World's Collide (poem)

Chapter 1

World's Collide

Alone and cold
In the soot and stone
I stare at the stars
The world crashing
Worlds colliding
Tell me the truth

I stare in your bright lit eyes
You smile as do I
We share a rose

I wait for months
with no response
I wonder what I done

When I seen you again
The awkwardness fills
The words hang on the end of my tongue

You don't say a thing
As I hint for your hand
The crowd steers you away
We go and hide
From what we can't deny

We stare at the stars
With our velvet eyes
Your silky touch
I shiver with fear

The fear that we'll never be anything more

I hold your hand
As I forget
The lonely me I left at home

So far away
So grateful to taste

Your sweet scent fills the air
As you walk away
Tears run down my face

A goodnight kiss
A goodbye touch
Where were the signs when I could not see?

Now here we are
Facing the truth
It's a walkaway situation
If you deny
The light in your eyes
My heart will stop
And I will walk away

When our wolds collide
Ashes remain
Of our worries and our pasts

You made me feel high
You taught me to lie
When everything's not alright

I won't deny
The light in my eyes
I want your touch
I want you for life
But you turn me away
Like a doll

I watch your lovely face
For just one trace
Of love for me in your soul

I want those words
I want your world
I need a heart
I want your love
I want you most of all

Now I'm older
Now I'm sober
Your high wore off
You have yourself to thank

Look in the mirror
See my face
See me standing beside you
And thank yourself.

Make our worlds collide once more
Before it's over
Change this world
And our voice

Drain my blood
From my body
Kiss my lips
And say you love me

See your world
Minus me

Hold my hand
One last time

Take my words
Stretch them far
Say you love me
For I shall rest

In the soot and stone
The stars will crash
As our worlds collide
Thank yourself
For now my heart rejects

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