Coming Around (A StarKid Story)

Coming Around (A StarKid Story)

Yay! Another StarKid story! I'm super excited for this one!!!

I'm changing some details around so be warned

Comments are much appreciated

Enjoy! :)

Chapter 27

Which contains my happy ending

Two Months Later

"Joey!" I yell, chasing after my boyfriend. "Give me my hat right now!"
"You sound like Walker!" he teases, dangling it in front of me and then pulling it away at the last second.
"Well you're acting like him! Being all mean and teasing me!"
Walker laughs. "Thats true, I do that."
Joey sighs and tosses the hat back to me. "Here."
I slip my arms around him and kiss him tenderly. "Thanks."
"Mmmm. No problem," he murmurs, kissing me back a bit more intensely.
Brian walks in and laughs. "Okay you love birds break it up. I've got big news." Joey and I sit on the couch to listen. Brian grins at me and I stick my tongue out at him. Things are so great between us now. Ever since Brian broke up with Mika and we talked we've become great friends and I couldn't be happier with Joey.
Everything is amazing.
"So I just want to warn you that my new girlfriend is coming over today. So behave," Brian says sternly.
New girlfriend? Brian's dating someone else?
My perfect world feels like it's going to come crashing down.

A Year Later

"Jake I just don't know what to do," I cry as my best friend holds me close.
He hugs my tightly. "I'm sorry Emily. You know, things happen for a reason right?"
"But I... I just really thought he was the right one," I say, taking a deep breath.
Jake shrugs. "Well I guess not."
I collapse on our couch. "Ever since Brian my relationships have been terrible," I complain. "I mean look, first it was Walker. I would count you but our dating was basically us just holding hands you know? Then Joe. They Joey. And remember that fling with AJ?"
"Yeah and then Joe again," Jake offers.
I blush. "I forgot that."
"Yeah sorry."
"And then Joey again. And I really thought we could make it work this time. But no, my relationships are cursed. I blame Brian."
Jake sits next to me. "Maybe that's your problem Emily."
I'm surprised by this. "What do you mean?"
"I mean, you need to let go. Finally. I know it's hard but think how great you felt for a while there last year when you first dated Joey. It was because you weren't worried about Holden. And then he started dating someone else and you lost it again."
I nod, accepting this. "I always said you were deep," I tell him.
He laughs. "I'm not deep. Some things are just easy to figure out."
"Love isn't easy to figure out."
"It is if you know what you want," Jake tells me, squeezing my hand.
"The only problem is that without Brian I don't."
He shakes his head. "Brian's happy Emily. You should be too. That was so long ago, you have other people here for you. Other guys that love you and want what's best for you. And Brian does too, just not in the way he used to."
I smile at Jake through my tears. "Thanks. I'll just... I'm just gonna go to bed."
"Goodnight Emily."
"Night Jake."

The next morning I wake up to the smell of pancakes. Jake made me breakfast, the way he always does when I'm upset. But I feel too terrible to get up. The words Jake said last night keep running through my head.
Love is easy if you know what you want. You should be happy. Other people that care about you. Other guys that love you.
Other guys. Like Walker. More like a brother than a boyfriend though. And Joe, who always is so quick to defend me even if we didnt make the best couple. Joey... Joey cares about me too, even if he broke up woth me. He did it for me, he knew i wasn't happy. And Brian. Brian will always hold a special place in my heart. But Jake's right, it's time to let him go.
Jake. Jake loves me. He always has, the way he cares for me. He's always been there to see me through my ups and downs. My best friend has always supported me, even if he thought I was wrong.
I hear a fork clink as it hits a plate in the kitchen and smile. He's still here. Right now. He'll always be.
Love is easy if you know what you want.
What if what I wanted was right here the whole time?
Energized by this thought I hop out of bed and hurry to the kitchen to see for myself if there was something I had missed all along. Something I'd been too upset to see when I actually had it.
"Oh hey you're awake," Jake says when he sees me in the doorway. "I made pancakes." And yes, it's there. How could I not have noticed before? Just the sight of him makes me smile. "Emily? Do you want some?"
"Jake," I say slowly, "I love you."
"Love ya too. Now here," he offers up a plate, not understanding.
"No Jake. I love you. I have all along. How could I not? I mean you're just so perfect and all this time I wa..."
He cuts off my rambling with a kiss. I pull away, both of us surprised by this new turn of events. A small smirk forms on his face. "Took you long enough."
"You've liked me all this time?"
"I've been here waiting for you to be ready all this time," he answes, his hand still on my waist.
I smile and wrap my arms around my best friend, pulling him as close to me as possible. "You know what? I think I am."

The End

Thanks for sticking through with this guys! You all mean so much to me! And you know what the end of this means? My new story!! So be on the lookout for that! Thanks again!
Jaw dropped when I actually listened to the lyrics of Katy Perry's song "Peacock"
BUT............ #stillkindaturnedon-@JoeyRichter

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