U Smile-A Justin Bieber Love Story-Part 80

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Chapter 1

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


Razaz and I drove to Fashion Show Mall in her yellow mustang that was a 16th birthday present from Brian.

Me: Wow. This was your sixteenth birthday present. I think that all I'm getting is a new phone.
Razaz: laughing What kind of car do you have?
Me: laughing along with her I have a Range Rover. I got it when I got my license.
Razaz: That's kool. So, how long have you and Justin been dating?
Me: For about four weeks, I think. I don't keep track. But I think that it will be a month next Friday.
Razaz: How long have you known each other?
Me: For too long. It's been awhile.
Razaz: When did you two fall in love?
Me: I don't know. It kind of just happened.
Razaz: I see. How does being pregnant feel?
Me: It feels weird but I'll get use to it.
Razaz: I can't believe that I'm going to be an aunt. I'm so happy and excited.
Me: smiling I'm happy to be a mom too.
Razaz: When is your due date?
Me: The doctor said some time in late May.
Razaz: It would be amazing if you had the baby on Brian's birthday.
Me: Yeah. It would be. So, when we go back home, are you going to school with Justin and I?
Razaz: Yeah. Our mom is enrolling me on Monday.
Me: Nice. Justin and I are sophomores. What about you?
Razaz: I'm a junior.
Me: Kool.
Razaz: Yep.
Me: Do you have a boyfriend?
Razaz: Nope. Haven't found a guy who is worth my time. Not everyone is as lucky as you and Justin.
Me: Yeah. I know. You will find a guy who is worth your time. Trust me.

We finally got to the mall and we went shopping. We found the cutest little baby outfits and they were yellow of course since we didn't know whether the baby was a boy or girl yet. We got some weird stares from older people in the store but we ignored them. Or at least I did. Razaz didn't.

Razaz: looking a woman who had been watching us since we walked in Got a staring problem? Take a picture, it will last longer.
The woman looked away and I couldn't help but laugh. I got tired and we back to the hotel after having a little snack.

-Back At The Hotel-

I found that Justin and my brother were still playing video games. I rolled my eyes and Razaz and I went to Justin and I's bedroom. We laid down on the bed and started watching TV. We talked a little bit and got to know each other pretty well.

Her favorite color was blue, her first kiss was with a boy named Cody, her favorite song was Super Bass by Nicki Manji, her favorite singer was Katy Perry, her favorite band was Paramore, and a bunch of other things.

We were still talking when Justin walked in with my brother behind. Justin crawled over Razaz and laid down on top of me.

Me: Justin, be careful. You and your chubby little butt might hurt the baby. Get off of me.
Justin: rolling off of me Okay. Fine. Meanie. My butt is not chubby.
Me: laughing It kind of is.
Justin: Want to go swimming?
Razaz: Hell yes! But I don't have a swim suit.
Me: You can borrow one of mines. And yes I want to go swimming. No throwing me in the pool.
Justin: whining like a little kid Why not?
Me: Because I'm pregnant and last time you threw me in the pool, I ended up in the hospital with stitches in my head.
Razaz: looking at me Care to explain, sis.
Me: looking back at her Okay. To make a long story short, Justin and our best friend Chaz decided to throw me in the pool and they did. I hit my head on the bottom of the pool and next thing I know I'm in the hospital with stitches.
Razaz: looking at Justin You are such a horrible person. How could you do that to my little sister?
Justin: trying to look serious but cracking a smile She pulled me into the pool and got my hair wet so I got revenge by chasing her then me and Chaz grabbing her and throwing her in the pool. We didn't know that she was going to hit the bottom of the pool and end up in the hospital.
Me: So what if you didnt know that. Throwing me in the pool was so childish and stupid. I don't want to go swimming now. You can go without me, I don't feel good.
Justin: looking at me like I was lying What's wrong? Why did you change your mind?
Me: There is no reason why. I just don't want to go now. I just changed my mind that's all. I don't feel good.
Justin: joking That is just your excuse for everything now, Cheyenne. Has anyone else besides me noticed how often she uses that excuse now?
Brian: playing along with Justin Yep, I have noticed.
Me: getting up and walking over to my suitcase Here Razaz. throwing her my yellow bikini that Chaz had brought me when me and him went to Hawaii together with my mom Promise me that you'll give it back to me. Promise?
Razaz: smiling I promise that I will give it back to you. Why though?
Me: shrugging No reason. I just want it back.
Razaz: walking to the bathroom Okay.
I went to lay back down on the bed and grabbed my phone off of the nightstand. I decided to text Chaz because believe it or not, I missed the boy.

