I'm under your spell! (Draco Malfoy love story)

I'm under your spell! (Draco Malfoy love story)

Your character info!!!!!!!
Name:Tilly Morgan
Year and house: 4th year
Blood status:Pureblood
Hair:Chocolate brown, straight scene hair
Transfer from Beauxbatons

Chapter 1

Welcome to Hogwarts

I was in the hallway of Hogwarts, my new (even crappier) school. I've been kicked out of Beauxbatons and soon Hogwarts! I'm going to be last to get sorted because the first years have to go first, blech. As I was waiting in line I heard the names of 4 different houses being called. Slytherin, Hufflepuff (WTF is a Hufflepuff?), Ravenclaw, and Gryffendor. There was a LOT of Gingers at Gryffendor... I don't like Gingers... I sure hope I'm not there. I was looking around the hall and a figure caught my eye. He was just sitting down at the Slytherin table. Slick blonde hair, pail skin, brilliant eyes. Maybe I won't get myself kicked out as quickly as I wanted to. I sure hope I'm a Slytherin...
Soon enough I'm sitting on that stool while the stupid hat gets placed on my head a immediately says, "UGH! Slytherin!!" I smile. Jump off the stool and walk to the ecstatic table who's clapping and cheering for me. I sit down next to the last newb placed here and then the old man (Dumbledore) declares us to feast. I just grab what I want and eat. I'm also talking to this one girl sitting near me named Pansy... I don't really like her.
"So you really are a 4th year?! Me too!" She asked. Again.
I nodded. "Yes, Pansy I am." I sounded annoyed.
"Sorry, it's just that, you're the same year as Me and Malfoy! You're so lucky!"
I looked at her questioningly, "Who?"
"Malfoy. Draco Malfoy. The sexiest man on EARTH! He's the blonde one way down there." Pansy pointed at the hot blonde I've seen earlier.
"Oh, yeah..." I said trying to know that I already knew who he was, because she was looking at me like i was crazy.
I hadn't noticed I was still looking at him until he looked up and saw me and smiled. I smiled back and looked away. I felt a flood of blood rush to my cheeks. I must have been dazing off because Pansy was waving her hand in my face and I snapped out of it.
"Tilly, can't you wait til the Yule Ball this year?" Pansy asked excitedly but I barely listened I just nodded and said, "y-yeah. sure." . I just looked back at where Malfoy was sitting but he was no longer there. CRAP, I scared him off. Pansy then asked me again, "Are you listening? The Yule Ball? Tilly!"
"Yeah, what's the Yule Ball?"
"The best time of the year ever! But, it's a while away..." Pansy trailed of looking above me.
I questioningly turned to looked behind me and looked up and saw Draco, smiling at me...

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