Things Don't Always Go As Planned (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

Name: Alaia (pronounced uh-LAY-uh) Grey
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
Hair Color: Ginger (at beginning)
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Age: (Story starts at 11)
Intro: She lives with her mom who is decently wealthy, she doesn't know who her dad is, and she lives a low-key lifestyle in the muggle world, but most aspects of her life are magic-fueled.

Chapter 7

The Ball

by: alaia01
"Oh yeah?" I sneered in response to Draco, unbelievably, reprimanding me.

I completely detested the current situation. I tried to distract myself with everything and anything. I was staring at the elaborate designs adorning the ceilings of the hallway leading to Draco’s room when he responded.

"Yeah," he scoffed before continuing, "you wanna know why?"

"Alright Draco, I'll bite. Why? What could possibly force me to behave in the sole presence of you?"

He smirked again, looking victorious. "Cause if you don't, I'll tell your mother. It was a direct order from her, was it not?"

I chuckled humorlessly. "Real mature, Malfoy," I stated, formally addressing him with his last name, something that didn't go unnoticed.

When we finally reached his room, I sighed loudly and plopped down on his bed.

Draco scowled, "Comfy?" he asked, casting a grimace at me over his shoulder at the new state his freshly made bed was in, thanks to yours truly.

"You bet," I challenged, with a quick raise of my eyebrows, earning a simple eye roll in return.

After our short banter, we sat in silence for a while. Draco tried to start a conversation a few times, but I just ignored him the best I could. His face donned a scowl, assuming what seemed like its permanent position on his face.

I giggled at him, deciding to speak up for the first time since silence had taken over, "You know, if you keep your face like that for too long, it might stay that way . . . Although, on the other hand, it is more attractive than your usual."

A little white lie, of course, but it had worked nonetheless. Draco just glared for a moment before looking away. I could tell that he was trying to change his face back to a normal one of indifference, making me hold back a snicker.

"Alaia! Draco! Come back down here!" Narcissa called from what I assumed was the edge of the stairway.

I muttered a quick finally under my breath while Draco yelled back, "Coming, mother!"

I snickered at his response. "Mama's boy . . ." I mocked in a sing-songy voice.

Draco rolled his eyes at me yet again as he lead me out of his room and back down the stairs. I scoffed, if he’s gonna act immature, then I have every right to as well!

At this thought I vaguely heard my mother in the back of my mind, scolding me for such a way of thinking; saying something along the lines of, '/be the bigger person/, Alaia.’ Rubbish.

We arrived at the base of the stairs and my mother smiled warmly at me, though it almost seemed like a façade. "Ready to go?" she asked pleasantly.

I just grunted in response, holding my tongue for all the snarky comments I really had. I don't think she particularly appreciated it, but it was definitely better than the alternative.

My mother just held out her hand expectantly, and I grabbed it, once again, reluctantly, who in turn linked arms with Narcissa, whom already had Draco's hand. I scanned the room for Lucius, promptly realizing he wasn’t attending with us. A small plus, at least, I grumbled inwardly.

Our journey was short, but not enough to keep my head from reeling. I really hated apparating with my mother, and I sincerely hoped it would get better once I had the power to perform it myself. In my disoriented state, I grabbed the thing closest to me, and hung on for dear life in fear of falling. Once I regained my balance and composure, I looked to see what I had grasped onto. I was looking straight into the eyes of none other than Draco Malfoy, who was smirking, of course. In my desperation, I had clung onto the arm of his robes.

I gave Draco a clear look of disgust and threw his arm out of my grasp and took a few great steps away from him. I took this time to take in my surroundings, noticing for the first time that we were standing right outside a grand mansion, which was practically overflowing with the roar of music and laughter. It was a breathtaking sight, with large oak trees lined up on each side of the house, and a flourishing garden right out front, with a path that lead to the back where I could only assume even more beautiful flowers bloomed under the night sky. It was obvious that this was the house of another high-society pureblood member of wizarding society, although, I hated to admit, it still paled in comparison the Malfoy’s home.

Draco and I were then lead in by our mothers, and the ballroom we were escorted to was so exquisite, my jaw practically dropped in awe. It was the most gorgeous room I’d ever walked into. I had thought that the Great Hall at Hogwarts was a sight, and this even topped it. The ceiling was enchanted just like the hall, but it instead showed an underwater scene, as though we were on the ocean floor, with fish swimming overhead. Along all the walls yards and yards of soft white silk flowed in perfect symmetry and, looking down, the floor was a light tan that resembled sand so well I felt I could reach down and grab handfuls of it. That’s when I realized that summer ball not only meant the time it took place, but the theme of it as well.

My mom turned to me. "Ok, Alaia, Narcissa and I are going to go talk to some friends. You stay with Draco and, most importantly, behave yourself," she ordered me with a look that obviously meant she was serious and not to disobey.

I looked around, an eyebrow raised. I don't know if I could necessarily promise that, seeing the people that surrounded looked as pompous as Draco did most of the time. I prayed I didn't have to mingle too much.

Before I could voice my concerns, Narcissa piped up, "Same goes for you, Draco. And, to keep you two out of trouble, why don't you go and dance for a while? Hurry now."

It was definitely more of an order than a suggestion by the tone in her voice. Besides, I figured I might as well just listen and dance rather than argue. I mean, it is a ball . . . What harm could it do?

I suppose I had no choice in the matter, seeing as Draco was already dragging me by the arm to the center of dance floor. We got into a simple dancing position and began to do a basic waltz across the floor, personally having little experience.

I avoided looking into Draco's eyes the entire time, knowing if I did I would see the triumph behind them. After a few songs, I grew bored, tired, and thirsty, so I let go of my partner’s hand and walked over to where the refreshments were.

