Protective Love (A Fred Weasley Love Story)

Protective Love (A Fred Weasley Love Story)

To inform you this is A Fred Weasley Love Story.
A muggle-born girl that went through everything with her three best friends. While there on there mission to destory the horcurxes, Ella the girl has to chose to protect the person she loves.
Warning: I am not the best writer ever but I'm trying my best.

Chapter 12

What Could Be Worse?

by: Together_
We switched every which way, twisting and turning through nothing. Thump, thump, thump, we hit the ground.

I hear Hermione's feet sputter over to Ron.

"Where are we?" I hear Harry ask.

"In some woods. I've went camping here with my parents. Hurry and get my bag!" she says, trying to calm Ron down.

"What happened?" I hear Harry asking, unzipping the beaded bag.

"Quickly!" Hermione cries.

I run over to the beaded bag and grab exactly what she needs for Ron's splinched arm. I, myself, do not know what it was, but Ron let out a moan of relief. I could assume that he was alright.

"We'll set up camp here for now," Hermione said, kicking off the heels that she once wore so well.

"But we don't have a tent, or anything. We have nothing," Harry said

"I said I was prepared! Ron's father gave me the tent that we stayed in at the Qudditch game," Hermione explained digging around in her beaded bag

"But," before Harry could finish a average looking tent plopped onto the ground.

"Ella, Harry put this up. I'm going to put some enchantments up around the area so know one knows we're here," Hermione said walking ahead of us.

I lifted up a part of the tent and took out my wand, but before I could do anything, the tent was up and finished. Hermione came back over supporting Ron.

"He needs to rest in order to get better," Hermione says, walking him over to one of the hammock-looking things.

"Whoah I never relized this tent was that-" Harry cut me off, "Huge?"

"Yeah. Hermione did you happen to bring anything to eat with you?" I asked sitting at the wooden picnic table.

"Ella, we have magic correct?" Hermione said then digging out something out of her bag, "I brought you and Ron's favorite," she finished handing me a box of chocolate frogs, then walking over to Ron to give him his box

"Thanks Hermione," I hear Ron whisper then roll over to fall back into his sleep.

"Alright I think we should take shifts for watching out, just in case," Harry says.

"Ok then, who wants to watch first?" I ask, looking at the two of them.

"I will, can you give me a blanket, Hermione?" Harry says walking towards the slab that leads outside.

"Yeah sure, Ella do you want one as well?" she said rummaging around through her bag

"Yeah, I'll take one." I said then walking over to grab the blanket.

I took the blanket and went into one of the slabs that lead into a room with another hammock-looking thing and layed down.

"Be careful, Harry." I heard Hermione say then a close of the zipper. Hermione poked her head inside, "Ella do you want some different clothes to wear?"

"Uh, yeah please." I say sitting up.

"Here put this on," Hermione said, handing me the clothes then going into the next slab over.

(Here's the link for the outfit):

"Goodnight Hermione." I say then throw my clothes that I once was wearing in a pile on the floor

"Goodnight, Ella!" she called back, and I switched off the launter and layed down

I fell into a deep sleep, knowing nothing could wake me...

I know I is sorry no action is what you are thinking right? Well stay tuned for the next chapter, well not unless you truley hate this. :O

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