The Monster in my Heart is You (Gaara love story)

The Monster in my Heart is You (Gaara love story)

Miyoko and Kimiko are fraternal twins who have a special connection. One can read peoples chakra and the other can read their personality, this information is shared between minds. Kimiko has an unusual connection to jiinchuriki, she's able to feel their pain and locate them based on their chakra. This is about their journey into the ninja world accompanied by new friends and they're older sister, Shiko

Chapter 1

Arrival to Stage One

"Shiko! Wait up!!" Miyoko called after our dark haired older sister. she was in a hurry to get to room 301. I was even further behind Miyoko because my curiosity drew my attention elsewhere. I could hear Shiko sigh and she stopped walking to look back at my twin.
"Kimiko! Get up here" She yelled at me seeing as i was stopped in front of a small trinkets store. I waved at the manager and jogged over to my siblings with a smile.
"Wipe that silly grin off your face. We came here to pass the Chuunin exams not to explore." Shiko hissed. I rolled my eyes and got rid of my smile. I looked into my twins matching deep grey eyes and was met with a smirk.
"She's just stressing because she actually wants to pass this time." Miyoko whispered. I giggled and hit his head, messing up his grey-blonde hair. He shook his head and smiled.

We followed Shiko into a hallway where a lot of people were gathered. Two boys were blocking the entrance to the room, or so it seemed. I looked at Miyoko and he nodded.
"Shiko, c'mon we aren't on the third floor yet" Miyoko whispered. I rarely talked to my sister considering the fact she hated me. There was always obvious tension when we were together for extended amount of times. We snapped at each other and she always scolded me for having a lack of attention. I couldn't stand how much better she thought she was because she was 4 years older, she was an amazing ninja but I was better. She was jealous of me and the attention i got for being so talented and beautiful. I always came first to my parents and Miyoko followed after me and then Shiko was even behind our youngest sibling, Haiko. Being the oldest our parents thought she culd take care of herself and gave her little attention.
"we are on the third floor Miyoko" Shiko growled. I shook my head in unison with Miyoko.
"we can sense the chakra being used for the illusion" Miyoko said. Shiko's eyes grew wide and she then believed him.
"let's go" she said pulling our arms.
"looky there, we've got some chickens bailing out on the exams already" one of the boys infront of the room spoke. Shiko stopped us from walking and her and I both got angry. Neither one of us could stand being insutled or having our integrity compromised.
"Ever think we just out smarted you clowns?" I asked, crossing my arms cockily. Shiko smirked as did Miyoko. I noticed a black haired boy in front of the crowd smirking to. He knew the illusion too.
"What do you mean shrimp?" the blue haired boy asked.
"this is obviously an illusion. my brother and I realized instantly as I'm guessing that kid did" I said pointing at the black haired boy.
"It's quite obvious, Sakura noticed to I'm sure" He said, gesturing toward the pink haired girl in his group. She nodded.
"we're still on the second floor" Sakura said. A bunch of whispers erupted from the crowd and they all glared at the two boys. Shiko took this distraction as our cue to leave. Before completely disappearing I snuck a glance at the black haired boy again.

