Protective Love (A Fred Weasley Love Story)

Protective Love (A Fred Weasley Love Story)

To inform you this is A Fred Weasley Love Story.
A muggle-born girl that went through everything with her three best friends. While there on there mission to destory the horcurxes, Ella the girl has to chose to protect the person she loves.
Warning: I am not the best writer ever but I'm trying my best.

Chapter 3

My Worst Feeling

by: Together_
I could feel the sadness taking over my body.
Then that horrible thought came to my head.
I saw his dead body laying on the floor, and a woman vanished. I screamed and I cried but I knew he was dead.
I layed on the cold ground waiting for someone to save me from the dementor, and then I heard someone "Expeto Patronum!"
The coldness lifted away, but I couldn't feel nothing.
"Ella!", I heard my name called.
But as hard as I tried I couldn't say anything.
Fred picked me up running me to the house.
I heard Mrs. Weasley say, "Lay her on the couch."
Liquid ran thorough my thoart, it was burning, and I screamed and thrashed, and then it stopped.
I could feel everything, I could hear everyone, but the only person I wanted to see was Fred.
I said his name thorough my shaking voice.
He came to my lips and kissed me.
It took my breath away.
I could see his face, and I looked at him and told him, "I seen you, lying dead on the floor, and the woman who killed my mum. Bellatrix Lestrange.
Fred whispered into my ear,
"Ella I'm so sorry I ran ahead ahead of you, I shouldn't have left you."
"It doesn't matter as long as your ok!", I said pulling him closer to kiss him.
He kissed me back passionatly.
Hermione came over and said that I should get some sleep, so we went up to Ron's bedroom, Ron was sleeping in Fred and George's room.
"What the hell happened out there?", Hermione said
"Fred took me for a walk and he was abit ahead of me so I ran after him and I encountered a dementor attack," I replied
"That''s it?"
"Well when the dementor was sucking all the happiness out of my body, I seen Fred lying dead on the floor and I looked up and seen her, Bellatrix Lestrange."
"You mean the woman who killed your mum and Sirius?", Hermione asked worridley
"Yes that one."
She hugged me, "Ella you have to tell Fred."
"I know I do, just I need time."
"Ok well I'm going to bed, Good Night."
"Good night"
I fell into a deep sleep.
"NO!", Mrs. Weasley screamed.
"He's dead because of you!"
"If you would've never left he wouldn't be dead!" she was talking to me.
I woke up crying.

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