Alex Evans Stole My Heart  (Emo Love)

Alex Evans Stole My Heart (Emo Love)

Alex Evans is an emo male model, lets pretend this is before he was famous.
Name: Jayla Isabelle Smith
Hair: Black (Naturally)
Eyes: Blue (Naturally)
Tall, Skinny, emo
Age: 19
And in collage

Chapter 1

That's Amazing Alex, Coffee?

Alex and I where sitting at the mall eating a pretzel together, most say we are dating but we aren't. Sadly, I wish we more than friends. Oh well, Alex looked at me and said "Hey do you think I would be a good model?" I swallowed and said "Yeah, I guess. I mean you've got the eyes for it, now do you think I would be a good photographer?" He smirked and said "Well you have a steady hand but I think you would be more fit to an artist. Maybe a music critic, you are very picky about that." I laughed and said "Well I guess so," I love Panic!, Fall Out Boy, MCR, ya know preps call it 'emo stuff'. I looked at him and asked "What would you do if I was a preppy cheerleader?" he laughed and said "I would have ditched you." we had been friends since as long as I can remember. "Isn't it wats on the inside that counts?" he smirked and teased "But you aren't preppy or cheery." I hit him on the back of the head.
3 weeks later

Alex knocked on my window and I opened it. I yawned and said "Alex, its 2 in the morning, what is so important?" He was grinning madly and said "I got that modeling job." I hugged him and said "That's amazing Alex, I knew you would get it." Just then my roommate walked in and said "Whoa! Sorry, I am going to sleep. G'night." I said "Cya in the morning, night Sophi." I thought about why she had said 'whoa' then laughed and looked into Alex's eyes. Chrystal blue, perfect, and looking at my All Time Low shirt, and black and white crossbones bottoms. He blushed in the dark and said "Um, wanna get some coffee you are up to ya know." I asked him "Did you sleep at all? It's like 2:30 in the morning." he laughed and said "Yeah, I went to bed at like 8:30, you?" I thought and said "9:00, and sure I would love coffee. Lemme get dressed first...." then I realized that he was still in his pajamas. "Never mind. Let's go the the coffee shop at the UC. It's all night, correct?" He laughed and said "Yeah, but it's like freezing out there. Here." and with that he handed me his jacket that I hadn't noticed before, I rejected it and said "I got one, you need it." I grabbed my skeleton hoodie and zipped it up. He grabbed my hand and said "After you m'lady." I laughed at his french background. I pulled him out into the snowy morning. Luckily I am a morning person, so I wasn't biting his head off. We got the the UC and I ordered two coffees and sat with Alex, he looked into my eyes and said "Jay, I was also going to ask you something this morning. Um, err, mmmm." I looked at him and laughed and said "Spit it out, and not literally!" we had a running joke about that,

11 years ago
"Spit it out Alex," as I said that he spit at my feet and laughed.
We laughed and he said rapidly "Iwantedtoknowifyouwantedtomemygirlfriend?!" I looked and him and said "Come again? Slower!" he took a deep breath and said "I wanted to know if you wanted to be my girlfriend?" My face turned scarlet and I said "I thought you would never ask!" With that I leaned in and kissed him. His face was surprised and then he slowly relaxed into the kiss and shut his eyes. A couple minutes later we heard "Emo love, AWWWW. blah." It was Chase the quarter back of the football team. I hated him with a passion and I turned and said "Yeah, well at least it was a real kiss not just some wh0re wanting to get into your pants!" His face boiled with anger and he yelled "That doesn't happen! Now shut up you little emo robot!" With that Alex jumped to his feet and snapped "You shut it jug head! Leave her alone." Chase looked at the 6' 5" 19 year old in front of him and laughed. "What are you gonna do twerp!" I grabbed Alex's hand and said "It's not worth it! Come on, let's just go." Chase laughed and said "You should listen to your girlfriend dork, she is right! I could kill you."

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