Coming Around (A StarKid Story)

Coming Around (A StarKid Story)

Yay! Another StarKid story! I'm super excited for this one!!!

I'm changing some details around so be warned

Comments are much appreciated

Enjoy! :)

Chapter 3

About what happens when I cure a mute and Jake refuses to eat RedVines

"They said they were keeping her overnight just to make sure," I hear Charlene explaining to everyone waiting outside my door. "And only four people in the room at a time."
"Let me in." That's Jake.
"And me." Brian. Shiit.
Then I hear Haley, "Have her call me later. I have to go to work."
"I'll come with you Brian!"
"Uh yeah me too Holden."
Don't ask me who those last people were. I don't know.
Jake walks in first, rushing to my side and taking the chair. Brian's in next, followed by a dark haired guy eating something and a very short girl with long brown hair.
"How ya feeling?" the girl asks me.
"A little better," I answer.
"I'm Lauren. And that's Joey," she nods towards the guy shoving licorice in his mouth.
"Uhlo," he says with his mouth full. I'm guessing that means hello.
"Do you need anything?" Jake asks me.
"Could you smuggle some food in for me? I hate hospital food."
He grins, "Sure. Will you be okay if I leave now?" He eyes Brian and his gang.
"Yeah." It's been five years. I can be mature about this. Sure, running away from him wasn't, but I was surprised. Not my fault.
Jake shoots one last look at Brian and Co. before leaving the room. "So, is that your boyfriend?" Lauren asks, stealing Jake's chair. I'm finding out pretty quickly that I like her. She seems straightforward and I value that.
"No. Well kinda. But not really." I don't know how to explain Jake.
"Say no more," she says, holding her hand up, "we all know what it's like to be in a complicated relationship. Right Holden?"
He shrugs. "Are you mute?" I ask him.
Brian gives me a small smile, "No."
"Ah he's cured!" Lauren exclaims, raising her hands to the ceiling.
Joey rolls his eyes and pulls out another licorice. "I've lost track of how many of these I've eaten. But we still have like, five boxes full in the Manor closet."
"The Manor?"
Joey gives Brian a look. "Dude, she doesn't even know who we are!"
"Am I supposed to?"
Lauren falls off of her chair and rolls on the ground. "Look familiar?"
What's happening? Is this one of those hidden camera shows? Yes, any minute now Ashton Kutcher is going to pop up and say I've been Punk'd. "No."
Brian decides to actually talk. "We're Team StarKid. We wrote and performed A Very Potter Musical and then put it on YouTube. You know, AVPM? AVPS? How about Starship? Or Me And My D!ck?"
I snort, "What was that last one?"
Joey grins, "That ones about me. And my d!ck."
"I see."
Holden rolls his eyes, "Anyways, we put those up on YouTube, gained a great fan base and now we're kind of famous."
Again I say, "I see." I mean, what else am I supposed to say? Good job? Congratulations? Do you want a high five?
"Well you should know all about us if you're going to join us," he says.
Join them? With Brian too? "I'm not sure if I even am."
"Well yeah you won't know for sure until you audition for a part or something," Lauren says, getting back into the chair.
Before we have to experience any more awkward moments, Jake walks back in with a cheeseburger and some fries for me. "There you go," he hands me the food, glares at Lauren for stealing his spot, and decides to stay standing right next to me.
"Uh Jake this is Lauren, Joey, and Brian. You know, the Brian I told you about."
"Holden's told us all about you too!" Lauren exclaims excitedly, snatching a fry up from it's holder before I can stop her.
Joey shoves the pack of licorice in Jake's face. "RedVine?"
Jake makes a disgusted face, "Those things are disgusting."
This earns him a collective gasp from the other three. Then Lauren nods, "Yeah, they aren't the best, are they Joey?"
"Eh, you get used to them after eating them for a few months straight," he answers with a shrug.
"Well I think refusing a RedVine is a terrible heinous crime," Holden says, plucking one out of the bag and taking a vigorous bite, as though he's trying to show Jake what he's missing out on.
