My life is like A love song ((glee love story)) intro

Hey! I'm re-making a glee love story! Hope you like and message me if you want to be in the storry! Sorry if it is boring at first but I have some/not alot of ideas of what I should do!! Thanks

Chapter 1

Just introducing you to the main character and her friends

Bay Conners
blonde hair with black underneath
blue eyes
5'5/ plays volleyball, mom was a cheerio before she had Bay, Will Shuester's niece, hates jocks and stuck up snobs, loves to dance and sing, Her mom's mom was hispanic, but she is a mixed color. Speaks some spanish. Lived in Mexico for a year.

Ariana Olly ((Ari, A, Anna))
black hair with purple tips
green eyes
plays volleyball with Bay, loves to ride her horses, is a cheerio, half hispanic, loves to be center of attention, likes Artie, sings and dances, used to be on Jesse St.James'glee team.
Bestfriends with Bay

Nilley Bella ((Belle, Nil, Bella))
15 about to be 16
plays basketball, hates when peiople try to bring her into messs she doesn't even know about, doesn't like the cheerios except her half-sister Ariana and her friends Bay, hates Santana but gets to know her and then starts to be her bff. full hispanic. Has the same mom as Ariana, dad is in the army.

Louis Conners
blonde/brown hair
plays baseball and football, cares for his sister will do anthing for her, hates when his friends flirt with his sister and her friends, half hispanic, takes care of his mom and sister, likes Nilley.

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