Things Don't Always Go As Planned (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

Name: Alaia (pronounced uh-LAY-uh) Grey
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
Hair Color: Ginger (at beginning)
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Age: (Story starts at 11)
Intro: She lives with her mom who is decently wealthy, she doesn't know who her dad is, and she lives a low-key lifestyle in the muggle world, but most aspects of her life are magic-fueled.

Chapter 8

Diagon Alley

by: alaia01
BeepBeepBeep... I slammed my alarm off and jumped out of bed. I wasn't even upset that I had to get up early this morning. (I'm going to Diagon Alley to see Fred and George!) was all that was actually going through my mind. After I showered, dressed, and did my makeup, I ran to my mother's room. "MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM! Let's goooooooooo!" She scowled. "Calm down. There is no way I'm taking you out in public with you acting like that." I just sighed and rolled my eyes. "Ok, ok, I'm good. Can we go now?" I asked far too impatiently. "Yes, just let me grab my things...." I ran downstairs to wait in the living room. I sat there and tapped my foot for what seemed like hours (although, it was only a matter of minutes) when my mother walked down the stairs. As much as I hated apparating, I didn't even hesitate to grab her arm and clench my eyes shut. Once my feet finally hit the ground, I opened my eyes and observed my surroundings. It was just like I remembered it. I loved coming to Diagon Alley, even if its been a while since I've been here.

I looked up at my mother pleadingly. She rolled her eyes and said, "Fine. Go. But make sure you meet me here by 2. I looked at my watch. It was about 11 right now. I quickly memorized what shop we ended up at, and took off. The first place I went was Flourish and Blotts. Not only because that's where I assumed the Weasley's first stop would be, I quickly noticed there was quite a commotion inside. As soon as I walked in, I saw that everyone was crowded around Gilderoy Lockhart and.... Harry Potter? Of course. I rolled my eyes and walked towards the large group of red-heads that could only be the Weasleys. (Well, at least I could fit in with them....) I thought, and then chuckled to myself. I walked up behind the 2 identical figures and pushed both of them at the same time. Giggling as I did so. They both turned around, looking ready to snap at whoever it was who pushed them. Although, once they saw me, both their faces brightened up, and they simultaneously yelled, "ALAIA!" I tried to jump out of their reach, but failed. I was soon swept off my feet, and being torn apart as they both tried to pick me up at the same time.

"PUT ME DOWN!" I all but screamed, but was still ignored. They carried me all the way out of the store before they finally decided it would be a good time to drop me. I landed with little grace, and barely even made it onto my feet. I scowled up at them, and they just smiled at me sheepishly. I finally just laughed it off. "So, how have you guys be-" I started, but was interrupted by what I saw in the shop window. "What?" Fred and George both asked before turning around to look at what I was staring at. From what it looked like, Mr. Weasley and Mr. Malfoy were in some sort of showdown. Mr. Malfoy had grabbed the young girl Weasley's (Ginny? I think that was her name) books, and was saying something that seemed to really infuriate Mr. Weasley. "BE RIGHT BACK!" They both yelled at the same time while they ran inside to see exactly what was happening. They made it to the scene just in time to see their father launch himself at the Malfoy. "Damn...." I mumbled under my breath. After that whole fiasco was over, he walked out with- Oh great. Draco. I pretended not to notice him, but ended up finding that rather difficult, due to the fact that he had- intentionally- bumped into my shoulder as he passed. I looked up at him just in time to see him glower at me.

As this happened, all of my thoughts from last week completely disappeared. What had I been thinking? Draco could actually be a good person? I actually snorted. Yeah, right. I ignored my momentary lapse in judgement just as the Weasleys walked over to me along with Potter and Granger (and her muggle parents...). "Great..." I grumbled with sarcasm dripping into my voice. Mrs. Weasley was the first to walk up to me. "Hello deary! You must be that girl the twins always talk about! They think quite fondly of you, you know." She winked and I could see their faces turn red from behind their mother. I smiled sweetly at the woman, trying hard to keep myself from bursting out laughing. (Oh, Fred and George were SO in for it!) They quickly tried to change the subject. "Hey can we uh.... Go walk around for a little bit?" Fred asked. "Yeah, we just wanted to look around. And hang out with Alaia for a while...." George added on, his voice trailing off at the end. "I suppose that's fine. But we shall be heading back to the burrow. Don't be too long." "Ok mum." They chorused. She smiled, sent me a small wave, and everyone else was off.

After they were gone, I was the fist to speak up. "I take it you talk about me a lot, huh?" I smirked despite myself, and laughed as they glared at me. "Oh shut it." George spoke first. "We know you're totally in love with both of us." Fred added onto what his brother had said. It still kinda freaked me out how they did their twin thing. I rolled my eyes. "Whatever. Come on! Let's go... There!" I said, pointing to some random shop that looked like it had food. After a few hours of just window shopping, and eating random things, it was almost 2. I sighed. "Well, as much as I would rather not, I have to go meet my mother. But, I'll see you soon, right?" They both smiled, and nodded vigorously. "Well... Bye!" I hugged them both as they said their farewells as we headed in separate directions, them going back to the Leaky Cauldron to travel by floo powder, and me towards where my mother said to meet her. On the way, I just got lost in my thoughts as usual, when I bumped into someone. "Sorry!" I looked up at the person I ran into. "Oh, it's o- Alaia?" It was Sam. "Hey Sam!" I exclaimed. I haven't talked to her all summer. We hugged each other excitedly. "Dude, I've missed you so much!" I practically yelled in her face.

She laughed. "I know right? I'm sorry I never sent you a letter! I mean I tried, but my mom said she needed them to talk to my stupid sister." (Oh yeah, she said she had an older sister that went to Beauxbatons...) I scoffed. "Sure. Excuses, excuses...." I teased. "Whatever!" She said as she stuck her tongue out at me. We both laughed for a second. "Well, I would LOVE to stay and chat, but I have to get back to my mother before she freaks out or anything. Bye!" I hugged her one last time, and left. Once I finally reached to where my mother was, I noticed she was carrying quite a few bags in her hands. "Oh Alaia! Just on time! I have all your school supplies! Are you ready?" I just nodded and grumbled and "Uh-huh." I was suddenly tired, as if the days events had just hit me. Once we apparated home, I went straight to my home, and plopped down on my bed. Immediately falling asleep without even time to change my clothes.

I am so sorry! I know you guys probably hate me now and all, I haven't updated in forever! Ok, so I COMPLETELY forgot about this story, and where it was going, so I'm REALLY sorry if it sucks! And I know its super late, and I'm a horrible person! Please forgive me....?(:

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