We were sitting in the room 301 with other people from the Mist when Shiko suddenly punched my arm. I glared at her even though it didn't hurt.
"go stand with the rookies in the front. This is your first year, you dont deserve seat." She ordered. I continued to glare but followed her orders. Miyoko followed me and placed a hand on my shoulder to calm me down. I crossed my arms and leaned against the wall eying the other 'rookies.' I closed my eyes and relaxed my muscles and cleared my mind.
"Hey you!" I heard. I opened one of my eyes and peered at the dumb looking kid with a bowl cut. "you are the girl who spotted the illusion on the second floor. What is your name?" he asked. There was no fluidity in his scentences, they were choppy and demanding.
"It's common courtesy to give your own name before asking someone elses" the black haired boy from earlier said. By this time all the 'rookies' had gathered to listen in. I looked at the bowl cut expectantly.
"my name is Rock Lee!" he exclaimed.
"Kimiko, this here is my twin, Miyoko" I said nodding toward my brother who was glaring at Rock Lee. "who are you?" I asked looking at the black haired boy.
"Sasuke Uchiha" He said. My brother fed his personality into my brain and in return and I gave him the chakra type and possible moves to be expected. I looked at the other rookies itching to learn their names so I could absorb their information. That's all Miyoko and I needed to have access to their information.
"Naruto you actually think you'll be able to pass the Chuunin exams? HAH" The boy with the dog on his head barked. The blonde, Naruto glared at him.
"Dam sure I'll pass Kiba! Believe it!" He yelled. Was it really possible such an obnoxious boy could hold the nine-tails I thought. Miyoko looked at me shocked, obviously hearing my last thought. I think they felt me staring at them because both of them turned to look at me. I made my look become uninterested but Kiba approached me
"and who are you?" He demanded. alpha dog Miyoko thought. I chuckled and looked back at Kiba.
"and what makes you think she was interested in you?" Naruto exclaimed.
"I wasn't actually..." I muttered. Everybody stared at me then.
"Why would be interested in such a failure?" a brunette asked. his lavender eyes stared mercilessly into mine.
"I don't know. I'm interested in everybody honestly, I'm curious as to who everyone is." I said simply. Naruto stepped forward.
"Well this idiot is Kiba Inuzuka. That's Neji Hyuuga and Hinata Hyuuga, Ino Yamanaka, Choji Akamichi, Shikamaru Naara, Shino Abarame, Tenten, and Sakura Haruno." He said pointing to every individual as named. I looked at Miyoko with a smile. did you get all that he thought, sending me their personalities. I nodded and sent him chakra information. These exams would be easy with our knowledge.
"So the cutie is your brother?" Tenten asked, winking at Miyoko. He blushed and I couldn't help but laugh at loud. Even in the Mist he was never any good talking to girls, only me.
"who's your third member?" Neji asked. I pointed at Shiko who was flirting with some guy.
"Our older sister" Miyoko answered. Shiko glanced over at us and saw me pointing. I immediately stopped and avoided eye contact. It wasn't that i was afraid of her i was just afraid she'd embarrass me.
"Kimi, we should go, Shiko is beckoning us and I think they're about to begin" Miyoko whispered.
"Alright Miko, see you guys later" I said with a wave. Once we stood infront of Shiko she glared at me.
"what were you doing with the enemy?" She growled.
"getting information. You know about our abilities" I hissed.
"Everybody listen up this is the written part I will be seating you accordingly and you're goal is to answer all ten answers correctly by cheating. Don't get caught. Find a reliable source and then go to work. If you can't pass this you won't continue to stage 2. any questions? good. now find your name on a seat and sit then you may begin" The sensei said from the front of them room. I found my seat quickly and noticed I as sitting next to another jiinchuriki. Miko glanced at me and then at the read headed boy next to me. He was sitting next to Hinata and a sound nin with glasses. There was a remarkable amount of anger coming from the boy next to me. He was the Shakaku, the one-tailed beast. I glanced at him one last time before copying down the answers Miko was giving me. There was no possible way he was wrong, especially considering he was sitting behind a Shinobi.

Once everyone was finished writing the sensei began to speak.
"Now for your tenth question. Who is willing to take it? those of you who take it but get it wrong will never be able to take the chuunin exams again. those of you who don't take it fail the test and can try again later" He said. I glanced at Miko and he nodded. Both of us raised our hands, we knew the purpose of the test now. Naruto, Kiba, Shikamaru and the boy next to me raised thier hands as well as a few unknown ninja. Rock Lee was the last to raise his hand.
"Very well all of you who raised you hands pass, along with your team. The question was to test if you're willing to risk anything" The sensei spoke. Miko and I smiled, we were right. "Those of you who passed, return here in an hour."

I ran after the red haired Shakaku, he had dropped something under his chair, a small scroll. I didn't open it because that'd be nosey and rude, plus iI got a vibe he would kill me if I did.
"Hey! Wait up!" I called after him. He stopped and turned, the two people with him turned to. One was a blonde haired girl and the other a boy with purple face paint.
"What do you want?" the girl asked, glaring at me. I pulled out the small scroll and held it out, only staring at the redhead.
"you dropped this. I wanted to return it" I said nicely. He looked at me adn took it from my hand.
"Thank you..." He said, pausing for something.
"Kimiko. Remember me Gaara of the Desert, you'll be seeing me again. I assure you of that" I winked. I started walking off to meet with Miko who was walking my way, but was blocked by sand.
"How'd you name my name" he asked angrily. Miko told me i thought.
"I knew because i was sitting next to you. You wrote it on your paper, duh silly" I smiled, turning around. I was going to be nice to him no matter what. He deserved it. Miko appeared by my side glaring at Gaara. I touched his arm.
"let's go, I'm fine." I said calming him down. He was very protective of me. "Bye Gaara, see you around." I smiled.
"Bye Kimiko" I heard him mutter.

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