair! And... is this, him?"
His tone suggests that the 'him' he's referring to must be Brian. I glance at the picture. It's of me and Brian sitting in the hallway, playing our guitars and laughing at each other. "Yeah. There he is."
"Still hate him?"
I roll my eyes, "I never said that I hated him. He just hurt me and I wasn't quick to forgive it, that's all."
"Well that guy's an idiot. If he ever shows up again he'll have me to answer to," Jake says darkly.
Jake's a pretty intense guy, in case you haven't noticed. He's tall, about six three or so, and he's not scrawny either. Jake has toned biceps and God, don't get me started about the way he looks with his shirt off. But I think the thing that makes him look the most threatening is the way his dark hair falls over his eyes. Don't ask me why, it's just really intimidating.
"Whoa, down boy," I say with a small smile. "I doubt he even remembers my name. That was five years ago and besides, even if he does he wouldn't want to find me."
Before Jake can argue my phone goes off, interrupting our conversation.
"Hey Emily!"
"Charlene! What's up?!"
"Well you know how you've been complaining about not being able to find a permanent job with a theatre troupe or Broadway or something?"
I groan, "Don't remind me."
She laughs. "Yeah well I think I've solved your problem! Some friends of mine are coming to New York next week and they're all in a pretty successful group of actors. They're always looking for talented people, you should talk to them!"
"Seriously?" I grip the phone tightly. This can't be happening.
"Yeah! There's this thing going on in Central Park where I'm performing. You're going to be performing there too right?"
"Well they're going to be there for me so you can talk to them then alright?"
"Sure! Thanks Char!"
I hang up, grinning like an idiot. I've been trying to find permanent work for ages. And now I might finally get my wish! Plus if Charlene likes them they must be great.
I can't wait for next week.

"Would you stop it! If you keep fidgeting I'll never get to finish!" Haley whines as I try to look at myself in the mirror.
"Sorry," I mutter. I'm so nervous, today is the day I'll meet Charlene's friends and I've enlisted Haley to help me look my best.
When I finally look presentable we head to the unnatural green space in the middle of our urban jungle. Central Park.
Haley waits with me until it's my turn. Before I go on, she sticks a flower in my hair as a last minute touch up and straightens the hem of my floral dress. She gives me a thumbs up. "Knock 'em dead sister."
I grin and walk onto the stage. The crowd of people clap and I do my best to not search it for Charlene's friends. "Hi. I'm Emily Ross and I'll be performing a small set of songs for you today. First is 'I'm Not That Girl' from Wicked."
I give the audience a smile before beginning. "Hands touch, eyes meet. Sudden silence, sudden heat. Hearts leap in a giddy world. He could be that boy, but I'm not that girl..."

"Oh, yeah, you're gonna love me. Yes, you are, love me. Ooh, ooh, ooh, love me, love me, love me, love me, love me. You're gonna love me!" I finish 'And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going' from Dreamgirls with a bang. The audience cheers and I spot Jake. He grins when we make eye contact and I give a little wave.
Charlene is next. I cheer loudly for her as she mounts the stage. She gives me wink before starting. "You strike a certain chord in the thick of me and I'm terrified in seeing how it rings and it carries. You know it's been such a long time since I felt one inside. Call me too reserved cuz my armor's on..."
I sing along with her, I know all of Charlene's songs by heart. When her set is over she joins me by the stage.
"Ready to go meet a small portion of a theatre troupe?" she asks, raising her eyebrows in excitement.
I glance back at Haley who's showing me she has her fingers crossed. I grin. "Sure."
Charlene leads me around the crowd now listening to a guy quoting Shakespeare to a small throng of by-standers. "Emily this is StarKid."
StarKid. What a weird name. Hey, I'm not a snob or anything, but what the heck? Who calls themselves 'StarKid'? Where did they come up with that? Huh?
I take in the small group. But I only see one of them. "What the hell are you doing here?!" I exclaim before I can stop myself.
There's no mistaking this guy for Brian. His hair is a bit shorter and he looks a little older but there is no doubt in my mind that this is the guy that Jake was threatening to beat up not so long ago.
"Nice to see you too Em," he says softly.
I can't believe this. What in God's name is Brian Holden doing here?! I can't stay here... "I'm gonna go for a walk," I tell Charlene before taking off. I hear her call after me. Catch a glimpse of Jake's worried face as I rush past him. But I don't stop. I need to put as much distance between myself and that man as possible.
I don't notice the bicyclist until it's too late.

"Wow Emily, way to almost kill someone," Haley says, helping me up. I have no idea how she found me so quickly but I'm glad she did.
"I am concussed," I announce to her.
"What?" she looks confused.
"Concussed. I have a concussion. I am going to throw up."
Why am I talking like this you ask? No idea. I must be in shock from the double whammy of seeing Brian and almost meeting my death because of a bicycle collision. Where is that cyclist? Was that a hit and run?
"Ew. Don't throw up okay? Please?"
I hurry to a trash can and do just what Haley is begging me not to. Jake finally spots us and starts rushing over, followed by Charlene and the StarKid crew.
"I believe I need medical attention," I tell Haley, sitting down on the grass and trying not to get sick again.
Jake finally reaches us. "What happened?"
"I am concussed."

Aw well.... what else is there to do but post a story when you wake up at 7:30 for no apparent reason? Happy 4th!
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