-Text Convo-
(Chey:Cheyenne & Chaz)

Chey: Hey my favorite boy!
Chaz: Hey my beautiful ex-girlfriend!
Chey: Did you really have to throw in that last part? You could have just left it at beautiful.
Chaz: Haha. Yeah, I did have to throw in that last part. So, what's up?
Chey: Oh nothing much just laying on my bed in my hotel room. What's up with you?
Chaz: Oh I like the sound of that. I'm just laying on my bed in my bedroom. I'm grounded.
Chey: Haha. Of course, you like the sound of that, Chazy. What did you do to get grounded?
Chaz: Lol. I was caught sneaking out of my room past midnight.
Chey: What were you doing sneaking out of your room in the middle of the night?
Chaz: I was sneaking out because I was missing you and wanted to see you. I didn't think that I would get caught.
Chey: Wow. You missed me that much? I miss you too but I wouldn't sneak out of my room in the middle of the night just because I was missing someone.
Chaz: Yes, I missed you that much. You wouldn't sneak out of your room because you know that Justin would probably catch you then you will be in trouble with him.
Chey: Yeah. That's a big part of the reason why I wouldn't do that. Justin can be very scary when he gets mad.
Chaz: Yeah. I remember that one time when you messed up of his hair and he got mad because he doesn't like it when people touch his hair.
Chey: Yep. I remember that. It was scary. He still is that way. No one can touch his hair.
Chaz: Yep. That will never change. There are just some things about Justin that will never change.
Chey: Yeah. Things with Justin never change. It's always boring with him sometimes. You on the other hand is fun. We have such a fun time together.
Chaz: Yeah, we do. But that's just because we are both crazy and don't mind risking getting hurt and I don't treat you like you're fragile. I think that if you get hurt then you get hurt unlike Justin who tries to protect you from everything.
Chey: Yep that sounds like Justin. I think that I like you more. You are like my go-to person when I want to have fun. We should hang out when I get home which will be tomorrow.
Chaz: Okay. You are my favorite person to have fun with. I'll be there at the airport waiting for you so I can take you away from Justin and we can go have some fun. Sound good?
Chey: Yep. Sounds good to me. Well I got to go because Justin wants me to go down to the pool with him.
Chaz: sigh Okay. I'll talk to you later.
Chey: Don't get all sighy on me, Chaz. I would love to talk to you more but Justin wouldn't like that. Bye. I love you Chazy.
Chaz: Okay. Bye. I love you too Cheyannie.

-Text Convo End-

Justin: in his swim shorts Who were you talking to you?
Me: thinking that he didn't need to know everything No one of importance.
Justin: sighing Just tell me who you were talking to.
Me: sighing too I was talking to Chaz.
Justin: Why?
Me: Because he is my best friend and I miss him.
Justin: Oh okay.
Me: wondering what Justin was thinking Yep. Just talking to my Chazy.
Justin: looking at me You still call him that?
Me: Um....yeah. It is my nickname for him. He loves it when I call him that.
Justin: He would love anything that you called him. As long as it was you that was calling him that.
Me: rolling my eyes Whatever, Justin.

