Burried Secrets~ If One Is Hidden They're All Hidden

These 4 teens are all excited for summer vacation. They've been waiting all year to finally go camping out in Alaska where strange things have been happening. When the teenagers start missing its up to the few left to find them. Who would of thought that summer vacation would be one like this.
for my lovely readers enjoy
Remember this is a group story so please add Twih3rt who is my friend thanx

Chapter 1

Paradise Island

"Are you guys seriously gonna start fighting now that we're lost" I asked Evelyn and Ethan who kept yelling at each other. They both stopped arguing for a moment and looked at me. "Well its his fault he forgot to make a right and instead made a left!" Evelyn yelled. "If you would stop yelling at me than maybe we'd all would of been at the camping site already!" Ethan said.

"Make another right than turn left Paradise island would be to your left." Mark said. His voice surprised me hes been quiet our whole ride from new york to Alaska. "Sure Mark like as if our problems would be solved." Ethan said ignoring Marks advice to argue with Evelyn again. "TURN LEFT!" I yelled.

Everyone turned to look at me and than Ethan did as i said. Moments later we had arrived to paradise island. We finished packing and walked inside the lobby to sign our names and get the keys to our cabin.

"Nice hair!" A guy yelled at Evelyn laughing as we started walking to our cabin. "Your acting like you never saw a pretty girl with awesome hair Jerk!" She said as we passed by them.

We got inside and the place looked so old that it would probably fall to the floor with one touch.Evelyn screamed and me ,Mark,and Ethan all went to see what happen. She was in the bathroom.

"You know Ethan your such a ugh how could you!" She yelled at him pointing to the shower. He looked confused. "What are you talking about Eve?" Evelyn smirked and pushed the shower curtains to the side.

"So i suppose you didn't just put this fake body in the tub" She asked knowing the answer. "Evelyn im being totally serious with you i didn't do that and i don't think the bodys fake." Ethan said backing away slowly moving out of the small bathroom and into the living room.

"Just give it up Ethan! Tell him Ella. Tell him to stop playing around." She looked at me waiting for me to speak. "Eve i know you might not believe him but i don't think hes lieing." i said moving to the tub i knelled down and touched the body it felt very cold and smelled really bad. I moved my hand to the chest and felt a hole probably where he was shot.

"This body is real." I said not looking at them. "I'll go call the manager of this place." Mark said. I got up and moved out the bathroom after cleaning my hands. I walked into the room and mark was sitting down on a couch taking out his cellphone. "No signal great." I heard him mumble getting up to use the phone on the wall.

He picked it up. "Hello?Anyone there? I can hear you breathing. Hello?" he said. "Just hang up man." Ethan said.He did and sat back on the couch he was on. Evelyn was still in the bathroom i guess she was shocked.

I walked past the hallway about to enter the bathroom when i heard her speaking. "Whats wrong with this place? This shouldn't be happening i thought it would be a fun time not a scary one." I left her alone in the bathroom and walked back to the living room when Ethan called me.

"Ella i think you better come check this out." Ethan said coming out of another room. I walked into the room he was in. I couldn't believe what i was seeing.
"Why is this happening?" I asked.
Ella's outfit:http://www.polyvore.com/untitled/set?id=33498268
Evelyn's outfit:http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=33654700

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