Cursed by Love .....(Sirius Black Love story)

Hey guys, I hope you like this , it will connect to my Fred Weasley love story some day...Anyway this story has been in my head for a while...
Name: Jennifer White
Apperence: Dirty blonde, very wavy hair, Hazel eyes
Bio: An Australian girl born and raised moved to the uk with her sis and bro after her parents die but has a secrect, shes a mermaid. every full moon
Family: Sister: Jessica , 22 yrs looks like her sis except with brown hair. Jake 16 blonde pretty much a surfer dude but smart

Chapter 1

What happens now??

Jennifer White , yes thats my name. I'm 11 and live in Australia with my parents and my brother and sis. Most of us kids look like our mum except for my sister, Jessica, shes alot older than me but shes a;ways really nice, Jake on the other hand is well the older brother type, annoying, but he does care , they both help me out with my Mermaid stuff. yes I am a mermaid, only one in the Family though. I wasn't born with it it was given to me as a gift ...I guess.

~~~11 yrs ago~~~~Told in Jennifers pov~~~~~
The youngest wizard of every Austrailian family was always given a gift by the Donantes del regalo, they were wizards who gave the worst gifts and they were sent to me...of course! They gave me the gift of being a mermaid, but my mum beg them to change it in fear I would never be a wizard with it. They complaided well kinda , They let be a mermaid anytime I wanted to except for full moon night, where the water would call me back.

~~~Back to normal times~~~~~
My hand felt cold and wet as I opened my eyes to see a blast of bright sunlight. Some water splashed onto my face making me fully wake up. The salty taste of water made my lips chaped, and my hair was full of sand. I must have fallen asleep by the ocean. It was a full moon last night, and lucky for me my house was by the beach. I shook my head letting out all the sand, I stood up and made my way back to the house. Mum will be mad , she doesn't like me staying out there that late, in case someone sees me, shes worried someone will want to use my gift for evil, But I sometimes ignore that I could handle it myself If I had to.
"Mums pissed at you" Jake says in a tanting tone
"Ya I know" I reply entering the garden gate pushing him aside so I could walk in, I hit the wind chime as I pass, I open the door trying to sneak up stairs before my mum sees me from the Kitchen
"Jennifer Angela White where have you been?" My mother says angerly, I stop dead in my tracks as my brother snickers.
"Um I fell asleep on the beach?" I say turning to face her, she did look pretty 'pissed' like Jake said, She sighed
"Your lucky nobody saw you"' she says
"If anyone trys to take me I could always use my mermaid charm'' I say fluttering eyes...It was true I did have a real 'mermaid charm' but it only worked on full moon nights it was one way to protect me I just 'suggest' to them that
A. I'm not going anywhere
B. I'm not a mermaid
or C, I could force (well ''suggest'') to go away or something......sadly it never worked on my parents.
"Yes but it might not save you everytime" She says, I just nodd my head and go and sit at the kitchen table along with Jake.
"Wheres Jess?" I ask picking up some food on the table
"Uh I thinks shes in her room but we need her, we have an anoucement for you guys" shes says then Dad walks in, still in his wet suit, me and Jake were almost spitting images of him, Jake more than me but still......he was holding my dog Baliey who was also wet.
"G'morning" He says
"Morning" We all say
"Hows my little Bonza?" He asks handing me Baliey
"Your little Bonza's in trouble" Mom says
"What did you do?" he asks
"All I did was fall asleep on the beach" I say expecting him to agree with me
"You know you have to be careful" he says sitting down at the table
"I know" I sigh
"Jess can you come down here please?" my mom yells, ok I love my sis and all but shes 22 why does she still live here? Jess really couldn't wait to move somewhere else , don't get me wrong she loves living here but she hates the hot weather, where as I can deal with it.
"Have you told them yet?" she asks running down the stairs
"Tell us what?" Me and Jake say in unisin
"Well....your dad and I decieded" My mom says sitting down by my dad
"You and Jake are going to go to the Wizard school in England" My dad finnishes, I drop my fork almost stabbing Jake in the hand, I look at him and hes as shocked as I am, but Jess is grinning like crazy.
"E-England?"I ask
"Yes England silly" Jess says
"But what about the school here isn't fine!" Jake says
"We were just thinking it would be a good for you to experience a different cultore" Dad says
"But I haven't finnished school here"
"And I haven't even started, I am just going this year" I say
"Jake you can finnish school at Hogwarts and Jen you can start there" Mom answers
"But what about all my friends! " I yell
"You can make alot of new ones" Jess says still smiling
"This is soo not fair" Jake says, ya I felt bad for him almost more than for myself, he had a girlfriend and was pretty popular at Urelic wizarding school for Education
the school here. Jake stormed out and my dad went after him.
"What are you thinking?" Mom asks moving a chair closer to me
''I'm just shocked'' I say "Where are we going to live?"
"We bought you three an aparment there in the wizarding world." she says
"When are we going?"
"In a week" she says I roll my eyes but nodd
"I'm-I'm just going to go find Fin" I say and walk out the front door. Finley aka Finley was my best friend, me and her have been bffs since we were in pre-school. She was going to freak when I tell her. I walk to her house knock on the door and wait for her to answer, What am I going to tell her? I stick my hands in my jacket pocket when she opens the door.
"Hey Jenny whats up?" She asks
"Um- Its not good news Fin" I say sighing, she looks at me concerned
"Ok , so what is it?"
"Huh......Me Jess and Jake are moving to England" I burst out
"England?!...But what about school?" she asks
"I'm going to school there"
"Next week" I say and we sit down on her front steps
"How long are you going to live there......"
I shrug
"Oh Jen!" she says and we both start crying

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