Never allowing me a moment’s peace, mere seconds had passed before Draco was right beside me again. Evidently not pleased with my decision to leave him all alone on the big bad dance floor, he rudely bumped me out of his way trying to get to the punch bowl I had just been standing next to.

I huffed. What was wrong with that boy? I heard him chuckle from behind me, and that’s when I decided I'd had it. I tried, and failed, to nonchalantly hip bump him as payback, but I’d put so much force into it that he actually fell over. I couldn't help but burst out laughing at the look of absolute shock on his face, finally dropping the smirk. He looked up at me and his expression hastily turned to one of pure anger. I stopped laughing and looked at him with a face that plainly meant, 'what are you gonna do about it?'

And then, in blind fury, he lunged at me. Right there. At me. In the middle of a giant, fancy ball. And, to make matters worse, when he did, he forced us into the refreshment table, causing the entire bowl of punch to drop right on top of me.

Of course, not a single drop had landed on him. Just all over me, and my new white dress. Draco never even made it completely to me, seeing as he retreated as soon as the punch bowl began to tip over. A lot of people were staring now, and I was desperately racking my brain for a solution. I knew my mother was going to be furious, and I started to panic. I rapidly looked from the growing crowd of onlookers, to my soiled dress, to the mortified expression on Draco's face, and back again to our audience.

One thing was for sure, he was going to pay. My emotions were battling for dominance between my rage towards Draco and my fear of how my mother would react.

Eventually, my anger got the best of me and just as I opened my mouth to belt out the long stream of cuss words that were bubbling to the surface, (which were more colorful than an ordinary 12-year-old’s should be,) he suddenly blurted out, "Alaia! I'm so so sorry! It was an accident!"

I closed my mouth and just looked at him in awe. He’s apologizing? was my only coherent thought before the worst happened.

Narcissa managed to push her way to the front of the crowd, closely followed by my own mother. There was no other way to describe the looks on their faces but completely outraged. They each took turns doing what I had only a moment ago, looking from the punch bowl that now lay in Draco's hands, to my red-stained dress, to the shocked looks on each of our faces.
My mother spoke first, "What the devil is going on here?!"

I pointed at Draco and snarled, "Well, he . . ."

At the same time, Draco had the audacity to point at me and scoff, "Well, she . . ."

We both trailed off to just glare at each other. That's when Narcissa decided to speak up.

"That's it. We're leaving. Now. All of us. Come on, Jocelynn (my mother)." She'd said it with such force and intensity I would have never even considered arguing.

As our mothers stuck up their noses and walked out, Draco and I looked at each other and hurriedly followed close behind. Then, once out of the home we'd only recently arrived at, Narcissa and my mother exchanged apologies and then goodbyes before we parted ways.

After we arrived back home, I didn't even give myself time to properly reunite with the ground before I started sprinting up the stairs to my room as fast as my feet would carry me. My attempt was in vain though, as I wasn't fast enough.

"Alaia Marie Grey, you get back down here right now." Her voice was eerily calm as she bellowed up the stairs at me, making her all the more frightening.

I knew I was really in for it now. My mother never used my middle name unless she was thoroughly pissed; which, in this case, she evidently was.

I walked down the stairs slowly, deliberately waiting until each foot was on every stair before descending to the next one. When I’d finally reached the bottom step, I smiled sheepishly at my mother. "You called?" I asked sweetly, as though nothing had happened.

She just glared. "What was that??" she asked, demanding an explanation.

I scoffed, folding my arms across my chest. "Malfoy happened. That's what." That answer didn't seem to suffice, and my mother just looked at me expectantly so I just sighed and continued, "Look, he had one of his random mood swings, attacked me, and then ended up spilling punch all over me. That's all."

She huffed angrily. "Whatever. Go to bed. Goodnight."

I turned to walk up to my room, wanting to bolt up the stairs as fast as I could, but I dared to turn back and look at my mother questioningly.

She simply raised her eyebrow as if to challenge me. When I stood there silently for a moment, she pushed further, "Yes, Alaia?"

I gulped but spoke my mind against my better judgment, "Which, mother, I do think I recall warning you about."

She looked taken aback and demanded, "Excuse me?" I almost caved and went up to bed like she had commanded, but there was something I needed to know as well as get off my chest.

"Well, I was just mentioning the fact that I had repeatedly told you this summer about how bothersome Draco had been, and I was wondering what we could possibly be doing with the Malfoy's in the first place. It’s not like we've ever had contact with them before that I can recall."

Something foreign flashed across my mother's face so rapidly I hardly caught it before she just rubbed her face, exasperated. "I've had a long history with the Malfoy's, but we, unfortunately, had lost touch. Narcissa and I figured the fact that our children were attending Hogwarts together was the perfect excuse to catch up. Now, please, just go to bed."

This time I did as I was told, and hurried up the stairs, entering my room. I changed into my pajamas and crawled into bed, but my mind was racing far too wildly to actually fall asleep. I was still kind of in shock over Draco apologizing. I mean, he only really did it to save himself from my wrath, but I thought he would've been too proud for even that. Even then, it really did sound sincere. Maybe I didn't give him enough credit . . . Or maybe I was giving him too much right now. I sighed and rolled over as my thoughts drifted to my mother. She and I were far too different to have a proper mother-daughter relationship, and we often found ourselves struggling to even get along. It was times like this when I wished I'd known who my father was, to better understand the barrier between me and my mother. I shrugged off the last thought, knowing it was no use.

Taking a deep breath, I cleared my mind and fell into a much-needed, exhausted slumber.

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