Halo fans: 20 ways to aggravate Master Chief.

If your a halo fan you would know what I'm talking about. Here's a list of ways to aggravate Master Chief!!

Chapter 1


1. Moon him.
2. Tell him Cortana has left him for The Arbiter.
3. Set him up on a date with Truth.
4. Set him up on a date with Gravemind.
5. Follow him around and sing to him constantly.
6. Spray paint his armour pink while he's asleep.
7. Tell him you think The Arbiter looks waaay cooler.
8. Hug on to his leg- and NEVER let go.
9. Spray his helmet visor black so he can't see.
10. Wake him up from cryo early and tell him he's in a nightmare.
11. Throw Cortana against the wall.
12. Hide his helmet.
13. Follow him around and squirt him with the hose every 5 seconds. Insist you thought he was a brute.
14. Hide his gun.
15. Replace his ammo with paintballs.
16. Replace his grenades with flowers. Tell him it's a good way to spread the love.
17. Throw pies at him with a large group of friends.
18. Sing Justin Beiber. (He REALLY hates that)
19. Mimic everything he says.
20. Knock on his helmet and say,"Hellooooooo! Are you theeeeeere?!!"

Thanks for reading!! :)

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