Protective Love (A Fred Weasley Love Story)

Protective Love (A Fred Weasley Love Story)

To inform you this is A Fred Weasley Love Story.
A muggle-born girl that went through everything with her three best friends. While there on there mission to destory the horcurxes, Ella the girl has to chose to protect the person she loves.
Warning: I am not the best writer ever but I'm trying my best.

Chapter 2

The Dinner

by: Together_
Later on that evening at the dinner...
"Hermione", I shouted running out the door.
"What is it, Ella",she said squeezing me with a tight hug.
I showed her my left hand.
"He proposed?", she said shakingly.
"So tell me when did this happen?", she said walking to Ron's room.
"Sometime this morning." I said
Ron gave Hermione a big hug
"So I have been meaning to ask you, Ella, are you going to tell Fred about you going with us to destory the horcurxes", Ron said.
"Ronald, shut up she doesn't know when we have all summer, and if you didn't know she was proposed too", Hermione said loudly.
"You are getting married to Fred?", he said
"Yes, you arse!", Hermione said sacarsticly
"Ok", he says walking out of the room.
"Ella, tell me your gonna tell him sometime!", Hermione said.
"I will, I just don't know when!", I said sitting on the bed.
"Well tell me when you figure that out, but anyways got anything planned for the wedding?", Hermione asked.
"Yes, the date is set for May 2nd, 1998, planning on having the wedding here, and you are the maid of honor!", I said.
"Really!", she asked giving me a giant hug.
"Yes!", I replied.
"My briadsmaid's are going to be, Ginny, Luna, and I was being nice Fleur."
"You know Fleur isn't exactly that bad, Ella, talk to her sometime.", Hermione said.
But anyway she said continuing, "The color's of the dresses?"
"Turquiose or yellow."
"Yellow definitly to bring out your red hair.", Hermione replied.
"Ok that is decided", I said.
Fred walks in
"The dinner is ready.", he said pulling me up to kiss me.
"See you down stairs", Hermione said leaving.
Fred pulls me up and we walk downstairs outside.
At the dinner there was more people that showed up, Tonks, Lupin, Kingsley, and Hagrid.
As soon as Tonk's seen me and Fred she ran over to us.
"Let me see the ring.", she said.
I held out my left hand
"I hope you liked it, I helped pick it out!", she said
"Beautiful, and Tonk's I hear you have some news!", I said.
"Yes, I'm pregunat, Ella."
I gave her a big hug
"Congrats!", I told her and we went and sat down.
Before the dinner we made a toast firstly to Fred and I, and secondly to Tonk's and Lupin.
We all dug in
After the dinner Fred took me for a walk.
"So do you got everything together for our wedding?", he asked taking my hand to hold.
"Just about, the only thing that is missing is my dress."
He kissed me and then ran ahead of me laughing.
I chased after him, and I reached the woods feeling a cold chill I fell to the ground.

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