Things Don't Always Go As Planned (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

Name: Alaia (pronounced uh-LAY-uh) Grey
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
Hair Color: Ginger (at beginning)
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Age: (Story starts at 11)
Intro: She lives with her mom who is decently wealthy, she doesn't know who her dad is, and she lives a low-key lifestyle in the muggle world, but most aspects of her life are magic-fueled.

Chapter 2

The Sorting

by: alaia01
I realized I had gone back to sleep only when I was jolted awake by a bunch of other first years running around screaming, "WE'RE HERE! WE'RE HERE!"

"Idiots . . ." I grumbled as I hurriedly changed into my robes. The many voices and various other sounds previously occupying the train became more and more distant and that’s when I realized I was starting to run late.

"Crap!" I yelled, panicking. I was frantically trying to catch up to the group of first years when suddenly . . . BAM! I collided into someone, falling down and taking them with me, landing on top.

I looked down at the poor soul who was unfortunate enough to be in my path. I soon recognized that it was another Weasley. Only this boy seemed to be a bit older.

Embarrassed beyond belief, I blushed like mad and started rambling like mad. "I uh- Sorry I- Running late and- Uh... Sorry..." The scarlet colour on my face instantly deepened.

He seemed understanding and instead of the anger I had expected, just laughed and said, "It's ok. I'd appreciate it if you would get off of me though."

"Oh right. Sorry, heh." I replied as I jumped up as fast as I could, my face somehow darkening even further. Even though I knew this was a Weasley, I still felt like he was worth a little of my time. I was the one who toppled him over in the first place.

He just smiled down at me and held out his hand. "I'm Fred by the way. Fred Weasley."

I took his outstretched hand. "Alaia Grey." I stated simply.

Fred looked at me curiously for a moment and asked, "So what's the big rush?"

Huh? I wondered for only a moment before . . . Oh my god I forgot that I was trying to catch up to the rest of the first years. Thanks to recent events they were almost out of sight by now. I cursed under my breath. What was I supposed to do now?

"What was that?" Fred continued to stare down at me while I grasped my new dilemma.

"Oh, uh, nothing." I tried to cover my slip. "I was just running late, and I was trying to catch up to my class, and now I’ve probably already missed the boats, and I'm gonna be in trouble on only my first day and I- Wait, what are you even doing over here? You aren't a first year, are you?"

A look of guilt and mischief crossed his face. He scratched the back of his head. "Er . . . No, I'm not. I was setting up some pranks. It's kinda my thing." He smirked and continued, "But I do know a secret passageway that should get you to the rest of the first years back at the castle."

My dim face lit up. "Really? That would save me you have no idea!”

Fred laughed lightly. "Yeah, come on. We just have to go get my brother, George and my friend, Lee. They can help out. And they're waiting for me."

"Kay," was my only response and we were off.

After a few minutes of walking in silence, we met up with 2 other people. One of them looked EXACTLY like Fred, and the other had dreads. They all looked to be about the same age. The 2 boys looked at Fred questioningly.

Fred cleared his throat and said, "George, Lee, this is Alaia. Alaia, this is George and Lee." I looked over at them, and, though still confused, they gave me warm smiles nonetheless.

I flashed a small smile in response and looked over at Fred and asked, "So, which one's your brother?"

They all chuckled briefly and then Lee (obviously) came up to me, holding out his hand. "That would be me."

I giggled before replying, "Nice to meet you, George." We all had a short laugh and Fred explained my predicament and we began to make way to the passage.

The longer we walked the more my anxiety grew about making it on time.

George (the real one) must have noticed because he turned to me and uttered, "Don't worry; we'll have plenty of time," and gave me a reassuring smile.

I just gave him a grin in return.

"Almost there." I heard Lee say. The Weasley twins seemed to nod in agreement.

I suddenly blurted out what had been on my mind for some time, "What year are you guys in? Uh . . . Just out of curiosity." I tacked that on the end.

"Third," they all declared simply just as we got to a doorway. I turned around to face them.

"Thanks again you guys." They each gave me some form of an encouraging smile and I turned back and opened the door just in time to see the last of the first year students entering a room just outside the Great Hall. I swiftly ran to the back of the group.

The Great Hall was a vast room with 4 long tables full of students, and one even longer table at the front of the room complete with professors. After a speech from Dumbledore, our headmaster, and the Sorting Hat's (awful) song, students began to get sorted. I impatiently waited my turn as I looked into the crowd. I watched as Fred, George, and Lee joined the Gryffindor table unnoticed. I smirked to myself. I spaced out until I heard my name. I just rolled my eyes as I sauntered up to the stool.

Even though I never knew who my dad was, my mom assured me he was in Slytherin, as was she. So, I suppose you could just call it destiny. Plus, I've been told countless times that I had the attitude of a Slytherin, so it was no surprise when the hat screamed, "SLYTHERIN" after just a few terse seconds.

I grinned and walked down to the cheering table of my fellow Slytherins, sitting next to a girl who didn't exactly look pleasant, but she was frantically waving me over, so I didn’t feel like I had much of a choice.

As I sat down she beamed and greeted me with way too much enthusiasm to be genuine, "Hi Alaia! I'm Pansy Parkinson!"

It took all my energy to give even a miniscule smile.

I then heard Professor McGonagoll call a familiar name, "Malfoy, Draco," and my ears perked up. As expected, the hat sorted him into Slytherin while barely touching his head. I sighed at this. Pansy though, seemed ecstatic. How lovely, I thought. At that moment, Draco spotted me and Pansy, gave us a, what seemed to be his signature, smirk and sat down right next to me. Take a hint, kid, I begged him silently. He studied me for a minute before speaking, "Hello again, Alaia." He seemed to have forgotten the train’s events because his voice was sounding way too friendly. Oh great . . . Isn’t he just gonna be a peach?

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