The fun characters people made up for lovestruck.

Made by Danni_, Rachie221, CuPpYcAkEs898, Kick_It_Up_A_Notch, seatbelts_are_hard, MrsAddieRichter and me, pretty LOL.

Chapter 1


by: Teagzi
Dabria Kathrine Ashleigh Tucker-Price AKA Bambi

"Hey!My name is Dabria Kathrine Ashleigh Tucker-Price, but everyone calls me Bambi because of my big green eyes.I have Long sun kissed golden hair that falls into perfect curls and sun kissed clear skin and I amslim, but have perfect curves in all of the right places.I attend howarts and am in Gryfindore, in my seventh year.I wear MINISKIRTS or shorts everyday and sometimes tight skinny jeans, cool DRESSES, i wear TOPS, SCARVES, necklaces, HIGH HEELS.I love TARTAN clothes especially dresses n skirts.I paint my NAILS everyday and wear a little bit of make up, just fondation, blue eyeliner(not alot I dont want to look like a f^king emo), eyeshadow and lipgloss. "

She is slutty, does everything swexily and can't spell.

Goes out with Draco(Drako, Darko, Drakoe, drakco) and is best friends with Cand,i a 'slytherinie,' and Ron.

Is loved by all for no reason.

Kissed 'Sedric' and got Draco(or whatever the hell his name is) to beat him up.

Has a riffle, that she used to kill Voldermort(or whatever the heel his name was).

Friends with Snape.

Likes Avril Lavigne.

If she got any stupider- wait can't finish that sentance it's not possiblexDD

Crys blood.


Draco Malfoy.

"We stood and were stopped by Draco Malfoy the hottest boy in existence, well for a emo."

Goes out with Bambi(Balmbibi baabmi Bani BAnMBI)

Beat up Sedric.

Likes MCR.

Does thing swexily.

'Frenfs' blaze.

His father is called Lurciuesn.


James Potter.

j`mes, jmes, jamees.

Is a pedofile rapest that loves bambi.

Works for Voldermort.

Is immortal.

Hates his son.



Is gay.

Loves 'Sedric'.

Dyed his hair blonde.

Best friends with Bambi, Candi and Harry.

Has made out with Harry.


Sedric Cullen.

Is bi.

Loves Bambi and Ron.

Got beat up by Draco for kissing Bambi.


Candi Alexandra Hayley Smith.

Is blonde and swexy.

Best friends with Bambi and Ron.

Dates dates Blaise Zabini at the same time as Tara "i fink dey mite hav a bich fite hahu".I n this fight I hope Candi dies.



Friends with Candi and Bambi.

Thinks Snape(snap) is a major hotty.



The captin of the football team.

I think he is bi if he goes out with Teagz and was kissing Ron.


Lupin is the maths teacher.


Hagrid is a misunderstood young girl.


Anyone else think this Danni chick is crazy? And swexy?

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