"Anyways," Lauren says, drawing out the 'ways' part, "when do you think you'll be ready to sing a song for us?"
"Did someone say Darren Criss?" Another guy walks in. At least this one I vaguely know, since Charlene sings duets with him sometimes. We've had one five minute conversation before.
Joey rolls his eyes. "No Darren. No one called you. And why did you bring your guitar to the hospital?"
"Well today was supposed to be Emily's audition so if she's feeling fine I thought she could just sing now," he explains with a shrug.
"Why do I have to sing?" I ask,."You just heard me!"
Darren shrugs, "Audition rules. How ya been Emily?"
"Fine. Still singing."
"Good. Now, about the audition..."
Another guy pops his head in, "Brian! Come here!"
"Be right there Nicky!" Brian calls. He turns back to me, "You want to do this?"
Do I? Yeah. Even if it means working with my ex? I can handle it. It's been okay so far and everyone else seems nice. I nod.
Jake gives me a concerned look, "You sure?"
I nod again, then abruptly stop. Concussion. Nodding. Bad idea.
Brian gives me a thumbs up, "You go for it then. I'll be back later." He pauses for a moment, like he's unsure about what to do, before shaking his head and walking out.
"Well if i have to sing again, can... uh, can Jake play for me?" I ask Darren a little timidly.
He shrugs and hands his guitar to Jake. "You be careful with that," Darren warns.
Jake handles the guitar like the pro he is. "Alright. I'm doing 'Reflection' Emily," he tells me.
"Oh thanks for letting me pick the song," I hiss, but I really don't care. "I guess I'm singing 'Reflection'," I tell the others.
"Like... from Mulan?" Joey asks, a piece of licorice hanging out of his mouth.
"Yeah. Jake here can play the acoustic version of anything," I say proudly.
Lauren laughs, "He should get together with Darren sometime."
Jake's mouth turns up into a small smile as he adjusts the guitar to his specifications. Then he starts playing. I come in a little shaky on the first note but by the end I'm good.
"Well she can obviously sing," Darren says after a small pause.
Joey nods in agreement and hands me a RedVine. I accept it, ignoring Jake's disgusted look, and take a bite.
"Now how can she do the acting stuff?" Lauren wonders. I hear raised voices in the hallway and turn my head towards the door. Lauren groans. "Mika."
"What did you say?" I ask.
"She said Mika," Joey answers. "AKA: time for me to motor so I don't have to deal. I'll see you later?"
I nod in agreement even though I have no idea whether I'll see him later or ever again. I take another small bite of my RedVine as yet another new face walks in. I recognize him as the guy who called Brian out into the hall a minute ago.
"Nick!" Darren exclaims. "Did you hear Emily sing?"
"Part of it," he says, looking annoyed. "It's kind of hard to hear out there with Mika."
"I wonder how she found us..." Lauren says, glancing towards the door.
Darren rolls his eyes. "Holden. Duh."
Before I can ask who this Mika girl is, another person bursts in. "Fvck visitor restrictions! I'm not going to just stand out there and listen to them fight!" he exclaims. Then he sees me. "Well hey. I'm Joe. Joe Walker. But most folks just call me Walker."
"Okay, uh, Walker. Nice to meet you. So who is Mika and who is she fighting with?"
"Oh she's fighting with Holden," Lauren says dismissively. "But back to you, how do we test your acting abilities?"
"We'll have her... go into cardiac arrest!" Nick commands. He plucks the RedVine out of my hand and points it at me like it's a poking stick or something. "Now!"
"Uh, how about not," Walker says, taking the RedVine away from him and handing it back to me. "And don't point RedVines at her while you're saying that. She'll have an actual heart attack! You know what these things can do!"
Okay, do you have any idea what's going on here? Because I sure don't.

Sorry about not updating my other stories guys! The only reason I can with this one is that I have these chapters already written out. I'll try to update one of my other stories ASAP. Thanks for reading!
When I woke up there were cookies-Joe Moses

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