Things Don't Always Go As Planned (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

Name: Alaia (pronounced uh-LAY-uh) Grey
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
Hair Color: Ginger (at beginning)
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Age: (Story starts at 11)
Intro: She lives with her mom who is decently wealthy, she doesn't know who her dad is, and she lives a low-key lifestyle in the muggle world, but most aspects of her life are magic-fueled.

Chapter 6

Summer... With Difficulties

by: alaia01
I walked down the stairs late into summer break to see my mother in the living room conversing with her friends.

"Ah, Alaia, glad you finally decided to join the living! There's breakfast in the kitchen for when you're hungry."

I smiled at my mother and gave her company a small wave and wandered into the kitchen to find that my mother had made French toast, again.

She knows how much I hate French toast, I thought as I fought back a sigh. Discarding the wretched breakfast leftovers, I made myself a bowl of cereal and sat down on the table, and began looking back on my summer. It was a pleasant change of pace from my usual summers, actually. This year, instead of going to a bunch of dreadful lunches with my mother, (as per usual,) I've spent most of my afternoons with Tabby. The fact that she lived a fair distance was no match for the convenience of floo power and its ability to transport you places in a matter of seconds.

I'd also received a ton letters from Fred, George, and Seamus, plus a few from even Dean and Lee. I chuckled at the thought of all the ridiculous things the twins had managed to shove into an envelope, it was almost impressive.

Just as the thought passed I heard a polite tap on my window. And, as if on cue, my owl, Cat, who I had named when I was quite young, (and was extremely bitter towards my mother's choice of pet at the time,) was sitting on the window sill, letter in tow. Finishing the last bite of cereal, and dumping out the remaining milk, I let her in with a pat on the head and checked to see who the letter was from.

It was a piece of parchment with 2 separate notes on it, one from Fred, and one from George, (whom used my owl because theirs was practically useless). All Fred has written about was some ludicrous prank he had pulled on Ron, and how excited he was to go back to school. Then onto George, who had written about how much better his prank was on Ron, and that he was even more excited to go back to Hogwarts.

Oh brother . . . (s?) I mentally laughed at my own joke just as another small note on the bottom caught my attention. It read, P.S. Our family is going to Diagon Alley next Saturday . . . Meet us there, maybe?

I thought about it for a moment, not seeing any reasons why not. I put my best smile, and went to go ask my mom for permission. "Hey mom . . . I love you!" I said as sweetly as I could manage.

She sighed. "What do you want?" she asked knowing that I was only trying to butter her up because there was something I wanted.

"Can we go to Diagon Alley next Saturday so I can meet up with . . . Uh, some friends?" I paused when I was going to say Weasley's, knowing she isn't their biggest fan. Hell, neither was I, Fred and George just got to me.

She seemed to ponder it for a moment. "Next Saturday?" she asked for confirmation. And when I nodded, so did she. "Oh, I suppose. This Saturday we have plans though, so I expect you to be on your best behavior for that."

I was confused. "What exactly are we doing this Saturday?"

"It's a surprise, dear. Now leave me alone to visit with my friends." With one last gesture she shooed me out of the room, leaving me even more confused than before.

I then tiptoed back up to my room to write a reply to the twins, telling them I would meet them there. Afterwards, I scoured my brain, what could be possibly be doing on Saturday?


I woke up, what felt way too early, to someone shaking me. "Come on Alaia . . . Wake up already!"

I groaned, realizing it was my mother. "Leave me aloooooooone," I whined. It was no secret that I was not a morning person.

"Alaia Grey! You need to wake up and get ready this instant!" it was easy to tell she was already getting frustrated.

I rolled over to squint at the clock, barely making out the time, 12:30. Well, apparently I’m not an early afternoon person either. I let out a long groan. "What is your damage, mother?"

"It's Saturday, remember? Now get out of bed and do not quote muggle movies at me, young lady." She looked at me in a menacing way that only a mother could.

In all honesty, I had completely forgotten about this 'secret occasion' that she'd planned out. "Yeah, of course I remember. How am I supposed to know what wear if it’s such a big secret?" Who could guess what my mother had planned for us tonight.

"Nice try, I already got you a dress. Now go get ready!" she demanded before making her leave.

Sighing, I trudged to the bathroom, took a shower, and got dressed in the gown my mother had left out for me. I looked it over, seeing it was a simple white dress with black embellishments around the waste. It could’ve been worse, I shrugged, putting on some simple makeup and walking to my mom's room.

I walked in, making a big entrance and presenting myself with open arms. She just rolled her eyes and started working on my hair. After a few hours of blow-drying and then curling it, (I swear there were had to be at least 100 bouncing curls) my mom looked me over, satisfied with my presentation. She then finished getting herself ready and led me into the living room. I looked at the clock, surprised to see it was already 4:00.

She cleared her throat to make sure she had my full attention, "Ok, so we are going to apparate to my friend's house, where we'll stay until about 6, and then we'll all go to the event together."

I just nodded to show I was listening, skeptical as to why she wouldn't tell me what exactly 'the event' was.

My mother held out her arm expectantly, and I grabbed it reluctantly, not looking forward to the pulling sensation that came with apparition. After everything stopped spinning, and I was reunited with the ground, we appeared in front of a, rather impressive, mansion. It was so big I was half-tempted to call it a castle.

We were met at the door by some house elf, and when walked in we were greeted by a man and a woman, both with platinum blonde hair. I froze, knowing exactly who these people before me were.

My mother got straight to the introductions, "Alaia, this is Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy."

I suppressed a sigh, my hopes that the resemblance was just a coincidence crushed. Perfect . . . Now I knew why she didn't tell me where we were going. I’d made it abundantly clear on arrival home that I had nothing but disdain for one Draco Malfoy. I just smiled and nodded, knowing any words that came out of my mouth wouldn’t be all that pleasant.

Right on cue, Draco descended down the stairs with an arrogant air and stopped in front of us, clearly dressed for some occasion. I knew it was futile, but I still prayed to anyone that he didn't have to join us.

Of course, not even this could last because my mom piped up, "So Alaia, figured it out yet? We’re all going to the annual summer ball! Aren't you excited? Oh, and I'm sure know Draco, he attends Hogwarts in the same year as you." She’d said the last part with a look that clearly said nothing other than behave.

A simple 'uh-huh' was all I could manage. Anything else and it wouldn't have been so polite.

Just then Mrs. Malfoy spoke up, "Draco why don't you take Alaia up to your room, that way you can get to know each other on a more personal level than school acquaintances before the dance begins; especially since you'll be going together."

I could’ve dropped dead right then and there. This had to be some big elaborate prank . . . Right? There was no way I could attend a ball with Draco. I’d much sooner sprout wings and fly.

Through my internal combustion, I could make out Draco smirking at me, holding out his hand (what seemed) politely.

I looked to my mother, pleading with her with my eyes, and she only looked at me sternly in response.

'Be-have.' She mouthed the words with emphasis on each syllable. I pouted at her for a second before turning back to the devil himself. Forcing a smile onto my face, I took his hand, and we made our way up the never ending staircase.

As soon as we were out of sight, I snatched my hand out of his, scowling at the physical contact.

He laughed and jeered, "You should behave Alaia." He still had that stupid smirk of his on his face, making it obvious that he'd seen what my mother had said to me. I was already anticipating the night's end.

Sorry for this one, filler chapter. Yikes

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