Bring Me To Life.......(Seth Clearwater Love Story)

This is my first story and its a Twilight Love Story, Ofcourse:)
I hope you like it:)

Name:Arleen Crystal
Lokks Like Selena Gomez


Chapter 1

The Beginning

I was on the beach with my handsome boyfriend,Seth. He is my world, I don't know what I'll do without him. I know what he is, he told me. He also told me he imprinted on me, and I couldn't of asked for a better wolf. He is my everything, he is my perfect half. We have been together for almost a year now and our relationship ir perfect. "I love you Arleen,"he said hugging me. "And I love you my little wolf,"I told him with a smile. We were sitting on the sand having a wonderful time when we heard a wolf howl. It sounded soo close. We turned and saw a huge gray wolf, and we knew it was Paul. He seemed to be growling at something in the woods. I felt Seth tense up next to me. "Paul get them out of here,"scrammed Seth. As soon as Seth said that two very pale persons came out of the woods. It was a girl and a boy, they looked about my age. The girl had brown hair while the boy had ginger hair. They looked like the Cullen's except they had piercing red eyes. I felt the atmosphere change into something heavier. Seth started to run towards them and transformed. He stopped when he got next to Paul. "Ah Lukas we found our afternoon snack,"said the girl looking right at me. Myheart stopped and I heard Seth growled. "Indeed Amanda, let's just get rid of this mutts,"respounded Lukas. My whole body started to shiver. They started to walk over to me but were stopped by Seth and Paul jumping on them. They started to fight, and I just stood there shocked. Lukas threw Seth into the woods and in less than a second he was right next to me. "Your blood smells soo good,"he said grabbing my hand. "I promisse this won't last,"he said winking at me. Next thing I knew he was bitting my hand. I felt a sharp pain go through my whole hand. I started to scream in agony. Then Lukas went flying away from me. A brown wolf threw him away from me, Jacob. The rest of the pack is here. I couldn't take the pain anymore,tears were strolling down my face. I was twisting on the ground from the pain. It felt like I was being stabbed in my hand repeatedly while it was on fire. Then everything went blury. I felt my life slowing fadding away.

Seth's POV

I came out of the wood already in human form. I saw the rest of the pack and they were burning those two. I heard a scream and I quickly looked at Arleen. She was laying on the floor twisting. I knew something was wrong. Everybody was already around her.I ranned towards them and kneeled beside her while tears escaped my eyes. "What's wrong with her,"I asked in panic. "It looks like he bit her but we can't find were,"said Sam. "Its my hand,"Arleen scrammed through her tears and pain. "Let's take her to Carlisle....NOW!!,"svrammed Jacob. I carried her and started running towards Jacob's rabbit. "I'll drive,"said Leah. Jacob threw her the keys and got on the passanger seat. I quickly got in the back seat with Arleen in my arms. I bearly got time to even close the door. Leah really stepped on the gas, I knew that we were timed before something bad happened to my love. The whole way Arleen kept twisting twirling and screaming in pain. I kept telling her that things were gonna be okay to hold on just a bit longer. We got to the Cullen's in ten minutes thanks to Leah's crazy driving. Jacob jumped out of the car and ranned inside. As soon as I got inside and Carlisle quickly took her away from me and ranned off with her. "Where is he going with her?,"I asked trying to follow him but Edward stopped me. "He is going to try and help her and its better if his alone,"he told me but I didn't care. I tried to push pass him but Emmett came and helped him. They won't stop me, I tried again to pass them. I started to shake viontly. "Jasper calm him down,"growled Emmett. Soon I felt my body calm down but my mind was still going crazy. "Seth you need to calm down,"said Edward. "Seth you need to calm down for the sake of Arleen,"said Leah. When she said that I broke down sitting on the couch. "If anything happens to her its gonna be my fault,"I said hiding my face in my hands. "Don't say that she's gonna be okay,"said Leah sitting next to me and putting her arm around me. "Hmm,"said Carlisle coming into the room. "How is she?,"I asked standing up. "Umm..Seth I really don't know how to say this....but....,"he said. I saw Edward's and Alice's head shot up in Carlisle's direction. "No way,"they both said. "What's going on?,"I asked panicing. Edward was just shaking his head and Alice looked at me with a sympathy look. "Seth I really tried everything in my power...but it was to late...the venom had already spread...and she's becming one of us,"he said looking into my eyes. "What!?....NO!,"I said. "Carlisle are you sure?,"asked Esme. He simpy nodded. This can't be,I can't lose her like this.........To Be Continue...........

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