My life is like A love song ((glee love story))

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P.S she doesn't like Rachel, and Puck!

Chapter 2


Mercedes, Tina, Santanna, Quinn, Brittany, Artie, and Kurt came up and hugged me till I couldn't breath."Guys..........Can"t................BREATH!" I said as the grouped hugged me.
"Sorry. I'm, well we, are just REALLY happy to see you! How was Mexico?" Kurt asked as he looked me over.
"Muy divertido!" I said as me and Santanna laughed. "Girl, you know we ain't mexican." Mercedes said as she laughed. "Really Fun!" I repeated in engish.
"Kat!! Come over here and meet the other half of the group.
She only knew Mercedes, Quinn, Tina, and Artie. Also Mike ;)
"Kat this is Santanna, Finn........Him and Her." I said as I pointed behind me to Puck and Rachel.
"Oh. Quinn! Tina!" I said As I hugged them. "Who's the new kid?" I asked them.
"Thats Sam...Total cutie but idk if he will cave." Quinn said.
"I'll make him." I said jokingly.
"Nice to meet all of you." Kat said as she walked over to me. "ima go to the restrooms. Just text me when this class is over." KAt said. She wasn't really social. "Okay. I will. But you have to be back in like 10 minutes to meet my uncle. Never mind. Y'all meet him tonight." I said as she walked out the door.
5 Minutes later

"Uncle Will. What is our assignment?" "Bay. This week you get to teach. Since you got the break on Broadway, the spotlight is yours." By now Kat was back an took her seat. "Kat. You go that big break on Broadway too. You come up here and teach too." I said as She walked up.
"Okay. This week, our assignment is to perform a really old song or an older song then the ones today." Kat,"Like Brittany Spears, Justin Timberlake, Or even, Justin Bieber!" kat said as she went and sat on the piano.
"Tomorrow, Uncle Will, make sure you bring a hat and another hat for names and dance style." I said as I went over to him and wrote it down,"Just incase you forget." I whispered loudly for the room to hear. They laughed and so did he.
"We are going to have a solo for who ever does the best performance-" Rache cut me off,"What if some of us KNOW we are better than the rest? And they don't vote fair?" I glared at her and she just smiled."Let me break it down for you Duck. People who are self-centered,cough Rachel Cough and to sure of themselves like someone in this room will not be the solo act if they don't vote for you. It doesn't matter if they don't vote fiar, right, out of hate, ot of like, who ever gets the most votes whens. Got it?" i said sweet but in a sarcast way. She just looked at me. "Rachel I know I'm beautiful but you don't have to stare. You're kinda scaring me." I said as everyone laughed even uncle Will.
"Okay. So the hat with the names will be your partner and the hat with the moves are going to have to be in the dance you have to make up with your parnter." kat said as I just glared at Rachel.
She acts so ful of her self and uggh! I hate her!

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