Story Request? Please Read! :)

Hi! Please read below, and let me know your answer!!--BeautifulMutant

Chapter 1

Anyone? Anyone??

So, I have several stories going on right now (I don't think as many as PotionsMaster, but probably close!), and I don't want to start another one right now.
Buuuuut.....I keep getting invites for wolf-themed stories, and I would really really love to read a good story with cats. Like panthers, or tigers. Instead of wolves, and more dogs....
Don't get me wrong, dogs are nice. But I'm more of a cat person, and I'd rather go see jaguars than wolves.
1) The cats don't necessarily have to act like cats, in that the males are not part of the family group, though they can if you wish.
2) The cats can be focused on one group (such as Panthers...hinting much am I? XD), or on several, or the rivalry between them (such as between Panthers and Tigers).
3) For antagonists, if you do humans, I'd prefer that there are some humans who are kind and helpful. :)

4) A shifter story would be brilliant as well! Like what PotionsMaster is writing. (:

Uh...if you decide to do the story (pretty pretty please!!), and you find you need any more information, I'll help as best I can! Hope someone will!
Do you think I need to add the beginnings of a plotline, or a part of a plotline? If so, I'll add one here, and hopefully someone will pick this up and run with it. :))))

Just hoping that maybe someone would like to write the story, or be a part of a group story with me? (:


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