Two can not Triumph (A Hunger Games FanFiction)

Kalolaina and Kalina are twins, but they know only one will survive the Hunger Games.

Chapter 1

The Prologue

Seven years ago, the Capitol started the Hunger Games. After an uprising of the 13 districts of Panem, a country on what used to be North America, the Capitol wanted to show they were in charge. They had Panem’s citizens scared, as they blew the 13th district off the map, but they went one step further.

Each year, all 12 districts are required to send two tributes, a boy and a girl from age 12 to 18, to the capitol to participate in the Hunger Games. For most of these children, this is a death sentence, but the tribute who manages to stay alive the longest wins that years’ games.

The point of the games is for all of the tributes to survive in an arena, where if you don’t kill, you get killed. All the tributes fight to the death, until one stands as the winner. Each year, the arena is filled with many challenges and obstacles for tributes to overcome, and they have no contact with anything or anyone that is not in the arena. Though occasionally, a tribute will recieve a helpful gift sent by a sponser, who wishes to assist them in the arena.

Now, let the Hunger Games Begin….

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