My Brother

Just a story made cuz i was bored....hope u likez it!! If u want me to continue, I need at least 5 comments telling me so!! Plz!!

Chapter 1

Stupid Brother...

by: horsluvr
"Just shut up and leave me alone!" I shout to Brian who has just broken all of my sketching pencils.
"In your dreams, Sarah" he says back. I twist the tiny piece of blonde hair dangling from my bun with my fingers and adjust my glasses. My brother is the worst eleven-year old ever. He just doesn’t know when to stop!
"Read my lips, sucker. Get. Out. Of. My. Room!" I scream. My mom comes in.
"Sarah, what now?"
“Brian won’t leave my room and he broke all of my sketching pencils!” she looks at the twenty-five broken sketching pencils on the floor.
“Sarah, don’t you have more in your closet?”
“Yes, but they’re really crappy.” I reply back.
“I think they’re perfectly fine” mom says, looking somewhat triumphant.
“No! You got them from Toys R’ Us! Toys R’ Us! Do you know what that means?!”
“Frankly, I don‘t bu-”
“That means I am a frigging amateur with a cheap a$* mother! Can’t you at least go to, like, Michaels or something?!”
“How dare you, Sarah! You’re, you’re, you’re GROUNDED!” and she’s out of the room just like that.
“You can’t ground a sixteen year old” I mutter to myself. When I turn around, Brian is holding my bra at his chest and making faces at me.
“That’s it!” I start running at him and end up chasing him around the house twice. I beat him to my room and slam the door. “I have to get away from this.” I look at my alarm clock and realize it’s 10:30. I have an exam tomorrow so I better get my rest.

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