From the Fire Nation (Zuko Love Story)

Natashi isn't just a normal refugee in Ba Sing Se. She meets two interesting new workers at the Jasmine Dragon Tea Shop. Is she hiding a secret? Or is she not the only one?

Chapter 1

New Workers

by: Kay13
I walked into the Jasmine Dragon Tea Shop once again, having been here a million times, and see two new employees.One is an old man, who has a brood smile on his face while receiving compliments from customers. He must have made new tea. The other was a boy who looked about my age (16). He looked unhappy to be here, and had a scar around his left eye. Why must my nation be so cruel to such innocent people?

If you haven't noticed yet, yes, I'm from the Fire Nation, and yes, I can bend fire. My name is Natashi, which means Sapphire. Get it Sapp-hire? Fire?

Well anyway, I walked up to the counter, and asked for a cup of tea, whatever kind that everyone was complimenting.
Soon, i got my tea. It was delicious! I drank it up, and went to the counter to pay.
"Delicious tea, sir." i said.
"Why thank you dear." the old man said.
"I'm afraid i haven't seen you two around here before. Could i ask your names?"
"Why of course. I'm Mooshi, and this is my nephew, Lee."
"Nice to meet you both. I'm Natashi. Where are you from?"
"We traveled alot. We decided to settle down. After all, uncle's getting old." Lee said.
"Haha. Well, I'll see you two soon."
then I waved, and snapped my fingers as I left the tea shop.

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