Its A Supernatural World Out There {Twilight love story}

Its A Supernatural World Out There {Twilight love story}

Hey this is Sirius_Black_Forever and Sapphire_Snape writing this story and go Team werewolfs!Sorry if we get the age wrong

Chapter 2

love at first sight {Ellery's pov}

I sat on the tree branch as i watched the birds fly by, when i saw, the cutest boy ever... Jacob Black. "hey Ellery" he said, I waved and jumped down from my branch, when ever he looks at me, he looks like a blind man who had just seen the sun "whats up?" he asked "nothing, how bout you?" i asked "same here" he said, i nodded "yeah, boring day", suddenley he leaned in for a kiss, I was shocked.... but i leaned in anyways, "JACOB" his dad yelled "sorry gotta run" and then he walked away like nothing happened. As I walked home with my eyes still widened my sister walked up to me "hey Ellery" i was snapped into reality by her voice "oh hey, Katie" i said "whats wrong with you?" she asked "nothing" i said.

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