They went swimming while I stayed in the hotel room and just laid around and watched TV. I was watching The Twilight Saga: New Moon and I was watching the part when Edward leaves Bella. I started crying because it kind of reminded me of when Justin left me. Except I didn't find a hot wolf boy to make me happy again like Bella did. The only person that ever came close to making me happy again was Chaz because he would do anything to make me laugh. He would do things like fall down the stairs because he knew that would get a few good giggles from me to using a cheesy pick up line on me. He did a good job keeping me happy in those months that Justin left and maybe that's why a small part of me loved him. My thoughts were interrupted by the loud voices that belonged to Justin, Brian and Razaz who just got back from swimming.

I walked into the living room and saw Razaz, Justin and Brian laughing at something that Razaz had said.

Me: confused What's so funny?
Justin: laughing Nothing. You wouldn't understand, babe.

I sighed and thought that Chaz would take the time to explain the thing that was so funny instead of saying that I wouldn't understand it. I felt a sudden urge to cry because I missed Chaz, Ryan, Andrea and Avalon. The four people that would never leave me out of things like Razaz, Justin and Brian were right now. But I blinked back the tears even though one slide down my cheek but I wiped away before any of them could notice. I decided that I needed to talk to someone since I already talked to Chaz, I would give Ryan a call and talk to him.

I walked over to the couch in the living room and sat down while pulling my phone out of my back pocket. I dialed Ryan's number and pressed send and waited for him to answer.

-Phone Convo-
R: Ryan & C: Cheyenne

R: Hey Chey Chey.
C: Hey Ry Ry. What's up?
R: Nothing just sitting in my room playing with my laptop. What's up with you? You sound like you're going to cry.
C: starting to tear up again I'm just sitting around missing everyone back home. I am going to cry.
R: Why? What's wrong?
C: crying now Nothing is wrong except I miss you, Chaz, Avalon and Andrea so much.
R: sounding like he wanted to make me feel better again but you can't exactly do anything over the phone Isn't Justin keeping you company?
C: No, he is too busy becoming best friends with my brother and sister to actually notice that I'm homesick.
R: I'm sorry Cheyenne. I wish I was there to make you feel better.
C: I wish I was home instead of here.
R: Then come home tonight.
C: And leave Justin?
R: Yeah. If he wants to spend time with your brother and sister more than he wants to spend time with you then leave him there with them. Let's see if he realizes that you left.
C: Okay. I'll do that. I like your thinking, Ryan. So I guess that I'll see your later.
R: Yep. I'll be there to pick you up at the airport.
C: Okay. I'm starting to think that maybe I should have dated you instead of Justin.
R: laughing Maybe, you should have.
C: laughing too Yep, I should have. Well I'm going to go pack.
R: Okay. See you later, Chey.
C: Yep. Bye Ry. Haha! That rhymed.
R: Haha! It did. Bye Chey. That rhymed too.
C: Haha! Bye for reals this time.
R: Okay. Bye for the reals.

-Phone Convo Over-

I hung up and noticed that Justin or Razaz or Brian were nowhere in sight. I figured that they went to mine and Justin's room or to Razaz and Brian's hotel room.

I walked to Justin and I's room and there was no one there so my second guess was right. This was the pefect time to pack and leave since Justin was here to stop me.

-An Hour Later-

I finished packing my things and struggled to pick them up. After a couple minutes of this, I gave up and decided that I needed help so I called the one person that I could trust that wouldn't let Justin know where I ran off to.

-5 Minutes Later-

I opened the hotel room and was greeted by Bradley who looked happy to see me.

Bradley: So what do you need help with?
Me: I need help with my bags. Could you give me a ride to the airport?
Bradley: Okay. Yeah, I'll give you a ride. Where's Justin?
Me: He's not coming with me.
Bradley: Why not?
Me: He is spending time with my brother and sister instead of me.
Bradley: Brother and sister?
Me: walking over to my bags It's a long story. I'll tell you some other time. Okay?
Bradley: grabbing three of my bags Okay.

We walked downstairs and loaded my stuff into his car. Then we left to the airport.

-At The Airport-

I said bye to Bradley and got on the plane. As I flew away from Las Vegas, I saw the hotel that Justin and I were staying at and thought about whether Justin noticed I was gone or not. I doubt he did yet. But I knew that I had become his runaway love......


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