Love Hurts

Hey hey hey this is Cara (Alex will help in the story) I hope you like it....And the girl is 10 named Willow

Chapter 1


A lay there on my bed, looking at the blue walls. I Thought about last night, When blood was on the walls, When hell it's self had set free in our lounge. Yeah I said it Hell. My Father Spike is a killer. He kills for fun but it seems as hell had been set free in to earth when he does kill. He is responsible for my brothers death. He killed him by breaking glass and forcing it into his head all because my brother got a b+ In Maths. I was afraid when it happened, but it was nothing compared to what happened last night. My Mother Chelsea had yelled at him for what he had been doing for the last 15 years, And of course he got mad and beat her until she said sorry. I had always ran and hid under my bed, but this time I was so scared I couldn't moved. I thought of what I could have done but didn't do it, I had choked, Completly Froze. When He stopeed beating my mother he came to me and and through me against the wall. I felt like I had broken everything, I tried to get up and go and hide, But I knew he would be faster so i just lay still.

Presant Day

I turned over and looked at my photo of us.

"We were such a great family then, Why did he have to go and start drinking"
I started muttering

I got up and went downstairs and found mum still on the floor.

"Mom" I said as I bent down

"Yes Dear" She softly said.

I couldn't stand seeing her like this. She could be more powerful then him and she still chooses not too. I kept wondering why she didn't leave him when he went to get his beer. I thought about it carefully as I pulled her to the couch. Could she still love him after everything he has done. After murdering my brother, Beating me and Trying to kill her......

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