Unexpected (Marauders love story)

Unexpected (Marauders love story)

For all the Snape lovers out there (I'm a proud Snape & Malfoy lover)!!! I can't promise she'll end up with him tho.. She's a fifth year Gryffindor and an unofficial Marauder and her name is Natasha. I won't go into details about how she looks, just that she's considered "hot" so you can imagine her however you like. I'm super excited for this story!!!

Chapter 1

A bad day gone good

by: 0MN0MN0M
Please read all the way to the end, including my author's note or whatever it is
I'm a bit of a slut I'll admit it... but to have your best friend in the whole world shout it at you? That hurts a bit... I mean it's not like Sirius is any better! He flirts with any girl with boobs! But here I am.. crying in a corner and hoping no one passes by.. but of course no such luck.. I see Snivellus at the end of the corridor walking toward me. Ugh why him?? I quickly closed my eyes and concentrated. I'm a metamorphagus so I made both my skin lighter and my hair crazier and a different color. I also made my nose fatter and gave myself a big mouth. Then I gave myself a huge scar that went from my the right side of my forehead to the left side of my mouth. There. He wouldn't recognize me now. He was passing by me now.. he turned and looked at me and was about to keep walking when he saw my tear stained face. He stopped in his tracks right in front of me and asked "Are you alright?" I scoffed and said "I'm perfect". It would've been a lot more convincing if I hadn't hiccuped right in the middle. He shook his head and asked "What's wrong?" "Why do you care?" I nearly shouted at him. I mean he's in Slytherin! And he's everything a Slytherin should be... "Why wouldn't I care? You seem really upset.." he said with a concerned look. I was too tired and sad to argue. "I had a bit of a row with my best mate" I mumbled. He rubbed my shoulder with one of his hands and said "it'll turn out ok by tomorrow... they'll apologize - that's what mates are for" I frowned trying to picture Sirius apologizing... not likely.. and even if he does "What if I don't want to forgive him?" He smiled and said "you wouldn't be out here crying if you didn't want to forgive him" Whoa. When did Snivellus get so deep? And understanding? I looked up at him and saw him staring at me.. he asked "What house are you in?" I shrugged. "Are you new here? I shook my head. "Who are you?" I stayed silent. "Hmm since you won't tell me your name I guess I'll just have to give you a new one... I'll call you.. Rose" I blushed angrily. "It's because of how dark I blush isn't it? Couldn't you be a little more original?" I snapped at him. He must've noticed my flushed skin from when I was crying or something and ofcourse he had to make fun of it. He is a Slytherin after all. He raised an eyebrow, apparently amused by my anger. "Rose because of how beautiful you are" What? Normally I would think he was trying to flirt with me but I didn't look like myself right now. I shouldn't look beautiful. I looked behind him at my reflection in the trophy case and I was right. My skin was pale like a ghost and my crazy blond hair washed me out more. My face and eyes were too small for my nose and mouth. But most of all, the scar I gave myself was this strange purplish color and it pulled my face in different directions and made my face look almost scary. "Are you blind?" I asked him, really concerned. He smirked. "You're beautiful for caring enough for your mate that you would cry in the middle of a corridor. For not telling me to piss off yet. For trying to make yourself look less attractive instead of more when you changed your appearance.. should I go on?" I was practically a tomato by now thanks to my new pale skin. "You could tell I changed my appearance??" I squeaked out. He nodded "Well you had to have. You said you're not new and I know there's no one who looks like you." I let out a sigh of relief. He just guessed. He was right of course but atleast he didn't know who I am... "do you feel better? Do you want to go back to your common room now?" Yes. But no. I feel a lot better after talking to Sniv- I mean Severus.. but I didnt really wanna go back - James or Remus or Lily would no doubt be waiting in the common room and I didn't really feel like talking to anyone... this strange surprising Slytherin seemed to be the one exception. So I kept silent and he continued "Or you could come for a walk around the lake with me.. if you wish.." I smiled up at him and said "ofcourse I wish" He laughed at my response which made me smile - I'd never seen him laugh before(probably because I only saw him when James and Sirius were torturing him said a small guilty voice at the back of my head),he had a nice laugh :) He led the way out of the castle and we walked in silence for a while, just enjoying the fresh air and the October fog before we started talking. I was surprised at how easy it was to talk to him. We talked about our summer vacations and our homes for most of the time because Severus lives in a Muggle community which was really interesting for someone like me. I pretty much only come in contact with non magic folks when I walk around them to get to Platform 9 & 3/4. The longer we talked the less he seemed like a Slytherin. He's a half blood for one - he didn't say much about his Muggle father but Lily told me that his father was awful to him and his mother. Maybe the Sorting Hat put him in Slytherin because of his resentment toward Muggles but that wasn't his fault! Poor Severus! It was obvious that he wasn't used to sharing this much information but he was trying .. I was so glad he didn't close himself off from me... I like talking to him. An hour passed without either of us noticing. When the evening was getting so dark that I was tripping over everything though, we had to notice. We hurried back but when we were near the entrance, I stopped and gave Severus a big hug. When I let go his face had the funniest surprised look and he asked "What was that for?" I smiled and said "for making my bad day better. For talking to me" He smiled, an occurance that was happening more and more often the longer I spent time with him. I turned to go but he grabbed my hand saying "Wait Rose... could we.. I mean if you want to.. could we talk again sometime? Go for a walk or something? Whatever you want. And you don't even have to tell me your name if you don't want. I like the mystery..." he finished somewhat lamely. I smiled and said "Ofcourse I want to talk to you again! I'll send you an owl soon ok?" With that I kissed him on the cheek and ran inside and hid in a broom closet to transform back. Once I did, I waited for Severus to pass by, which took forever because he was walking so slow but I finally heard him head downstairs so I walked back up to the Gryffindor common room. I understand why Sev was walking so slow now - I didn't want our evening together to be over and it gave me a lot to think about but by the time I got to the common room I knew I couldn't tell any of my friends, not even Lily, not if I wanted to keep being a mystery for Severus. I mean I hadn't ever been mean to him before but I was friends with James and that was probably more than enough to make him hate me... and obviously my Gryffindor friends would never understand talking, let alone liking a Slytherin! No this has to stay a secret. With my mind made up, I climbed through the potrait hole with confidence.... and then I saw Sirius.

What do you think?? Please comment! Oh and I want to apologize if I offended anyone. I know that crazy blond hair and pale skin and large noses and mouths are not ugly. I know that having a scar on your face doesn't automatically make you look deformed. Its just that my character doesn't know all this yet... but she will sooner or later I promise. You're all beautiful. Thanks for reading :)

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